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From: KainThiefOfSouls
Date: Fri, 15 Aug 2003 06:59:39 EDT

Hello there! Well, what I'm asking for is simply a few suggestions
or whatnot on a Majin Buu Red physical beatdown deck.I'll list my deck for you

Main Personality:
Majin Buu, Level 1 GF Hi-Tech (Offensive)
Majin Buu, Level 2 GF Hi-Tech (Offensive)
Majin Buu, Pink People Eater Level 3
Majin Buu, Level 4
Majin Buu, Level 5
*All from the Buu Saga*

Mastery Card:
Red Style Mastery (CS)

Sensei Deck:
Master Roshi Sensei
x2 Breakthrough Drill
x2 Goku's Blinding Strike
x1 Evil Presence Drill
x2 Red Sniping Shot
x1 Red Tilted Punch
x1 Huh???

Physical Combat (ATK) Cards:
x3 Red Shattering Leap
x3 Red Double Strike
x3 Red Shielded Strike
x3 Red Back Kick
x3 Red Lifting Kick
x3 Red Lightning Slash
x2 Red Overhand Slash
x2 Red Pressure Technique
x2 Red Flying Attack
x2 Red Face Slap
x3 Gohan's Kick
x1 Cell's Backslap

Pysical Combat (DEF) Cards:
x3 Red Power Block
x3 Red Passive Black
x3 Red Offensive Stance
x3 Red Fist Catch
x3 Red Dodge
x1 Vegeta's Physical Stance

Energy Combat (ATK) Cards:
x3 Red Vigor Orb
x3 Red Energy Blast
x1 Krillin's Solar Flare

Energy Combat (Def) Cards:
x3 Red Energy Defensive Stance
x3 Red Energy Shield
x2 Red Escape
x2 Red Slide
x1 Nappa's Energy Aura

Non-combat Cards:
x1 Frieza is Ready
x1 The Power of The Dragon
x2 City in Turmoil (Battleground)

Combat Cards:
x1 Cell's Threatening Postion
x3 Android 18's Stare Down
x1 Time is a Warrior's Tool
x3 Trunks Energy Sphere
x1 Cell's Presence

Majin Vegeta, Level 1 (WGS)

Total Cards: 85

I think that this is a pretty well rounded deck, has some nice physicals,
decent number of blocks, provides some protection (though fairly limited) of
D-ball, Drill, and Ally beats, and includes some of the cards that EVERY
villain deck in DBZ needs. Though I'm not going to say it's perfect since I
haven't gotten to test this out on many styles, and is probably in room for
imporvement. But deck tips, card startegies, and thoughtful and helpful info is what
yourself and the people at Pojo are here for right?
And before I let this email through though I do have one question that I
dunno who can really answer it. Maybe Score can or something... perhaps.
I've been looking at the Fusion Saga cards and have largely been looking at the
newest Majin Buu personality set (A good personality that I'll have to have
when it comes out.) But it makes me wonder, I noticed that the name of the Big
Majin Buu and the Evil/Super Majin Buu are similar. Not that I'm not stating
the obvious, but does this mean that you could mix the Big Buu and Super Buu and
make a personality?
I'm asking this because it seems to me that by the Kid Buu Saga if/when
it comes out, they'd make something like 3 differenet sets of Buu for villain
starters or something (Big Buu, Super Buu, and Kid Buu) and the possibility of
letting Big Buu become like a Rougue Personality or something of that sort.
But I suppose it'd be better to see what they do in the next saga's before I
ask that. Because if they kept the whole set Majin Buu, some people would end
up thinking they can use Kid Buu, Super Buu, and Big Buu in the same
personality as a hero. IMO that would just seem a lil odd. But that's just my
thoughts, and maybe any comments you have can help me tech my deck a lil more or get
this question I have answered.

This email feels like it took forever to write, so I tried to make it as
readable and as easy to the eyes as possible.

Brian F.

This is a long letter... Well, probably not.

Ok sir, let's see what I can do!

Well, it seems you like to use the Buu Saga Buu levels, which is fine. Check out the Fusion ones as well. They might appeal to you; they might not. Buu does have higher PLs in his Super Buu form, and his powers are pretty unique. You might find that a few of them are better to your liking. You can really go either way with what you choose; insane modifers or extra attacks. Your call.

Your Mastery and Sensei look fine; I would however not place Red Tilted Punch in your Sensei Deck. I would put it in your main deck, seeing that anyone who's really good runs a ton of combat cards, most likely. I would also run 2 Black Scout Maneuvers and 1 or 2 A Hero's Heart is Strong for those Blue Buu decks and massive regen decks. A Hero's Heart is Strong is also really nice to use combo with Evil Presence Drill. If you plan to go for physical beatdown, Red Sniping Shot might not be necessary. It all depends.

You have a nice solid selection of Physical attacks. Honestly this is one of the more well built decks I've seen in my tenure here. However, you do have a few weak links. I would take out Red Flying Attack. It was useful back a while ago, but now there are much better options. If you can get your hands on it, Gohan's Power Hit would be a really nice addition to your deck. Three might be a bit too many Shielded Strikes. If necessary, Red Lifting Kick can be cut. Multiple attacks are the key here, so cards like Majin Vegeta's Frantic Attack and Gohan's Heroic Uppercut are suggestions. Don't forget to run 3 Tilted Punches, and you might want to run an additional Face Slap to really annoy ally. I don't know if it is just me but I like Android 18's Pressure Routine. Red Power Rush also looks pretty good.

I think you run too much physical defense. In a hybrid anger/physical beatdown, I would try out Red Blocking Hand, Pikkon's Leg Catch, and maybe Red Passive Block. Your choice of one of the stop alls is fine. Don't run too many; they are useless against energy and you don't want to be clogged with them.

Your Energy Attacks look good; nice going with the energy straight removal cards. Nothing really comes to mind in changing.

With a major lack in energy attacks, stop alls like Frieza's Force Bubble are extremely powerful. I would consider running a little less energy defense like yours are set up. Maybe only one less. I can see one or two or so omni-blocks meshing perfectly with this deck. If I had to cut one or two, I would take out 1 Red Energy Shield and maybe 1 Red Slide. Red Escape is a really nice card; check to see if you have enough uncommons to make it useful before you run it.

Hmm... very few non-combat cards. Well, that's good and bad. I would run, if you have/can get them, Fatherly Advice, Foreboding Evidence, Where There's Life There's Hope, Expectant Trunks, Victorious Drill, and of course Champion Drill. That and Frieza is Ready are my standard non-combats I run in a villian deck. I would also run 3 City in Turmoils seeing that they are just plain too powerful. If you can't get some of these cards, don't sweat it. Oh, and POTD is a Combat card.

Your Combat cards are nice and really set up. Don't forget Super Saiyan Effect. I would also recommend running Cell's Defense to choose energy. Also, Android 17 Smirks will help you control Freestyle and Orange decks a bit more, and Stupid Tricks will help you in the non-combat removal area, seeing you don't have much of it. You'll need it just in case CIT gets messed up.

Your one ally is quite funny, but it works.

I always recommend running at least one DB. Normally I would say EDB7, and even in your case NDB4, but I would recommend running both Alt DDB4 and Alt DDB2. Adding +3 to all of your physical attacks will only punish your opponent even more, seeing you have a +3 with that Mastery. Alt DDB4 can only help with your lack of non-combats. Try those out.

Good luck. This is the makings of a pretty nice and well built Red Physcial Beatdown/anger hybrid. Fix this up and I think it will go far.

"You will not be allowed to do this to anyone else!" - Gohan