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Ask Matthew Low about the DBZ CCG


my name is kevin reading. i am an avid player of dragonballz ccg me and my friends all have huge collections and i seemed to have the biggest. everytime i build a deck i play it untill i have perfected it. Recently i bought someone's collection and i received frieza 1-4 which i now run with a trunks black style mastery. this is a hit em hard deck with as many modifiers as you'll need. this deck has done so well and it has me thinking of taking the step toward playing tournaments. My questions are as follows what advice could i recieve for this deck? what seems to be the new dominating personality in tournaments with 18 and tapkar otta the way.

also i think that i think of the best card ideas all the time and if at all possible if i wanted to work for score how would i go about it? for example Android mastery "once per combat draw a card if thst card has the word"Android" in the title gain 2 power stages and have a level 1 android ally take over combat. just imagine the possibilities of that not to strong but very helpful to a dying breed.. hey it may put 18 back on top wit a redemption level 1 or as lv 1 throw in massive tech x 3 and boom a hit em hard deck. well i have babbled long enough keep up the good work love your website.

- kevin reading


Hello, my name is Matthew Low, as you probably have figured out. I am both on Fanatics Network and Score's board as matthewlow, and have started doing COTDs for Pojo as of late. In other words, I get around a lot.

Anyway, to answer your questions:

Right now the best archetype is Piccolo the Trained, Namekian TS Mastery, South Kai Sensei. The only problem with this archetype is you kinda need anywhere from $500-1000 in cards to make it work to its full potential. This, hence, annoys the player base. The deck works with the Uber Namekian's Strike and the Ultra Rare Goku's Blinding Strike. Namekian's Strike is a Combat card that searchs your deck for an Energy Combat card. What a Namekian deck often does is toss out some random beefy energies like Namekian Eye Beam, Namekian Quick Blast, and Namekian Focused Blast, then after knowing there is no blocks or severly hurting your opponent's deck, uses Namekian's Strike and pulls Goku's Blinding Strike. GBS allows the user to remove 3 choice cards in your opponent's deck from the game. This can cripple a deck's strategy if the right cards are named. If all 3 are named, a total of 10 life cards are done, with NS being an additional 4. Now what makes Namekian so great is the fact it has insane searching ability. Krillin's Concentration and Piccolo and Heroes Gather can pull a Namekian's Strike from your deck. This often is done when a Namekian deck wants to create insult to injury. They are non-combats, so often Namekian decks let them sit there until it is time to finish off your opponent. Also, after a lockdown is done, often Namekian will Piccolo and Heroes Gather for TWO Namekian's Strikes and just literally finish off anyone. Also to note with the searching ability is the fact that there are cards that mess up Namekian energy decks like Android 20's Absorbing Drill and King Kai's New Home for example. The simple solution is for Namekian to use NS to get Android 19's Energy Burst (gets rid of the Drill) or Gohan's Nimbus Cloud (gets rid of KKNH). Combine that with Combat cards that are just insane like Cell's Presence to kill off ally and Cell's Threatening Position to kill off anger and you've got an amazing deck. Namekian pretty much has a response to every situation.

Namekian Energy Focus was the other power card that made Namekian just plain wrong (it also searched for an Energy Combat, and drew the bottom discard). Note that GBS would end up being the bottom discard if stopped, so Namekian could get GBS back with this card or the Mastery easy, or just pull some Namekian energy and get another from the deck. The restriction on this card tames Namekian down a tiny notch.

And pack that all into the fact that Piccolo is just amazing. His power destroys other powers. The fact that 90% of the decks out there focus on their powers allows Piccolo to tear the decks apart before they are allowed figure out how to work without it. And Aura Clash really doesn't work much as his level 2 is a big 8 life card energy that can power him to full and manipulate his discard pile.

Piccolo is weak to Stunned, but the South Kai avoids that. If you South Kai for Android 14, you can always use him if that shows up. Backlash will be able to be stopped then.

The other two choices are Namekian Cell (he's much like Piccolo's deck, but his level 2 is in a sense could be better with more searching ability, and he has Cell's Instant Transmission), and Roshi Earth Dragon Ball. Roshi has insane deck manipulation and can get out of almost any mess. The problem is Roshi's manipulation power gets messed up by Piccolo's Power and Piccolo should be able to tear Roshi to shreds before he can see the light of day.

Ok, as for Black Frieza... right now Frieza isn't being seen except for his Level 1 UR as an ally. His level 1 from the CCPP2 doesn't really help a ton. The new Frieza's Anger Blast card seems to be a nice card to test out in Frieza anger that gets to level 3 ASAP. That would work nicely with the Black Style Mastery TS. Frieza's major weaknesses are the fact that his powers are not When entering Combat (Piccolo stops them), his power levels are weak and his PUR is low (kinda hard to go physical or energy), and his level 4 is a piece of junk. Frieza needs a good level 1 that helps extremely in getting up there in levels. Either that or something that helps him if he plays Black or something to follow his powers. If he has a Level 4 that is double his level 3 if he declared Black or something, and maybe get a level 5 as well, Frieza might be playable, but probably only in TE. This game focuses so much on Level 1s, and with the fact that Frieza doesn't have one that is outstanding strong makes him not the best choice. Don't get me wrong though, Black Frieza was amazing back in Trunks Saga days, but now we are in Babidi Saga and... Frieza is kinda extinct. It might be able to place high, but I doubt it could consistently beat Namekian. I can tech your deck if you'd like to send it to me. Depending on my mood I can tech it nicely with a big explanation, or do a quick overview. Often I just put a note next to every card with what I think about the deck and then sum it all up at the end.

As for the Android Mastery - it will never be done if you ask me. There is only one way, and that would be like the Majin Mastery in where they totally mess up the rules just for one reason. The problem is cards like Android 18's Stare Down and Android 19's Energy Burst will have to be Android Tokui-Waza and then that will create a giant uproar in the DBZ community.

Android 18 is not terrible. She can be used still in many decks, mainly Android decks with the search card Android 13's Prepared Stance.

Not all Android decks focus on ally. Some are just big beatdown decks like A18 was back in the day.

Massive Technology isn't really that impressive at the moment.

And if you want to create your own card for Score, win the Grand Kai Invitational. The winner gets to create their own card. As for submitting ideas to Score, you can try to email them, but I believe there are stipulations that they cannot use ideas that people give them or something like that. I don't know, you can email them if you'd like.



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