Subject: Red Rush Baby Vegeta

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From: Musashisword87
Date: Sat, 1 May 2004 20:38:27 EDT

okay, i got some gt cards. 1 starter and 1 booster. i know, nit much, but curse a small budget... anyway, i am playing as a villian, Baby Vegeta. it's a red deck, with a mastery. I have both red masteries from baby saga. which is better, red rush or red blazing? oh, and it is a survival win deck.

Main Personality: Baby Vegeta Lv 1-3

Mastery: Red Rush

Non-Coms: Super Saiyans Unite
Dr. Myuu's Destiny
Piccolo and Heroes Gather
Erratic Energy Drill (Shonen Jump
Android 20's Absorbing Drill
Inner Stregth Drill
Metal Mending (works best with rilldo, but i like the pwr)
Red Grav Drill
Don't You Just Hate That
Energy Overload Drill
Strengthened Ki Drill
Goku's Ready

Combats: Vegeta's Energy Blast
Trunks Enegy Sphere
x2 Red Blazing Aura
Super Saiyan Effect
Drills Are For The Weak
Wink Wink, Nudge Nudge
Nefarious Pact
Red Snappy Reflexes
Red Anticipation
Red Bolstered Defense

Physicals: Red Strength Squeeze\
Red Ducking Coverage
Goku's Finger Throw
Red Crippler x2
Goku's Chin Break
Red Torso Pound
Red Earth Shatter x2
Red Crash
Red Close Call
Red Power Rush
Baby Vegeta's Viciousness
Trunks' Flying Uppercut

Energies: Red Energy Sield x2
Red Surorise Launch
Red Perfection
Red Arial Glide
Red Hasty Release

okay that's that. it is alot better than my first couple of decks. can you believe i got the red rush mastery in the starter and the red blazing (foil) in my first booster? i love randomized decks!!! i was hoping for trunks or goku, but BV is cool. i have his HT 3, but no good backer (yet...) so what's what? do you think i should play it or trash it? 1-10 what do i get? please reccomend whatever changes you and your alotted time permit. hang tight at college, mind your teachers and remember, you only get in trouble if you get caught,
so watch your back:P read ya later,

Again eh?
Quickie tech. Let's see...
Both Red Rush and Red Blazing are good, but it depends on how you use them.

I don't really know. Your deck is still very very random, and going through and marking "bad" next to every bad card would be a big waste of time. Metal Mending is terrible unless you are Rilldo.

Red Rush needs to run stuff that works with the Mastery. Red Crippler, Crash, Toe Pierce, Hypersonic Knockout, Axe Heel Kick (on its own), Throwdown, Bolstered Defense, Pummel, etc. You've got way too many single cards and pointless ones as well. Not to mention Baby Vegeta isn't a good option. Not running a level 4/5 is going to hurt you against decks that are 1-3 anger. And you're still missing the basic staples.

I dunno what to tell you but you still need focus. You're still building decks on what you own, and that's a nono. You really need to take any cards as your building tools, and then just go find those cards you need. That sets aside a good DBZ player and a great one.

Good luck. You're doing better, but you still have a lot to learn. If I were you, I'd take a detour to and click the DBZ link at the top right. Do some research on cards to see what ones work. The synergy is the key to make a deck flow. You've got way too much randomness, that's the problem.