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From: "Robert Evans"


Remember, this is exactly how it is currently contructed, I will put down the few things I need, and let you help me figure out where to slip them in.




Pan the Youthful

Pan the Young Sayian

Pan the Spirited


>> For some stupid reason I don't have Pan Level 2's gametext. From what

>> I recall she works decently in energy so I guess you are ok.

>> Interesting choice for an MP. Just straight solid energy attacks with

>> a twist thrown in. Normally that wouldn't be my number one choice for

>> choosing an MP, but you've got some options you can throw around,

>> especially that level 4. <<


Blue Destruction Mastery


>> I haven't seen this Mastery used much. It can prove to be an

>> interesting choice. The Blue Setup discard thing might help a bit,

>> but you don't want to clog your deck with too many dead cards. Then

>> again, there are the few non-combat energy attacks that could benefit

>> from everything. <<


North Kai Sensei

Blue Leapfrog Drill x2

Blue Energy Dive x3

Black Scout Maneuver x2


A Hero's Heart is Strong x3

Majin's Buu's Loogie


>> Multiform decks are still out there so 1 Loogie isn't too bad.

>> Leapfrog Drill depends a ton on your nons which you don't want to go

>> too overboard on, not to mention you should be leveling quickly to 4.

>> Energy Dives are a given. I'm trying to think of something random you

>> can throw in but nothing comes to mind so whatever. <<


Non-Combats Setups/Drills

Android 20 Absorbing Drill x2

Heros Lucky Break

Expectant Trunks

Vegeta's Quickness Drill

Chi-Chi's Cheering Drill x2

Provoke Drill

Blue Prevention Drill

Where Theres Life Theres Hope


>> Wow that's a lot. I mean in Drills. Lacking in Setups, especially ones to use with your Mastery. Actually you have none you can use with your Mastery.

Let's break this down. A20 Absorbing Drill is really good, but remember you should be on level 4 within the first few turns. I'm not saying that it is a bad idea to run it, but I'm not saying that it is a really good one either. It is mainly up to your playstyle and if you think you can keep it out long enough for it to be worth it.

I'm cool with VQD because it is that good. I'm thinking that you should run Victorious Drill just to help you start off the game with two more stages and a little anti-anger. Sure it will leave in a few turns, but it is for the most part a staple in my book.

Now we get to Cheering Drill. That card looks like Sensei Deck material. You'll need it in some matches that run massive endurance, but not all. That's the card that seems to be missing from that SD.

Provoke Drill doesn't seem fit at all. I don't see how it would make a big enough difference to be worthy to be in the deck. Sure your power can be shut off. Big whoop. Pan's card powers aren't vital to winning like many other characters' card powers are.

Hero's Lucky Break is good, but you need a lot more variety of non-combats to make it worth running.

WTLTH is obvious, as well as ET. Throw that FA in and you've got a made.

Blue Prevention Drill... nah, I'd pass.

I'd consider going with 3 Blue Prepped Attack. More or less it is a non-combat Heel Kick for energy. It can prove to be a powerful card to exploit all parts of your Mastery. Also, you might want to throw in Blue Ball Gathering, and if you are running into anger problems, Blue Happiness. Now I know that card is normally a piece of junk, but test it out and see if you need it. You might not. It might get some use with the Mastery and all. Then again you could just run Apocalyptic Battle, but you might not want to go back to level 1. Blue Plea and Blue Power Boost might be possible options with their dual purpose.




Dragon Balls

Dende 1

Dende 2

Dende 3

Dende 4

Alt. Dende 5

Dende 6

Alt. Dende 7


>> This looks like a decent selection outside of Alt Dende 5, but then

>> again if you are trying to exploit Blue Double Blast with it, go

>> ahead. <<


Combat Events

Trunks Energy Sphere x3


Battle Pausing

Time is a Warriors Tool

Epic Battle of Sayians

Blue Power Absorption x3

Brothers in Training x2

Unlocked Potential x2

Aura Clash

Super Sayian Effect

Confrontation x2

Champions of Earth x2


>> I'd still regardless go with 3 Confrontation and 3 Champions of Earth. Ditch the Aura Clash for 2-3 Are You Tuff Enuff??? Remember if you use your level 1 card power, then AYTE, you'll be on level 3 at end of combat. AYTE also has amazing Endurance I don't think your should pass up. Blue Power Absorption is a bit iffy; you don't even stop the attack. Unlocked Potential is good, but I can see you being on level 3 first/second turn in most games if you run enough AC/AYTE.

Brothers In Training is an awesome card, but I personally don't think you run enough drills to warrant it. That's just my opinion.

Looks like you are missing your ultimate stall DB tool in Power of the Dragon. I'd run it because you'll probably need it sometime down the line. Maybe throw in an ally too.

You'll need massive ally defense, so I'd run a Cell's Presence.

And I just realized that you aren't running Goku's DB Quest but want to exploit the DDB3 combo with it... maybe even throw in Krillin's Concentration as well...



Physical Combats

Tien's Block x2

Blue Reverse x2

Goku's Running Defense

Blue Betrayal x2

Blue Leverage x2

Ultimate Defense x2

Vegeta's Physical Stance

Nappa's Physical Resistance


>> Three Blue Betrayals sir. Blue Reverse is way too situational for my good. Totally useless against DB decks and so forth. Tien's Block I can possibly understand. Seems you like that Absorbing Drill all that much.

Blue Leverage should prove to be very useful since you'll be spending a lot of time on level 3 and 4.

Stance and Resistance are cool, but leaving out Masterful Defense? Ok sure. Gohan's Kick is extremely powerful in this environment, so keep that in mind. You might even consider running some so you can actually stay in combat.



Energy Combats

Blue Thrusted Blast x3

Blue Draining Kamehameha x3

Blue Double Blast x3

Blue Forced Impact x3

Blue Imminent Destruction x3

Blue Concentrated Blast x3

Blue Arm Blast x2

Blue Terror

Energy Lob

Pan's Spirit Attack x2

True Grit

Dimension Scream x2

Nappa's Energy Aura


>> Well... Let's see. How should I put this. Plenty of cards I have no clue what they do... that usually isn't a good sign. It looks like you've just got big attacks, and big attacks period.

Thrusted Blast has got to go. I don't see that helping you much.

Draining Kamehameha is just strange to me. Imitation Focused attack, not much more. I like tech cards more than big attacks.

Double Blast is good. Forced Impact is just a big attack for me. Imminent Destruction gets rid of a Drill... decent I guess. Concentrated Blast is one of those, oh wow, big energy attack, and I'm supposed to be impressed. Maybe it is my playstyle or something, but big attacks that are just big attacks don't cut it. In most situations I'd rather have a Red Vigor Orb than a Black Uber Blast mainly because I'd rather get rid of that A20 Absorbing Drill staring at me in the face.

True Grit is decent making your attacks unpreventable. Kind of replaces Cheering Drill. It won't do you must good if your opponent throws Aura or Force Field in your face (you are missing Force Field).


Arm Blast = good, run 3 because it becomes defense as well. Terror is an obvious choice. Good Blue Energies... can't think of too many, but this one comes to mind; Blue Impulse. Focused, can stop an energy or be one, and a little regen on the side. Consider even Blue Draining Blast; can be a free energy for 8 or even drain to zero and let allies help you out, which you might even consider running a few just because. Energy Lob I can understand, as well as Spirit Attack, which would make a fun Backer. Dimension Scream is fine I guess. Bit random as I'd like to see Nimbus Cloud to pull a Location... that reminds me...



>> What the... no Location/Battleground or Allies? You really should run

>> something. Even World Tournament or Winter Countryside (against

>> anger, once you level to where you want to go) would be an

>> improvement over what you have now. You might be able to get away

>> without an ally, but I think even one like Elder Kai or Krillin GT

>> would be decent. <<


As you can see, its powerful blue energy attacks with a few stringing and stacking capabilities.  True Grit and Cheering Drill really make these attacks hurt when they hit, and if they hit.  I'm one card short, but thats room for Fatherly advice really.  She works great as she is right now, but I want her to be oiled up and powerful for regionals in April, so, we start work now.


>> That's the key word. IF. You can't just string big attacks together and pray that they hit. Stop alls will own you. If your opponent plays his cards right, very few of those big energy attacks will be getting through, especially with the look at top 6 mechanic.



Here are the cards I want, or I feel I need to finish this deck off, but need to make room for.

Fatherly Advice

Champions Drill

True Grit x2

Vegeta's Energy Focus x2


>> FA is obvious. CD can't hurt. VEF is pretty decent and should help

>> against DB and throwing random energies. True Grit is ok, nothing to

>> really jump for joy about. <<


Cards I have considered, but decided against for now Blue Plea x2 Blue Power Boost x2


>> Well work on the deck and see what you come up with. You've got a lot of difference in playing style than I do, so you'll need to work with whatever you feel works best for you. Have fun with this while you're at it. Also consider Pikkon's Leg Catch and Goku's Quick Dodge as blocks; they might help fuel your energies as well.


Good luck at Atlanta as well. <<



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