From: XpurpulpillzX
Date: Sun, 17 Aug 2003 15:16:08 EDT

Hey Matt, it's me Peter again. Thanks for all the information you've helped
me with before, but now I need some advice for my Goku Saiyan deck.

Saiyan Style Mastery- CS

Goku lv1- MBS
Goku, Super Saiyan lv2- MBS
Goku, Super Saiyan 2 lv3- MBS (I want the HT lv 3 from the CS) Goku, Super Saiyan Ascended lv4- MBS

(I would use SSJ3 if I had it but I don't, and I really don't want to have a
super good card and not use it cause of MPPV).

East Kai Sensei - WGS (I know this sensei sucks but I don't have any other
1x Black Scout Maneuver-CA
2x A Hero's Heart is Strong-TS
2x Saiyan Overcharged Blasts-FUS
2x Saiyan Explosion- FUS
2xSaiyan Onslaught- MBS
(I also need a Saiyan Headshot for staple purposes)

Combat Cards- 8
1x Saiyan Truce Card- SS
1x Battle Pausing- SS
1x Super Saiyan Effect- TS
2x TES (need another one)- TS
1x Dazed- FUS
1x Transformation (incase I need to get to lv 4 right away)- FUS

Non-Combat Cards- 4
2x Saiyan Inspection- AS
1x Goku's Heart Desease- AS
1x Expectant Trunks- TS

DragonBalls- 2
1x Alt. Dende DragonBall 2- MBS
1x Dende DragonBall 7- CS

Battlegrounds/Location cards- 2
2x Protective Shelter- MBS

Physical Combat Attacks- 31
2x Saiyan Blitz- FUS
2x Saiyan Face Smash-CGS
3x Saiyan Escape- MBS
3x Saiyan Prepared Smash- BS
3x Saiyan Destiny- AS
3x Saiyan Flying Kick- CS
3x Saiyan Neckbreaker- FUS
3x Saiyan Direct Strike- MBS
3x Saiyan Left Kick- CS
3x Saiyan Fist Attack- CGS
3x Saiyan Light Jab- WGS

Physical Combat Defense- 21
1x Vegeta's Physical Stance- SS
1x Nappa's Physical Resistance- SS
1x Saiyan Perfect Defense- FUS
1x Saiyan Elusion- FUS
2x Saiyan Lightning Dodge- AS
2x Saiyan Defensive Sphere- WGS
3x Saiyan Blocking Technique- CGS
3x Saiyan Wrist Block- AS
3xSaiyan Hand Swipe- MBS
3xSaiyan Neutralization- FUS
3x Saiyan Power Block- BS

Energy Combat Attacks- 3
3x Saiyan Might- BS

Energy Combat Defense- 6
3x Saiyan Planet Explosion- FS
3x Saiyan Energy Deflection- MBS
(I also need a Nappa's Energy Aura and a Frieza's Force Bubble)

Total Deck Count= 85

Now other than the cards that I need, what part of my deck do I need to
improve on. As you can see my deck is a physical beatdown deck. I also have the TS
mastery and the WGS mastery but I'm using my CS for now. I want you to go all
out on this deck and tell what's wrong and what's right about it. Tell me what
I need and I'll see if I can get it. I mainly get my cards from my friend who
has alot of singles so if I need it, he'll probably have it.

Thanks for your time.

Again eh? Ok then...

Well, about SS3 Goku... what's wrong with SS3 Goku? I mean... it is a UR to add to a deck... there's nothing wrong with that. I mean, if you don't have it, the BS level 5 isn't too bad. But of course if you are trying to play Saiyan Goku 1-4 anger then you don't need the level 5.

Yes, you need the HT Level 3... pretty bad.

Yes East Kai is just plain bad... don't give me the excuse you don't have a different one... get one! ^_^ Shouldn't be too hard. North Kai would probably be the better choice.

You need to run 2 Black Scout Maneuver, 1 HUH???, and 1 Saiyan Headshot in your Sensei Deck. At least I would.

Ok, I'm looking at your attacks and blocks, and while I'm not going to comment on all of them, you are running some I would never run, and I don't see Cross Punch anywhere. I would also consider running a bit more anger since once you hit level 3 you won't have much to raise your anger.

You also have WAY too many physical blocks. Personally I think 8 or so with some omnis is more than enough, if you have the right ones.

You are on the right track with many of your cards. I think if you focused a bit more on anger and beatdown instead of not getting hit, you'll be fine. Saiyan always favors offense over defense. You are pretty close; run a few of the staple Combat cards you are missing (Confrontation, Power of the Dragon, etc) and this deck can go pretty far. You also need ChiChi... Goku's Physical Attack...

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