From:  Matthew Low 
pojo stuff (The Nasty Email...)

Emails like this give me insult to injury. I'm already having a tough week and now I get this.

I know my skills as a gamer and I know that I'm nowhere as good as Jesse or Batow, but I am for sure good enough to know how Freestyle Anger (or Rainbow Anger for all you picky people) and Namekian Piccolo work. Now if any if you beg to differ... well, I'll take it if you have something to back up your claim. I am for sure not the best builder of either deck as I don't play either one, but I know the basis of both decks.

(Pojo Note:  And if Jesse or Batow were willing to spend time answering Fan Questions, they can ask me anytime. It's a very tough to put your metal on the line in a place where a lot of people come for help, and to read through CCG Strategies.  Matthew was the first person to ever volunteer to do this, and we've had the DBZ site up since before the Saiyan Saga.  I think it's pretty damn cool to be honest! )

Now... here's my backup of the decks and advice I gave.

Freestyle Anger:
The email I got was asking me to tech his freestyle anger deck, and from the looks of it it was just random cards. Obviously, I knew this and answered him with the real way to create a Free Anger deck. Black Personal Smack and Orange Rapid Attack coupled with cards like Cell's Backslap and Goku's Physical Attack to prolong the Combat. Go read what Personal Smack and Rapid Attack do. They give your physicals (well, one gives all) one anger gain. Let's say I play more than one in a combat. My attacks gain two anger each. Um... multiples = more anger = quick way to level 5. When they weren't removed from the game after use they were just wrong. The key is to get the quick anger off first turn. If you drew Personal Smack and ran into a Victorious Drill, you couldn't start off until it was dealt with. Thus, you can either a) wait to draw up your anti-Non-Combat or b) use your Sensei and get it going. Anger wins quickly. Waiting is foolish and will only bring the demise of free anger too quickly, especially with the lack of blocks. And if you have a counter arguement for that, I'm all ears.

Oh... and $500 - $1000 for a good Namekian deck? You wish to disrupt that... well, be my guest. I just got off of Ebay and a Champ Drill just went for around $450. Ouch.

Anyway, the expensive cards you'll want to get are:
3x Namekian's Strike (say $40-$70 each?)
3x Goku's Blinding Strike (say $50-$80 each?)
1x Victorious Drill (say $40-$60)
1x Cell's Presence (around $50)
1x Champion Drill (look above)
1x Fatherly Advice (say $60-80)
1x Where There's Life There's Hope ($30-60)
1x Piccolo the Defender Level 5 ($50-$75)

And that's being kind of generous. Ebay is tempermental. That's not including Vegeta's Energy Focus and the other cards.

Now if you count ripping little kids into selling to you each UR/Uber for $5 don't. That makes the deck cost less than $200... and it will never happen. If that would be a counter to what I just said you are sadly mistaken.

And with that I've said my word. If you think you can do better than what I do in my life go right ahead and prove it. I have nothing else to say but I do put a lot of time and effort into helping people, and unwarranted and unproved criticism that is incorrect doesn't make me very pleased. I attempt to help every person and plan on it in the next two weeks after my major tests are over. But when people take my work and think I'm wrong when I'm not then I'm not a happy camper. Please don't jump and insult my work before you know all the details.

And if you don't believe that my advice is valid, go ask the true masters of the game and they'll back up most, if not, all, of what I said.

~matthewlow, aka Matthew Low

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> First off the fact that someone that had a deck
>designed like that on your recent pojo update should
>worry about victorious drill is absurd. I mean any
>decent deck should have more than West Kai to get rid
>of drills. And that wasn't even close to a freestyle
>deck deck anyway, I believe what it was was a
>rainbow-style deck anyway. And i'd love to dispute
>your great backing of people having to spend
>$500-$1000 to make a Namekian deck like that cheesy
>thing I saw.