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* Top 4 2003 SD
* Top 8 2003 World
* Top 16 2003 Grand
   Kai Invitational Tourney

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Ask Matthew Low about Score's Dragon Ball TCG

Matthew Low is one of the most popular players of the Dragon Ball Z and DBGT Trading Card Games.  He's been helping people for about 2 years now.  You can reach Matthew Low below all these tips and articles




































6.6.03 - What do I play I reveal my stash...






5.2.03  A question about which personality I should use
Best Archetype?


September 22, 2004  To All the Many Local Pojo DBGT Gamers that Email Me:

As many of you well know, the 2004 Dragon Ball GT Premier Events are coming to an end. The final tournament, Grand Kai Invitational, is being held at Archon in Collinsville, IL, on October 1st to 3rd. Once that is over, the start of the 2005 season will occur. We don’t know what will be in store for us, but I’m certain that it will be grand.

However, this time also means something else. The birth of yet another school year. I have started school as of September 19th, and once classes start I’m sure I will be bogged down with a ton of work to do. I’ve also learned that time is scarce when trying to balance out the other things I do in life as well. Therefore, I don’t think I will be able to answer every single one of your deck tech requests. I will try to do my best to answer one or two a week along with the COTDs, but no guarantee. As you know, studies do come before cards. At the bare minimum, I will get the COTDs done, I hope.

In 2005, right now I do not think I will be able to attend as many events for DBZ as I did in 2004, mainly because of lack of funds. That and right now I plan to branch off and play the InuYasha TCG as well (and yes that means you will be able to ask me for help in that game too, but more on that a couple months after it releases). DBZ will always be around me until the game disappears, so don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere.

Thanks to everyone who supports me in this; your support is appreciated. I hope you all understand that the life of a college student isn’t exactly the easiest thing in the world. Remember I do play this game just like you guys do, so keep that in mind too.

Don’t forget that deck techs do often take anywhere from half an hour to an hour, so make sure it is the best deck you can make using ANY cards (not just ones you own) because I don’t want to recommend cards you already knew should be in there. I will try my best to respond, and feel free to remind me if I don’t respond in a month just in case it got weeded out into the SPAM filter.

Thanks, and may the 2005 Premier Event season be even grander than ever! Once the Premier Event schedule is released, expect a list of events that I will be attending be up quite soon. Or you can email and ask me, that works too.

~matthewlow, Pojo Guy
Matthew Low

01.14.04  Hello and welcome to my niche on the internet! For those that don’t know me, my name is Matthew Low. I figured a little background on me couldn’t hurt.

I’m just an ordinary college student, contrary to popular belief. I’m 18 years old and attend University of California, Santa Cruz, or UCSC for short. As a Computer Science major, I don’t have a ton of free time, but what I can scrape up I transform into time on the internet whe'I talk strategy, read strategy, and write to help you all out, on the great game of Dragon Ball Z CCG.

I’m known on Fanatics Network as well as Score’s board as matthewlow. You might see me all over the internet at various sites under the same similar screen name.

Without local gamers anymo'after I moved to college, I now ventu'even mo'into the real tournament environment. Premier events a'the biggest key to the real competition and top tier decks. I often chat with some of the best players in the game about strategy, and this is often whe'I get the background to base my knowledge of the game off of. I firmly believe that the local environment is a good place to test your deck, but it is normally not the best way to judge if your skills a'good compared to the whole world. You can easily tech against a bias environment, but in reality, the'is a big variety of decks you can encounter at a big event. The only way you can really survive is to have a well balanced deck that’s able to take on most or all the popular archetypes.

While it might not seem that significant, in 2003 I placed in the top 4 at San Diego, top 8 at San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Worlds, and top 16 at Las Vegas and the Grand Kai Invitational. This year I plan to attend Portland, San Francisco, both Worlds, and hopefully GKI. Hope to see you all there. Say hi and let me know that you know me from Pojo.

College is very demanding, and often I just let deck tech emails stack and stack in a private mailbox in my email. I try to keep up with the Card of the Days and answer as many emails as I can. I do not work for Pojo salary wise, I write these articles he'on a volunteer basis. Keep this in mind; I am using my own time to help you. I welcome any questions and if you need advice, I'm here. I often answer those emails faster as they seem to be quicker to do.

But then the'a'deck techs that I've been getting. While I don't mind doing them, I spend on the upwards of half an hour to an hour analyzing the cards in decks and what would work better. I try to type up something I am pleased with, and that takes a while. I am not the best DBZ gamer in the world. My work is not something that will win Worlds. It might win mini sto'tournaments, and place high in Regionals, but that's about it. Keep in mind that I do tech for the big environment because I do not know your local one. You can easily change that on your own.

And a minor request... if you send me a deck, please organize the deck whe'the MP, Mastery, Sensei, Allies, DBs, Non-Combats, Drills, Physical Combat (attacks), Physical Combat (defense), Energy Combat (attack), Energy Combat (defense), Combat, and Battleground/Location. And don't double space, it hurts my eyes. Put quantities next to cards as well. I am very familiar with about 95% of cards out the'(many useless cards don't ring bells), so you don't need to put the Saga next to it. But it is much easier to review that way... and often that will lead to a faster review.

I also cannot review every deck that comes my way, at least for now. If a deck that I get can't really get teched without a massive facelift, I will tell you that and mention what you should be trying to do. Don't get mad at the messenger, but I have to tell you honestly if that's the case. If I'm in a hurry, I might just type a quick note instead of an essay because something is better than nothing.

Please let me know if you have updated your deck if you have not received it back. I keep nearly every deck, and there’s no use in teching a deck that is ultimately changed already.

After all, the main reason why I do this is because I love the game. I love to help people, I love to teach, I love to write, but I of course love to play. DBZ is an awesome game. The'a'so many avenues you can go after. Even if you just play locally, the game is still a lot of fun. Competing in premier events a'something to never forget. The friendships in this game have spanned amazing bridges. Hopefully you’ll be able to bask in the aura from this game and get as much out of it as I have.

Have fun and game on!



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