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Hello Matthew...

First of, i would like to say thank you for all your contributions at, i learned alot from reading your deck reviews, and your COTD, and i am happy to say it has made me a better player. But now, down to business.

>> Thanks. Always great to hear from someone who has benefited from my
>> free time. Sorry for not emailing you back quickly; your email
>> apparently got shoved in the wrong mailbox. My apologies. <<

I was writing to you because i am looking forward to building an Anti-Krillin deck. What motivates me to do it is that my friend brags about how good Krillin is. (and yes he uses the juicy WGS lvl 3) and no matter what anyone tells him, he still thinks Krillin is the best MP in the game. I wanna build a quick deck using the combo of Stunned and Cosmic Backlash. Before i go on, let me elaborate on his deck...

>> Krillin is not though. Krillin lost a ton of steam with the introduction of A Hero’s Heart is Strong as a Sensei Deck card, as well as cards like Majin Buu’s Heel Kick. The rise of Saiyan Power Punch and big attacks pretty much said good bye and farewell.

Don’t get me wrong; he’s not terrible. He’s just way too easy to tech against. Krillin revolves around using KHSB on level 3, but the thing is… if he never gets there (or has no discard to abuse his power with), is he scary anymore?

Stunned Backlash isn’t legal anymore ;).

1. His deck is a Krillin Energy CS Blue deck

>> Um… I had one of those but that was back when Cell Games just
>> released. We are what… 7 sets after that now… it’s not viable by any
>> means. Krillin needs to be Freestyle. <<

2. He does not have alot of staples. (no TES=Happy Fun Times)

>> That makes him simple to beat doesn’t it? <<

3. He plays too many dead cards.

>> You don’t need my help to beat him now. ;) <<

Now with that taken care of, in comes to mind is personalities that can be used... my first thoughts were using this personality line up

lvl 1 Super Saiyan Goku (IR1 Promo) ( if need be, i can always have drills...
mainly stay at thsi lvl)
lvl 2 Goku, the Saiyan (CS)
lvl 3 Goku, Earth's Hero (CS HT).

>> Um… that would probably be even worse than Krillin -_-. You’d lose to
>> 1-3 anger, not to mention running multiple styled drills is just
>> plain silly. <<

tell me what you think of the personality line up

Second of all, i want to keep the deck as close to 50 cards as possible... so that i can weed out all the useless stuff i wouldnt need at the time... and get to the combo really quickly. which is whyy im also asking help for what good searchers could go in.

>> That’s not a good idea. 50 card decks are DB decks mainly. Building an anti deck is really easy to do. Just run everything that hates on Krillin… stuff that ruins Named cards (Black Energy Swirl, Master Roshi’s Island), discard pile removal (Majin Buu’s Heel Kick, Black Command, Black Fallback, Black Interruption, A Hero’s Heart is Strong, Kid Buu’s Prepped Crash), energy blocks, deck removal (Black Scout Maneuver on KHSB), and of course, Stunned. Way too easy.

Not to mention Shadow Dragon Saga allows any card to be put into the Sensei so put 3 Stunned in the Sensei if you really hate him ;). <<

Lastly, i am also asking what other cards can be used to stop Piccolo and Trunks dead in their tracks with this variant.. so i can have a good Sensei and tweak the deck so it is ready for those times when i face these personalities.

>> Trunks… eww. I normally use Piccolo the Trained to deal with him. You can always use cards that turn off his card power, or just physical him to death. Trunks is normally DB, so you can run stuff that removes his deck (Black Thought Focus, Black Command, Black Frieza’s Fierce Detonation), and if you hit a DB, you’re set.
Piccolo varies. He can play Multiform, which is destroyed if you Scout Maneuver Multiform or you consistently end combat. If you deny him of Physical attacks, that also works. Piccolo can also play DB with his new GT levels, so you’ll have to run board control and remove a DB. Piccolo can also go old school and use energies, but that’s the least to be scared of now. <<

Thank you for your time, and take it easy.


P.S. That quote from Gohan is an awesome quote.

>> Yep it is ^_^. <<
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