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Date:  Tue, 10 Aug 2004 15:11:11 -0400


This is my first shot at a DB deck and I'd like to improve on it. I use Trunks as my MP due to his anti-energy powers.


Trunks HT

Trunks, the Scientific

Trunks, Super Saiyan

Trunks, the Powerful

Trunks, the Battler


>> Cool. Works for me. <<



Blue Summoning Mastery


>> This is your problem. Discard TWO Blue cards to stop an attack? Two

>> more life needed to steal a DB. Remember you are Trunks so not like

>> capping energy life cards at two will make that extra effect do

>> anything. CS Mastery is lightyears better than Summoning. <<



Dream Fighting (x3)

Nappa's Blinding Stare (x2)

Blue Leaving (x2)

Trunks Energy Sphere (x4)

Super Saiyan Effect

Confrontation (x2)

Time Is A Warrior's Tool


Epic Battle of Saiyans

The Power of the Dragon

Land in Pain (x2)


>> Seems you don’t like Confrontation/Champions of Earth much. You’re

>> missing a key card in Pure Defense. I think there’s something else

>> too but can’t think of it. <<



Alt. Namek Dragon Ball 3

Alt. Namek Dragon Ball 6

Alt. Namek Dragon Ball 7

Namek Dragon Ball 5

Namek Dragon Ball 2

Namek Dragon Ball 1

Namek Dragon Ball 4


>> I guess that works. <<



Vegeta's Quickness Drill

Goku's Capturing Drill (x3)

Caught Off Guard Drill (x1)


>> That’s it?

Let’s go with…


1 VD

Possibly Blue Mental Drill

Maybe an Android 20 Absorbing Drill in case of some nasty if successful effects.

Others as well. <<


Energy Attack

Trunks' Horizontal Encounter (x3) - Unnecessary Blue Draining Kamehameha (x3) – No need for energy beats like this in a DB deck.

Tien's Solar Flare (x3) – More often than not doesn’t work.

Blue Terror – Good choice here.


Energy Defense

Blue Energy Guard

General Rilldo's Force Field

Nappa's Energy Aura

Frieza's Force Bubble


>> There’s Goku’s Running Defense if you want to try it out. <<



Goku's House (x2)

>> I was thinking Majin Buu’s New House. <<




Dragon Radar

Blue Restriction (x2)

The Power of Porunga (x2)

Vegeta's Smirk

Goku's Lucky Break

Vegeta's Plans

Bulma's Scouter

Piccolo And Heroes Gather (x2)

Expectant Trunks

>> Blue Ball Gathering…

Obviously Where There’s Life There’s Hope because suicide ball is fair these days.

Final Breath works too.

Hero’s Lucky Break and Trunks Reconstruction can help.

Piccolo and Heroes Gather is restricted.

Put Fatherly Advice in its place.

Thinking of Powerful Followers for added ending combat, and Initiative and TTUFO as well. <<


Physical Attack

Blue Pivot Kick (x2)

Trunks' Aerial Kick (x3)

Blue Trapped Strike (x2)

Blue Betrayal (x3)


>> Betrayal yes, everything else no. Run Earth DB Capture to steal DBs.

>> Being able to auto steal is good. <<


Physical Defense

Nappa's Physical Resistance

Vegeta's Physical Stance

Blue Flip (was Blue Backflip) (x2)

Masterful Defense (x1)


>> Blue Flip -_-

You can do better than that. Even Pikkon’s Leg Catch would be an upgrade. <<




Piccolo Sensei


Blue Energy Dive (x3)

Black Scout Maneuver (x2)



>> All the way down here? If you’re Piccolo you should main deck some

>> Fades cards so you can beat other DB decks. Energy Dive seems odd but

>> whatever works. <<



Blue Narrow Escape (x3)

Blue Ball Gathering (x1)


>> There’s your Ball Gathering and Narrow Escapes. Next time organize them in the right place or I won’t be able to find them.


Good luck with this. Blue DB is really hurt with Kick and Fury, so watch out. You’ll also need something to kill off HUH???, so Android 20’s Search Pattern comes to mind. <<



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