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>> Heh it’s pyro ;). FGN right? <<


This is my Black Bojack deck. Actually, my Bojack deck isn't anywhere near this. I'm currently getting it together and it's gonna cost me a bit, as I don't currently own many of the harder-to-get cards on this list. I'd appreciate a good tech before I spend a good amount of money and do some hardcore trading.


>> I appreciate you building the deck with all the cards you are

>> projecting to have in it rather than what you own currently. This

>> makes it better for both sides because we’d be on the same page, as

>> in knowing what the deck needs. <<


You can probobly tell by a quick lookover that my basic strategy is Ally Hybrid Beatdown with Dragon's Victory as back-up. (Bojack's Extreme Assailment, Black Personal Smack, (Ally Attack), (Ally Attack), Dragon's

Victory) Good game.


>> Interesting how you’ve got the Dragon’s Victory throw in. I can

>> easily see this throwing a curveball at so many people. Keep in mind

>> that Personal Smack doesn’t have to be used to win via DV. You can

>> also use it to beat fellow 1-3 decks via anger… and believe me, they

>> won’t be happy. <<


Thanks for anything you can help me out with.




-Lv.1 Bojack

-Lv.2 Bojack, the Villianous

-Lv.3 Bojack, the Notorious



-Black Style Mastery (TS)



-North Kai [13]


-Black Scout Maneuver x3

-Black Devastation x3

-Black Energy Swirl x3


(Help me out here. With all the good Black Sensei Deck stuff, I can't decide what three cards should take up the last three slots to best compliment my



>> I don’t know if I’m stupid or just can’t remember but I don’t recognize Black Devastation. Deck-Zone doesn’t have it either.


To be honest, I’d go with South Kai Sensei. This lets you jump in quickly for the kill first turn. Kogu will help start controlling hands, while Bujin can easily lock down Saiyan physical beats and Multiform decks. Zangya and Bido control ally and drill respected.


This is from my perspective. I have a Black Bojack as well and that’s the sensei I run.


I normally run Black Front Punches and Black Pivot Kicks if I can. Board control is a key concept in the game as of now, and it will help fuel those Personal Smacks. I honestly wouldn’t run more than 2 Energy Swirls either. They’re good, but Freestyle has taken a beating as of late due to Power Punch. <<



-Korin's Tower x2


>> Let’s go with City In Turmoil. The great thing about Black is it can

>> run without non-combats. Bojack definitely can go without them. Might

>> as well go the 3 route to control drill and DB decks while you focus

>> on beating your opponent to a pulp with your allies. <<








>> Android 14 is also a very good candidate. He has the ability to take over whenever just like your other allies, so basically he’s like a 5th Bojack ally. You’ll also be able to chuck any card from your hand to him for a physical doing at least 1 stage and 3 life, so you never know when he will come in handy.


If you find yourself needing more allies, some GT allies like Cell, Frieza, and Rilldo are quite interesting to try out because of their sheer power. <<



-Earth Dragon Ball 7 (Good for DV setup)


>> EDB7 is just plain good, end of story ;). It allows you to setup… well, pretty much anything under the sun. But to be honest, I think you’d be better running a few Namek DBs. Here’s why.


Namek 4 clears your opponent’s non-combat board outside of drills if Focusing Drill is out. This allows you to utilize Personal Smack. Since I recommended CIT, you won’t be running very many non-combats, so getting it stolen won’t hurt you much.


Alt Namek DB 7 allows you to shut off your opponent’s Mastery. Now the reason why I recommended this is because your Mastery is good, but not what you say vital to making the deck work. You can win without it. So… the DB will help control decks like Red Rush and Orange MBS. If it gets stolen, well your attacks do less damage. Big deal. If you pull it off against Red Rush, they’re… well, screwed because the Mastery is almost everything.


Alt Namek DB 6 turns off your opponent’s Sensei. If you go the South Kai route, turning off your Sensei is… well you don’t care because you already used it. If you use North Kai you’ll have to think before putting it out. But either way it gives you 2 anger to help out leveling and using DV, and it discards a non-combat as well. <<



-Black Energy Stamina Drill

-Black Smoothness Drill

-Black Coolness Drill

-Victorious Drill

-Farewell Drill


>> Farewell Drill… what….

To be honest, I think you can do away with Black Energy Stamina Drill. It doesn’t seem all that necessary.

Smoothness/Coolness are good to stack your hand with infinite cards, but you’ll soon see that unless you do a lot of passing, it will be hard to keep 8 card hands (2 hold, 3 draw, 1 each Farewell/Coolness/Smoothness). This, of course, will need to be playtested by you to make up your decision on them. If you do go the CIT route, they can be expended. <<



-Krillin's Concentration

-Piccolo and Heroes Gather

-Expectant Trunks

-Fatherly Advice


>> I can understand all of these choices. Normally I throw WTLTH in as

>> well. KC and PAHG are to complement the DV idea. Might not be

>> necessary, but only playtesting will see. <<



-Black Body Destruction x3

-Black Defensive Burst x3 – Not entirely necessary. Bujin is good.

-Black Personal Smack x3 (Good for: getting to Lv.2/Dragon's Victory combo described above) -Kogu's Dual Strike x3 -Zangya's Leaping Rush Down x3 -Bido's Charge x3


>> Black Interruption is a new card that would work wonders. Oh yeah…

>> you’ll need your Gohan’s Kicks. And possibly Majin Buu’s Fury, but

>> not necessarily. You also might consider some more disruption. <<



-Black Duck x3


>> Pikkon’s Leg Catch is better. I’m actually thinking of attack/block

>> cards like Turning Kick and Precise Aim. Throw some omnis in and

>> you’ll be fine. <<



-Black Full Force Impact x3

-Black Energy Web x3 – Not entirely necessary.

-Bojack Double-Palmed Blitz x4

-Bojack's Extreme Assailment x4

-Bojack's Overhead Toss x4


>> Black Broly Blast is stupid good so you’re running it now ;). I was

>> about to recommend Triple Torpedo, but Triple Whammy is better (33

>> life and 3 stages is fun). Or maybe both. Maybe. <<



-Black Flight x3

-Black Protection Orb

-Bojack's Defensive Shield x4

-Nappa's Energy Aura

-General Rilldo's Force Field


>> You might not need Protection Orb. You could consider Super Android

>> 17’s Absorption as well. <<



-Time Is A Warrior's Tool


>> Yep here’s your big weakness. There are a ton of good omni blocks that Black has to offer.


First off, you forgot Epic Battle of Saiyans ;).

But anyway… run Black Buffer Block. I’d consider trying out Black Fallback and Black Crosscheck, but keep in mind they can be Sphered so use them with caution.

Another new card from Super 17 is Aerial Elusion. It might not look like much, but you can turn all energies into power stages of damage, then suck them all up with your allies.




-Trunks Energy Sphere x3

-Dragon's Victory x3

-Android 18's Stare Down x3

-Super Saiyan Effect

-Android 17 Smirks

-Cell's Threatening Position

-The Power of the Dragon

-Mark of the Dragon


>> Menacing Evil is good as well, especially against SWK decks. I’d run 3 to be honest, but that’s because I like cards that look at hands and take cards.


Dazed is something I feel could work nicely, especially to help combo up DV with the auto double pass. But you got to run Gathering of Heroes. That card is stupid good in Bojack… pull another ally and every one goes to full. Fairness ;). It will frustrate physical beatdown decks, but still keep in mind your characters are Z with 10 stages. So maybe a handful of GT allies might not be that bad of an idea… and if Black Physical Focus is thrown in… (just speculating, it’s fun but you don’t want to go too far).


Oh, and Black Command is a must. There were a ton of games at Worlds that were decided with a first turn Black Command remove a DB from the bottom of the deck GG I win. Even if you aren’t up against a DB deck, it provides removal to help against regen decks and Red Rush, and since when was removing 5 cards from your opponent’s deck a bad thing?



Happy Teching and God Bless,

A Fellow CCG Player and Brother in Christ

>> ^_^


Have fun with this. Mine is a ton of fun to mess around with so I know this one will be.


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