Hello I'm looking for some tips to make a good deck I can't make a good one I have an orange mastery and a Red Mastery and enough cards for an orange deck but I can't make a GOOD ONE AND NOT REALLY ENOUGHT FOR A RED DECK BUT IF I PUT ENOUGH FREESTYLE CARDS IN THEN I COULD PROBABLY MAKE A RED TOKU-WAZA DECK. My brother Always kicks my ass with his krillin freestyle toku-waza deck and his 3rd stage krillin's power and all of the krillin named cards in his discard pile and he always brags about his winnings too. Can you please give me some tips on how to make a good deck so I can beat him and silence his big mouth once and for all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You can play cheap and go colorless Master Roshi Backlash. Hit him with Stunned and Cosmic Backlash... good game.

>From what you are saying you don't have enough cards. My hint is... go
>buy some. Really nothing else I can say on that. What I usually do is
>make my deck list out of any cards I want, and then go find the cards

The best way to defeat Krillin is to play Dying Planet. That nullifies his discard pile.

You can use A Hero's Heart is Strong to remove the discard pile. Red Feint could work. You have a lot of options. You can even try blanking his power, or preventing him from getting there.

Krillin is not impossible to defeat. He's extremely strong in Tuff Enuff, but in standard, getting there is hard. Cell's Threatening Position and the lack of Are You Tuff Enuff??? hurts him.

Try that out. If you are playing standard, you should be able to defeat Krillin by not allowing him to get that far. Unless, of course, he does a first turn Krillin's Surprise and second turn Aura Clash...

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