Subject: Re: red buu anger needs fixin

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From: Yousef88
Date: Sun, 12 Oct 2003 18:03:43 EDT

Hello Mathew here is my deck. I have fixed up my deck and I hope that you can fix it up even more.

Main Personalities:
Majin Buu, Evil Buu lvl.1
Majin Buu, Evil Buu lvl.2
Majin Buu, Piccolo Absorbed lvl.3
Majin Buu lvl.4 (buu saga)
Majin Buu, Gohan Absorbed lvl.5

Red Style Mastery (trunks saga)

Protective Shelter x1 (good card advantage)

Dragon Balls:
Earth Dragon Ball 5 (just plain good)

Krillin's search x1 (really good for card advantage) Majin Buu's Invincibility x1 Time Is A Warrior's Tool x1 Vegeta's Surprise Defense x1 Red Double Strike x2 (a double attack also good for anger) Dazed x1 (combat ender)

Enraged! x1 (regeneration and anger)
Piccolo's Determination x1 (for card advantage and anger) A Hospital Stay x1 (for my anger) Tien's Mental Conditioning x2 (for my anger) Red Forward Stance Drill x1 Red Striking Drill x2 (a quick power up for my physical attacks)

Energy Combat(attack):
Goku's Escape x2 (good for both anti-anger and for your anger) - junk.
Good Advice x1 - only for anti, prob don't need.
Red Static Shot x2 (good for anger) - take it out.
Spice Prepares an Energy Attack x1 (I play it as my last attack so it gets
through) - terrible
Last Ditch Effort x1 (good as a last ditch effort) - Cut this.
Jeice Flash Attack x2 (doesn't deal that many life cards but it prevents
alot) - still take this out.
Trunks Makes Himself Clear x1 (same deal as goku's escape but better) - good Vegeta's Jolting Slash x2 - Maybe, prob not.

Energy Combat(defense):
Gohan's Energy Defense x2 (very replaceable) - Energy Ricochet, Red Energy Defensive Stance Red Physical Fortification x1 - maybe Yamcha's Skillful Defense x1 - Goku's Flight instead.
Energy Ricochet x2
Goku Swiftly Moving x2 (returns the favor) - take it out Red Energy Shield x3 (the only thing bad about this card is it doesn't give me anger) - yeah, so take them out unless you have a plan

Physical Combat(attack):
Red Knee Bash x1 (does quite a bit of damage and gives anger) - Weak Red Power Lift x2 (does considerable damage and stops the next physical
attack) - Take it out
Red Whiplash x2 (**** good card if I do say so myself) - Don't say bad words, I have to censor you.
Megaton Bull Crusher x1 (doesn't fit the theme but does alot of damage) - yah, so take it out Red Power Rush x1 (pretty good card) Majin Buu's Body Slam x1 - take it out Red Overbearing Attack x1 (this card would be so good if it didn't get
removed) - It is still good, run 3
Majin Buu's Heel Kick x2 - Run 3-4
Devious Moves x2 (a good recycling card and gives me anger) - Nah Red Pressure Technique x2 ( I know this should be taken out) - then do it Red Back Kick x1 - interesting Combo x2 (combat ender) - No it doesn't. It skips, not pass.

Physical Combat(defense):
Red Shifty Maneuver x3 (gives me anger and gets rid of a drill) - still bad Red Defensive Jump x2 (staying until I get better defense cards) - Then get them.
Red Resistance x2 (these definitely should be taken out) - Then do it Red Slide x1 - take it out Red Fist Catch x3 (gives me anger and does damage to the opponent) - Take this out Trunks Swiftly Moving x1 (again, returns the favor) - Take this out Red Energy Defensive Stance x2 - sure Red Blocking Hand x1 (wanna get another one) - Then get 2 Red Passive Block x2 (raises anger and power stages and also deals 1 damge) - sure Nappa's Physical Resistance x1 - maybe Red Dodge x2 - maybe Vegeta's Physical Stance x1 - maybe

Well There's my deck I really hope you can help out, thanks. Also What black style mastery do you think is best?

Which Black Mastery is best... well, I like the CS Mastery personally because of the disruption, which can throw off combo decks and easily setup big attacks (Carpet decks, etc). On the other hand, TS is extremely good for big beatdown, mainly because the damage easily stacks. Black Bojack and Tapkar easily proves this. More or less, it is whatever your playing style is.

Now to the deck...

Your levels should be the GFHT Offensive or Defensive. Personally I'd go with Offensive for the one anger, but Defensive can help you from a big early combat. Your call there. The UR level 5 is a bit better as well.

Shelter is good, but remember it does help your opponent as well. I personally would use City In Turmoil.

Funny that's the only Dragon Ball you run. I would consider running Earth 7, 4, and probably alt 3 as well.

Your combats need major help. First off, you are running Vegeta's Surprise Defense, which needs to go. Then, add your staples like A18's Staredown, TES, SSE, CTP, and A17 Smirks. Krillin's Search works mainly in heavy Named card decks, and yours should be more Red. Add another Double Strike as well.

Take out all your non-combats. None of them are worth running. I would run only the staples and ET in a straight anger.

Your attacks/blocks... you seem to know what's wrong. And thus, that's for you to fix. Take out the junk and run good stuff like Red Eye Laser Assault, Red Lightning Slash, Red Axe Heel Kick, Captain Ginyu's Energy Attack, Majin Buu's Energy Spray, and so forth.

Good luck.

"You will not be allowed to do this to anyone else!" - Gohan