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The only cards I really have access to are in boosters and starters. I did get one Power Pack and a bunch of Saiyan Blasters from the local Game Stop, but DBZ just isn't big around here. Anyway I got a tin one day of Piccolo, since he's cool and should have more cards revolving around him, and I got a bunch of promos that screamed out "make a Namekian Strike Deck!" I'm familiar with the idea but I'm not really acquainted with the tech of the whole deck.

That's why my big question is whether it's possible to make a budget Namekian strike Deck, or a Strike/Rejuvenation deck if what I own doesn't hold well enough. The Trunks saga Mastery is the one I plan on using, and as for my personality I can't use Piccolo the Trained because I was never able to get one in a booster and the only other guy that owns him holds onto him like a rabid rat despite all the cool stuff I offer. This leaves me with Cell Saga levels 1-4 and Trunks Saga levels 1-3, unfortunately. Boosters available to me are Buu, Fusion, Kid Buu, and of course the GT boosters which I doubt have any Namekian anything. As for what I already own, I have bought a healthy amount of Saiyan, Trunks, Cell, Cell Games, and World Games through Kid Buu Saga. I have a good amount of the cards except for Ultra Rares, which are cards I've yet to see myself. I do have a Namekian Energy Focus, which I already know is a key part in the Strike combo.

Your problem lies in a couple factors.

First, Namekian can't be a budget deck. Strike is really easy to get now, but either way Namekian was expensive. It isn't as expensive as it used to be, but it is still somewhat expensive.

Second, Namekian is pretty much dead. Score finally killed it off after Worlds... well a while after Worlds. Sure you can still try it out, but with the killing of Piccolo the Trained, and the introduction of a plethora of other cards for other styles, and the lack of stuff for it in GT, it has fallen behind the other styles.

Third, Piccolo the Trained has been errated to death. He's pretty much only useful against a certain selection of personalities and possibly as a tech ally.

Fourth, when you make a deck, the best way to make one is to be able to use any cards possible. Then your deck will be the best it can be. Use as a reference and build a deck you can be proud of, then go find the cards you need.

And finally, if you want to check out a "Namekian Strike" deck, read up in Pojo's Unofficial Dragon Ball Z A Player's Guide. Richie Williams has an article about the Namekian Strike deck that was good last year. Of course you'll have to abide by all the restrictions (check out the CRD on, but you'll be able to take a look at what one looked like. The Worlds winning deck that was PTT Namekian is also in a past copy of Scrye that you can take a look for a reference.

Good luck, and hope you have fun. I doubt a NS deck would be extremely dominating in this environment, but I can see it being somewhat decent.

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