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Matthew Low on Score's Dragon Ball TCG

Red Myuu Dragonball
Starting Deck Size: 58

Buu Saga Mastery (surprisingly, this one is more beneficial to my deck than Red Blazing is) but if there is anything better you can think of and why then i will consider changing)

>> As I mentioned before, the problem with this Mastery is that it is pathetically useless. Making the few attacks focused isn't that great, and the regeneration you can easily make better with tons of other options. Besides, Myuu is supposed to win instantly.

Blazing can drive Dragon Ball decks crazy, boost damage, make your opponent scared to play a Dragon Ball, help you win DB Victory, among other things. The MBS Mastery just pales in comparison. <<

Dr. Myuu
Level 1 from Lost eps
Level 2-4 from Baby Saga
Ultra Level 5

>> I would have used the HT1 so you can get Farewell faster, so I'm actually a bit confused at what exactly you're trying to do. The LES level 1 is great for damage and a tiny bit of removal, but your goal should be to get to level 5.

Consider the blank HTs with the drill that stops your DBs from being captured, in the chance that you venture to those levels. <<

Goku Sensei (using Goku's Farewell to go to level 5) Sensei Deck:
Red Hasty Cannon
Red Torso Crash
Red Feint
Red Foot Jolt
Red Vigor Orb
Kid Buu's Prepped Crash
Ultra Uppercut
Pan's Stalwart Face Slap
Negative Karma Ball (open to changing this one for something else) Red Holdup

>> If I remember correctly, Red Foot Jolt is that horrible FS card that is showed up by Red Lightning Slash. Red Feint can be replaced by Prepped Crash. Negative Karma Ball is kinda wierd.

Your Sensei is a weird choice, even though it is used only to stop you from losing your level 5 power. I would instead use North Kai because you want to win the combat you get to level 5. Shutting down your opponent's Mastery that turn will help immensely.

A ton of the other cards are extremely random. I don't know... then again I'm the kind of person who will go after the basics like HUH??? and Black Scout Maneuver. <<

Dende With Alt. 4 and Alt. 7

Physical Combat:
Earth Dragonball Capture (I want a second one of these)

>> Sure should. With Blazing, two will probably all you need. Just throw
>> in tech Red cards and you're more than ready to go. <<

Energy Attacks:
Red Vigor Orb
Red Energy Blast
Energy Lob
Red Personal Vandetta x2

>> I'd go with a whole lot more here. You could try going beatball with
>> Thunder Clap on Mastery or silly things like that. Vigor Orb/Energy
>> Blast are great cards for tech, and I'd go with 3 Vendettas. There is
>> probably something else to consider but I can't put my mind on it
>> now. Majin Destruction anyone? <<

Eyes of the Dragon (open to taking this out seeing as i only play 5 energy
attacks) >> Play more? <<
Victorious Drill (for quick use of energy lob on the first turn) Vegeta's Plans Goku's Lucky Break Goku's Farewell Hero's Lucky Break Fatherly Advice Fond Memories (open to taking this one out if you think it isnt good) Positive Energy Drill Goku's Capturing Drill x2 Expectant Trunks Dragon Ball Everlasting

>> Fond Memories is good but not necessary. Your drills are great too
>> but shouldn't you be focusing on getting to level 5 and winning that
>> way? I would not make this a straight Ball because that's a bit too
>> risky for my good. At least in Blazing, you have the opportunity to
>> beatball your opponent to death. Trunks' Reconstruction deserves a
>> spot. <<

-Energy Defense:
Nappa's Energy Aura (i want a Force Bubble but havent been able to find one...)
Red Redirect (i want one more of these in there unless your against it) Red Rapid Deflection Red Slide x2 Red Perfection

>> Force Bubble isn't too hard to find if you can track down an old
>> school player. I don't even run it anymore, hence I probably have
>> quite a few all over. I'd consider running SA17's Absorption. Your
>> other options for blocks don't really excite me though. Redirect is
>> good and Rapid Deflection, but the other two don't. Maybe it is just
>> me. <<

-Physical Defense:
Nappa's Physical Resistance
Red Physical Fortification
Red Claw Clasp
Red Dodge x2

>> Dodge and Claw Clasp... dunno. Maybe. <<

-Misc. Defense:
Cell's Defense
Time is a Warriors Tool

>> Cell's Defense is horrible. At least now. <<

Battle Pausing
Goku's Dragonball Quest (can combo this quite a few times in one combat) Hercule's Amazing Techniques Red Cell's Evil Plans x2 Trunks Energy Sphere x3 Red Energy Resonation x2 (i want 1 more) Android 18's Stare Down x2 Moment Of Distress Brutal Knockback

>> 3 A18's Staredown, 3 Resonation, 3 Evil Plans. Don't know know if
>> Moment of Distress/Knockback are necessary but they can work. Dazed
>> is extremely good if your opponent is about to kill your Farewell or
>> you in a combat. Gust of Wind? <<

to get goku's farewell out as soon as possible and use the level 5 power to take control of the game.
There is some games where it is better to sit on level one though, for the removal (eg: David Cook's Blue Trunks Deck) There is no worry for time with Goku's Farewell, when ever i use it, i win within 3 turns anyway

>> You must be playing people that aren't too much of a challenge if you
>> have time to wait 3 turns. I don't get nearly that much time against
>> extremely skilled players. Against other ball decks, 3 Majin
>> Destruction should be able to wipe the floor. You can always run
>> Piccolo Sensei and tech in key cards like Cell's Presence, Maniacal
>> Blinding Slash, Android 17 Smirks, and so forth to fetch with level 5
>> power if you're in trouble. <<

Cards That i definitely need but haven't been able to get:
Final Breath (only card useable with Goku's Farewell to stall opponents
Victory) >> Acutally it doesn't work. << Trunks Reconstruction Mark Of The Dragon >> Obviously. << Releasing the Sword >> Ditto. <<

Thank you for your time :-D

>> Good luck. Kind of strange... but I guess if your opponents aren't
>> that hard to beat, you shouldn't have too many problems winning. <<

"You will not be allowed to do this to anyone else!" - Gohan

"You are the light of the world - like a city on a mountain, glowing in the night for all to see. Don't hide your light under a basket! Instead, put it on a stand and let it shine for all. In the same way, let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father." - Matthew 5:14-16


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