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From: Mike Molstre

Hello Matt,

I have a couple questions for you! I have been
gone for work (out of town) the past month and I am
thinking about going to nationals/worlds but need some
help and advice. 1st off what are the dominant deck
archetypes now with buu saga out?? Haven't been out
much so don't know. Secondly what do you think is a
good deck archetype to play with? I know this might
seem like a couple of weird questions but I would
REALLY appreciate your help!! Thanks alot



Nationals is like in one week you know! If you want to go to that... expect to pay an arm and a leg... same with Worlds in a month...

Those questions are very general, and honestly, I don't know the answer. We really will only be able to tell after Nationals... and thus... we will wait.

Ones I have heard about are:
Namekian TS Piccolo the Trained Energy Chaining
Colorless Roshi DB/Random Backlash
Blue Roshi DB
Orange Roshi DB
Freestyle MBS Vegeta (WGS 1 HT) Named Energy/Regeneration Freestyle MBS Gohan (MBS 1) Sword Freestyle MBS Krillin (WGS 3) Energy Freestyle MBS Trunks Sword Freestyle MBS Goku Beatdown Blue CS Gohan (MBS 1) Ally Blue MBS Buu Regeneration/Physical Beatdown Black TS Buu Beatdown Black Android 18 Ally/Hybrid Beatdown Namekian TS Cell (1 CS HT) Energy Chaining Orange MBS Buu Drill - Physical, Energy, or Hybrid Saiyan MBS Broly Beatdown Saiyan CS Goku Anger/Beatdown

And so forth... I know there are more...

Let's just say the environment will be quite diverse... or at least we hope. I would just play what you like best and see what comes. There are a ton of avenues to go; pick any one you enjoy.

Personally I think anything Freestyle has a lot of synergy with the searching ability to get what you want. Many of the characters have killer named cards. For example: Goku - Goku's Physical Attack, Goku's Dragon Ball Quest, Goku's Blinding Strike, Goku's Training Gohan - Gohan's Power Hit, Gohan's Kick, Gohan's Elbow Block, Gohan's Heroic Uppercut Trunks - Trunks Energy Sphere, Trunks Sword Slice, Trunks Finds the Answer, Trunks Thinking Vegeta - Vegeta's Energy Focus, Vegeta's Energy Blast, Vegeta's Jolting Slash, Vegeta's Energy Thrust, Vegeta is Lurking Krillin - Krilln's Search, Krillin's Heat Seeking Blast, Krillin's Solar Flare, Krillin's Concentration, Krillin's Surprise Piccolo - Piccolo's Power Ball, Piccolo and Heroes Gather Tien - Tien's Flight, Tien's Jolting Aura, Tien's Tri-Beam, Tien's Power Burst

And I can go on and on...

Thus, good luck with what you pick, you can't go too wrong.

"You will not be allowed to do this to anyone else!" - Gohan