Subject: Re: Red Cell Anger Deck

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From: Nascarnick88
Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2003 22:36:36 EDT

Hey, I've been working on this deck for some time now and i am wondering what
exactly needs to be put into this deck to make it into a top deck.

Cell, Stage One - Use the HT
Cell, Stage Two
Cell, the Perfect Warrior (HT)
Cell, the Destroyer
Cell, the Master

Red Style Mastery- TS

Sensei Deck
North Kai Sensei - I would use West Kai because of Victorious Drill, but if Freestyle is all over, North is great. I would also fill up this Sensei deck; Black Scout Manuever, Red Pressured Attack, Red Sniping Shot... there are a lot of cards that can fit in. Don't forget HUH???. x2 Red Sniping Shot Red Drop

x3 City in Turmoil
World Tournament - I guess.

Dragon Balls
Earth Dragon Ball 5 - I would run all 7 Earth DBs with Alt Earth 3. Nice backup victory and a very powerful set of DBs.

x3 Cell's Instant Transmission - With this, you can run a variety of Locations/Battlegrounds. x3 Red Double Strike x2 Trunks Energy Spheres (Attempting to get one more) Time is A Warrior's Tool Android 18's Stare Down - Run 3 The Power of the Dragon Super Saiyan Effect

Energy Combat
x3 Red Energy Blast
x3 Captain Ginyu Energy Attack
x3 Red Energy Shield
x2 Red Energy Charge - I would cut this.
Red Energy Surprise - If room permits, add a few.
Red Cross Slash - Nah

Physical Combat
x3 Gohan's Strike - cut this
x3 Red Flight - cut this
x3 Red Power Strike - cut this
x3 Red Face Upheaval - nice, I like Stupid Tricks more.
x3 Red Fist Catch - cut this
x3 Red Passive Block
x3 Red Forearm Block - maybe
x3 Red Energy Defensive Stance
x2 Red Side Step - cut this
x2 Gohan's Kick - maybe add 1
x2 Majin Vegeta's Frantic Attack
x2 Red Force Punch - cut this
x2 Red Power Rushmp - cut this
x2 Red Lightning Slash
x2 Red Back Kick
Red Slide - cut this
Red Jump - cut this
Red Defensive Jump - cut this
Red Knife Hand - cut this
Red Face Slap (attempting to get more of these too)
Red Knee Bash - cut this
Red Eye Laser Assault - run 3
Vegeta's Physical Stance - maybe

I know that i dont have every staple in this deck but from the tournys ive
been in this deck has done fairly well. Thanks in advance

Since it is really late I'm just going to give you a few tips and let you go with that.

You've got a bunch of weak Red cards in your deck. There are much better ones; try Red Blocking Hand, it is about 3 times better than Red Defensive Jump. Things like that.

I'm just going to put some notes next to cards I would change. Hope that helps.

You are much better off going for the anger victory than beatdown. If you want to go beatdown, you will be able to do it with the cards themselves.

Try out some cards like Red Overbearing Attack, Trunks Makes Himself Clear, and Energy Ricochet. I would also run Big Man on Campus for tech and good staples like Nappa's Energy Aura, Battle Pausing, and Cell's Threatening Position.

Good luck. You need to run the gain 2 anger cards to jump levels like a madman. I think you can pull it off if you find the right cards. Please refer to my article on me making a Gohan Red Anger deck for someone for some ideas. It is somewhere down there...

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