Subject: Nail Namekian TS Regen

Hey, my name is Jason Langston. We really don't get many DBZ tourneys around here in Baltimore, MD, wish we did. Anyways, onto more important things.

Hey, I have been working on this deck for about 1 1/2 years now, just trying to get it right. Unfortunately, I cant seem to get a hold on the UR's I need for the deck. Like WTLTH, TGD, and FA. Anyways, I was wondering if you thought there was anything I could do to this deck to make it better. Oh yeah, I love Nail, I have always used him and always will. I know piccolo is better Level 1 WGS for this deck anyway, but I dont have him and I use what I have.

The focus of this deck is basically rejuvanate over and over again. That's why so many non-combats. I only have one attack, and I love using it when my discard is high and they dont see it coming. The Dragonball's are there as just incase measures, besides, Earth Dragonball's are the best, and who runs Kami Fades anymore? I have plenty of cards to keep my opponent from gaining anger, and terrible wounds is great for that too. I also need help in making a sensei deck, I just never really saw a point to making one. Thanks again


Namekian Style Mastery(TS)


Master Roshi Sensei

Main Personality:

Nail level 1

Nail level 2

Nail level 3


Earth Dragonball's 1-7(SS)


Namekian Focusing Effort x3

Roshi Training x3 - I dunno

Vegeta Scans the City x1 - I dunno

The Truck x1

Krillin's Concentration x1

Hero's Lucky Break x1

The Plan x1

The Car x1 - Plan is better

Severe Bruises x1

Terrible Wounds x1 - It will be way to easy to get rid of this.

Goku's Heart Disease x1

Human Technology x1

Dende's Help x1 - Probably not.

Roshi's Thoughts x2 - Probably not.

Powerful Followers x3 - Better combat enders are out there.

Yamcha's Good Wishes x2

Fortify Your Spirit x2 - plain bad

Fall 7 Times, Get Up 8 x2 - plain bad

King Kai Training x3 - overshadowed

The Unteachable Mind Is Focused x2 - weak

Energy Gathering x3

Releasing the Sword x1

Expectant Trunks x1

Mommy's Coming Dear x1

Don't You Just Hate That x1

Namek Dragonball Wish x1

Hercule's Close Save x1


Run Away! x1 - Run Dimension Scream or Land in Pain

Trunks Energy Sphere x3

Time Is A Warrior's Tool x1

Frieza Smiles x3 - kinda weak if you ask me

Super Saiyan Effect x1

Drills Are For the Weak x1

The Power of The Dragon x1

Dream Fighting x1 - more!

Comet Kumoire x1

Aura Clash x1 - don't you lose your power too?

Confrontation x2( would add 1 more if i had it)

Energy Combats:

Goku's Super Saiyan Blast x3

Yamcha's Skillful Defense x3

Goku's Energy Absorption x1

Nappa's Energy Aura x1

Physical Combats:

Nappa's Physical Resistance x1

Vegeta's Physical Stance x1

Suprise Hit x1 - just 1?


Android 20's Absorbing Drill x1

Gohan Spots the Imposter Drill x1

Yajirobe's Gifting Drill x1 - no

Physical Defense Drill x1 - ...strange, but only 1...

No, Really Drill? x1 - no

Black Water Confusion Drill x1 - no way


Defenseless Beach x2 - Don't see the point in this

Winter Countryside x1

Total: 90 cards (gotta love Namekian)

Just let me know if there is anything else I can do to this deck. It would be very well appreciated. Thanks a lot.

Sorry for the odd spacing, whenever I send mail it does that.

-Jason Langston

Well everyone runs HUH???. Everyone smart that is.

The Sensei Deck is a very vital part of the game if you ask me. There are just too many insanely powerful Sensei Deck only cards and a ton of good Sensei Deck ones that would be nice to have in one game but not another. Since you are DB, you shouldn't worry though. I now always start by putting 2x Black Scout Maneuver and 1x HUH??? in my Sensei deck. I then look at anything that I'm weak to, and try to incorporate some tech cards into the Sensei. There are just so many out there it isn't funny. I wish my Sensei deck was 20 spaces long; then I'd be able to run a ton of stuff. But unfortunately it is only 9, and I like Roshi's ability, so oh well.

I would run Alternate Earth 3, seeing it is really powerful.

This is a weird deck; there are some much better regeneration cards out there. But do what you want. I don't know how I would survive with that many non-combats in a Nail deck. You are also running some really... let's say, cards that are better off burned. Fall 7 times get up 8... Fortify your Spirit... there are Drills that do this. King Kai's Training is outdated.

Stuff like Black Water Confusion Drill totally destroys your deck, while you aren't even running Goku's Capturing Drill. This many non-combats isn't safe in a character that can easily be left without blocks.

You've got many of the staples in here, but are lacking in the DB department. DB is mainly done by lockdown and only a small amount of cards, unless you run a ton of searchers.

If you want to play super regen, Slug is your man. If you want to play DB, Roshi can work still, but he's much weaker. Just... I don't know, this deck seems a bit too weird for my liking. There are better non-combats you could run. I just think it is way too risky for this to work.

I put some comments up above. Maybe they will help. I would add stuff like Android 20's Search Pattern to get rid of HUH???, and you want regen, Make A Wish and cards like Namekian Dash can work.

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