Subject: Black CS Vegeta Hand Manip

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From: SpeedGt4523
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2003 21:09:49 +0000

Hey Matthew my name is alex and i wanted to know what you think about my deck.
I am running a Vegeta Black Style energy beat down/destruction

Main Personalitys:
Vegeta, the Proud lvl 1 WG
Vegeta, the Mighty lvl 2 WG
Vegeta, the Last Prince lvl 3 CS

>> If you want to get to level 3 quick style, I'd probably go with TS or Celestial Level 1. You just need a decent one until you get an Aura Clash or Let the Games Begin. Run the Settled Down level 2 because it is just broke.

Black Style CS

Elder Kai

>> Why in the world are you Elder Kai and not filling your Sensei deck?
>> <<

Sensei cards:
Black Scout Maneuver X3
Black Pivot Kick X2
Black Big Bang X3

>> Yah, run North and fill your Sensei deck. Black has stuff like Front Punch, Energy Swirl, and don't forget HUH??? and Hero's Heart is Strong.

Non-Combat Cards:
Black Searching Technique X3
Expectant Trunks
Frieza is Ready
Burning Rage X2
Android Attack Drill X3

>> Cut Burning Rage for Let The Games Begin, and AADs have no point. Enraged is gonna go too. If you run Black CS, you have to have Thought Focuses seeing that's the point of the Mastery. Foreboding Evidence is some good too.

Combat Cards:
Run Away - cut this
Android 17 Smirks
Trunks Energy Sphere X3
Time is A Warriors Tool
Cells Threatening Position
Android 18 Stare Down X2 - 3 please
Black Transformation X3 - What...
Smoke Screen X2 - Look, I found two new bookmarks!
Black Sercet X3 - No.
Battle Pausing
Black Energy Stance - Probably not.

>> Dazed is pretty good. Make sure you have your staples, and you need them Aura Clashes.

Dying Planet X3

>> Whoa... this is interesting. Then maybe no on the Foreboding.

Android 18 AS

>> Android 14 would be more useful. <<

Energy Combat Cards:
Black Energy Web X3
Black recovery X3
Android 19's Energy Burst X3
Yamcaha's Skillful Defense - Buffer Blocks are better Vegeta's Jolting Slash X2 Black Turning Kick X3 - good Super Arm Cannon of Super Stuff - Nah Trunks Makes Himself Clear Villain's True Power - If you can get it to work, good Goku's Super Sayain Blast - Buffer Blocks are better Krillin's Heat Seaking Blast X2 - Without the TS Mastery, they aren't needed Black Front Kick X3 - For anger eh?
Black Rear Spin Kick X2 - Nah
Good Advice
Supreme Kai's Ki Push - I wouldn't need to go down levels.
Black Protection Orb
Black Fore Fist Punch X2 - Cut this

Physical Combat Cards:
Black Hug Maneuver X3
Pikkons Leg Catch - Maybe 3?
Black Side Kick X3
Trunks Swifty Moving X3 - Won't need this Black Body Destruction X2 - 3 please Black Wrist Block Black Elbow Strike - Nah Black Side Block - Bookmark please Vegeta's Physical Stance

So thats my deck. the main thing i try to do is get to my level 3. USing that combo with my mastery they are left with 2 cards in there hand. Then i use the beat down part. You prolly figured out i am a villian. I try to get out my Black Searching Techniques and scout maneuver to ripe there deck apart. And that is basicly my whole plan. please email me back on what ya think about my deck and what u think i can inprove cause i have no idea what to do with it.
Thank You for your time. My email is

>> Well sir, you've got an interesting deck. I would focus on the anger to get up levels. You might even consider some Goku's Flights and Dragon's Victory when you are up on that Settled Down level 2. Then you can even go to level 3 and work around there. You've got a ton of options ranging from anger victory to hand manip. This can go far if you make and play it right; Dragon's Victory can throw your opponent for a loop. Have fun.

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