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From: Rice Jr
Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2003 22:03:57 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Matthew, I was wondering who do you think is the top 10 personalitys from SS to MBS?

Thank you for your time


Hmm... well, this is totally opinion based, so each person might be different.

1. Master Roshi (Levels 1-3 CCPP) This is totally based on the level 1. The ability to decrease the luck factor in the game and run a lot of "dead" cards like non-combats without fear makes him extremely powerful. Not to mention he goes first almost every time. 2. Piccolo the Trained (Level 1 AS, 2-3 WGS, 4 CS, 5 CGS) The level 1's ability to shut off opposing powers is extremely annoying. It destroys whole decks since most are supposed to be based on their Main Personality's power, or at least most of it. It just recently got changed to be not as powerful, but I still recognize it as one of the best with the impact it has made on this game. The other levels only complement him to make him just plain good. 3. Cell (Level 1 CS HT, 2 CS, 3 CS or CS HT, 4-5 CS) Cell's ability to declare any TW and work in it is just amazing. His level 2 is extremely useful and is considered the best in the game along with Gohan. Card Searching is just amazingly good in this game. The level 1 is also extremely good; it is considered card advantage seeing that the two attacks are enough to lock down many characters at level 1. The higher levels aren't as great but still hold Cell together as a whole. With his high PUR, Cell is one of the best around. And of course you can't forget the Cell Jrs. 4. Goku (Levels 1-2 MBS, 3 CS HT) or (Levels 1-2 CS, 3 CS HT, 4 CS, WGS, or MBS, 5 MBS) or (Level 1 WGS HT, 2 CS, 3 CS HT, 4 WGS, 5 MBS) Goku has always been one of the best characters to use with his ability to draw extra cards. He's been good in many decks just because of this; anger is one of the best even using some old personality levels. He's strong on every level; only his level 4 seems out of place. With many cards the benefit Goku (Face Off, Goku's Physical Attack, Chi-Chi Level 1 SS), he's even greater. Most of his levels have been strong; the first set above is for 1-3 Saiyan CS to turbo to level 3 and defeat all level 3 decks by Most Powerful Personality Victory, second is the all purpose drawing cards for many archtypes, and third is for the Freestyle Goku Dragon Ball that is running around as of late. 5. Android 18 (Level 1-3 CS, 4 CS Redemption) Android 18 was once the most broken character ever, but with her errata she is still strong. Being an android and a rogue, she is able to use a vast selection of cards to her advantage. Androids have amazing searching power, and she also subtracts from the luck factor when attacking. Her level 2 also isn't something to ignore either. She's promising in many decks; try her out in beatdown, DB, ally, anything but anger. 6. Gohan (Level 1 MBS, 2 CS, 3 CS HT, 4 whatever, 5 CS or FuS) Gohan, with the release of his new level 1, is now somewhat strong. He has protection against Android 18's Stare Down as well as Black discard, and the ability to gain card advantage with his power using Masteries like Black CS, Blue CS, and Freestyle MBS makes him quite strong. That's not to mention free Piccolo and Heroes Gather and Champion Drill. His level 2 is just like Cell's, and packs a solid level 3 with removing a non-combat. He's quite strong in anger as well. Overall a strong character to use in many archtypes. 7. Krillin (Level 1 CCPP, 2 CS HT, 3 WGS) Add the level 4 CS if you want some anti Goku 1-3 tech. Krillin's ability to deal massive damage at his level 3 while running very few defensive cards make him one of the most feared characters in the game. He has a solid level 1 that allows him to take less damage and recycle Krillin's Heat Seeking Blast, and each level is strong, with level 2 having multiple attacks and level 3 tacking on on the upside of 50 power stages to each energy attack. With multiple attacks in the late game, Krillin can smother anyone if he draws a really good hand. 8. Majin Buu (Level 1-2 MBS GFHT either, 3-5 MBS) I haven't looked at the Fusion ones long enough to remember the powers enough, so I'm sticking with the ones here. Majin Buu is quite strong with either HT; defensively he can prevent on the upside of nearly all damage, Blue Style Mastery MBS helping. He's able to stall majorly and get his choice hits in when they count. The attacking GFHT is also quite strong with the nice attacks and high PL to help out. Majin Buu can do a lot of things and is one of the best personalities by far. 9. Trunks (Level 1 HT FS, 2 CS, 3 CS or CS HT, 4 CS, 5 CGS) Trunks is just plain anti-energy, pure and simple. He was the Dragon Ball fiend until A18 and Roshi showed up. Being able to take only 2 life cards per energy allowed him to keep his Dragon Balls. That's not to mention his ability to go physical beatdown and just use his power in the normal defensive manner. He can use Swords nicely and at level 4 can totally mess an opponent up. His level 5 is also quite devastating one it works. 10. Vegeta (Level 1 HT WGS, 2 WGS, 3 CS HT, 4-5 CS) Vegeta was one of the worst characters ever until cards like Vegeta's Energy Thrust and Vegeta's Energy Detonation came out. Now he's able to regenerate at an amazing rate and survive quite long with amazing named cards. His level 3 is one of the best around.

Honorable mentions - Lord Slug (Level 3 has massive regeneration), Android 17 (Level 1 is extremely good), Android 20 (once he gets to level 3 with a big army...), Bardock (knowing your opponent's hand can help a lot), Tien (his named cards are just plain good), Yamcha (new Fusion level 1 looks promising), Android 14 (he's an ally, but really good one), Tapkar (now he's junk, but before he had massive card draws and everything... just plain broken), Majin Vegeta (Level 1 WGS is just wrong), Chi-Chi (Level 1 WGS has so much potential), and so forth. If I missed one, sue me. Whatever. But off the top of my head, those personalities look like the best ones. Just my thoughts.

"You will not be allowed to do this to anyone else!" - Gohan