Subject: Re: Tech and Questions - Blue Buu?

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From: CorruptionsSoul
Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2003 10:42:41 -0400

Hello again,
I'm not sure how old you are, but I just turned 20 like 2 weeks ago. Anyway, I read up on Tapkar, and after reading his card listing on I thought he was ok, after reading the CRD..... Jesus... they really did butcher him to nothing.

Well I come up with a backlash deck using Blue Leavings and Saiyan Truce card for a big combo, it might just be my style or something but I dont enjoy playing it, I actually kept it together for like 2 days, then the cards went back to the binders.

A new deck I'm working on is a Blue Style(buu) Majin Buu deck. I'm using the high tech life prevention Buu. Only problem I'm having is all stoppers (npr, vps, tiawt, etc.). I'm of course playing gohans kicks, but im just playing so many blue physical attacks its overwhelming. The only blocks I'm playing are the all stoppers myself, with the mastery I havent really needed much else. I was going up against my cousins PTT namekian deck, which of course hurt my deck right off the bat, not to mention City In Turmoils to shut down my cookies and blue prevention drill (which works amazing with the mastery/personality power). So anyway, he preceded to smack me into oblivion by using his sensei to shut down my mastery then using PTT to shut down my power. Stuff like that is just hard to stop. I have a question, is Bee able to be Buu's ally? That might make it so I dont have to worry about kai pushing down a level if I run Aura Clashes. Man I'm rambling, but anyway, long story short, he beat me down hard for a few turns, but after that it was smooth sailing, I got out my Majin Babadi's Ship, his ptt leveled, then all the attacks he threw for the rest of the game I would just remove blue cards for the damage, all being three a piece from the prevention drill, and three for my personality power on each of his attacks.

My question is, what cards do you know of to counter cards such as Dieing Plant (which I actually run 2 city ablaze in fear of) and that other one that removes all cards from all discard piles (its early i cant think of name)?

Another question, I've been working on a namekian deck and I'm just wondering if you know if the Namekian Strikes are going to be in those collector tins that are comin out soon.

Well, I'm dozing off, I should probably go, thanks for answering my first email.


I actually just turned 18.

His original card reading is broken. He was able to beat any deck without any problems pretty much. Anyone who plays the game knows that choosing a 10 card hand out of 17 cards is broken and should be abused.

In other words, he wasn't just ok. He was so good he created a riot.

The only problem with Blue Leaving is your opponent keeping the cards, which gives them a lot of ways to block, etc.

That's the reason why Blue MBS can be weak. Saiyan has two cards and there's North Kai to shut off the Mastery. Thus... run blocks. You can't go without them. At least run the ones like Blue Round Throw and Blue Arm Blast that are blue and both attacks and defense.

Bee can be Buu's Ally. But Supreme Kai's Ki Push is so good anyway...

Dying Planet is a Battleground. City Ablaze affects Locations. City Ablaze has no effect on Dying Planet. Use Land In Pain. A Hero's Heart is Strong... well, you are screwed there! I think there is a card that can save your discard, but it doesn't come to mind.

Namekian Strikes are coming out in October. It says on Score's site... has said for a couple weeks now. The Uber one is coming out at Worlds as well; I'll be picking up a few to trade off/collection, since I don't play Namekian.

No problem. If you need help, let me know. If you will be at Worlds, be sure to say hi.

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