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Matthew Low on Score's Dragon Ball TCG


I am deeply saddened at the "tip" in disguise that was posted on Pojo, which in reality just magnifies the inability of people to actually read the rules of the Dragon Ball GT TCG, or the desire to brag when they're just making a really big fool out of themselves.

Hope that came out right. I don't want to sound insulting or anything like that because I'm just trying to correct someone who is wrong. But seeing something that horrible on Pojo that isn't corrected may give a lot of people a very bad impression, and that's not a good thing.

Neoshin16 apparently has a lot of the flaws that many of the other people the email me have, only he thinks he's right. Sadly, he's not. Let me point out why. My responses are in >> and << below.


From: Neoshin16
Sent: Thursday, February 17, 2005 9:38 PM

Subject: Earth's Spirit Bomb deck.

Well ok, this deck is never going to make an attack.

>> If your deck never attacks, it should be a Ball deck. An Earth's Spirit Bomb deck should never be straight ESB because it is way too easy to remove that win condition in some archtypes. An ESB deck should always be a hybrid ally beatdown with ESB. If you think you can sit and do nothing and wait for ESB, your opponent will surely kill you first, unless, of course, they have no idea what they're doing.

If anything, you should be running Energy Lob.

Basically, you use Master Roshi as your main personality exploiting his 10 card check power, and put nothing but purely defensive cards.

>> That's a horrible idea. Not to mention illegal. Roshi has been errata'd to looking at top 6, and that was... way over a year ago. Now you should be using the GT Roshi that looks at top 8. None of this top 10 nonsense.

Running all defensive cards is a horrible idea too. What happens if your opponent is a Ball deck? Are you going to sit and watch your opponent Ball out? How about mill decks, or hand manipulation?

You use other cards such as Z Warriors Gather, and unexpected company to power up, and bring out allys.

>> Z Warriors Gather is the obvious thing. Unexpected Company is one of
>> the worst cards ever created and shouldn't ever be run. 3 Z Warriors
>> Gather with a couple support cards is more than enough. Just popping
>> one ZWG, then doing the standard Krillin/Yajirobe combo to get a
>> second already nets 14 allies, enough to do a number on your
>> opponent. <<

When you have enough allies, pull our your spirit bomb, and finish the job. This deck should be a blue style deck, along with the Cell Saga blue mastery.

>> By that time your opponent will kill you. You'll sit and wait, and without proper tech, your opponent will remove your allies, Help of Earths, create massive board control, or just plain whittle your deck away so you can't even Bomb in the first place. And it doesn't need to be Blue CS. It can be sure. Doesn't need to be.

P.S. I have only lost once with this deck so far. Send me a reply on what you think.

>> I think you should rethink your strategy. Because once you get Gust of Winded to level 2 or 3, or Cell's Presenced, or run into someone who knows what they are doing, you'll lose a whole lot more than once.

Take this from someone who plays Earth's Spirit Bomb and consistently wins with a deck that employs it. The majority of my games are won via ally beatdown. If they are at all won via ESB, they're either against people who are really good at not letting me use my allies or stop them from attacking, and I'm forced to abuse Oolong/Yajirobe for Help of Earths/Energy Gatherings, or people who I'm playing around with and would like to Bomb them for 100+ because ally beatdown would make the game too short.

Your idea might be great on paper, but you've forgotten that your opponent has a strategy too. If your opponent is just a wall and lets you do everything you want, sure, your strategy is just fine. But most opponents I've met are a lot smarter than walls, and your strategy has a ton of holes in it, many of which are easily exploited.

Good luck.


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