Subject: Orange MBS Trunks Drill Energy

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From: Chrisc10456
Date: Mon, 8 Sep 2003 03:10:21 EDT

> can your rate my deck from 1-10
> orange mastery mbs
> south kai
> sensei deck:
> black scout manever
> huh???
> 2x orange reflex
1x breakthrough drill

> main personality
> trunks ht lv1 redemption
> trunks lv2 cs
> trunks lv3 times hero
> trunks lv4 the powerful
> trunks lv5 the battler
> energy combat
> piccolo power ball x3
> vegeta energy focus x3
> trunks energy sphere x4
> good advice
> gohan nimbus cloud
> krillin heat seeking blastx3
> nappa energy aura
> 3x orange trick shot
> 3x orange focused attack
> 3x orange sneak attack
> 3x orange staredown
> 3x orange scatter shot
> 3x orange energy discharge

4x trunk energy sphere
3x confrontation
1x battle pausing
1x times is a warrior tool
1x super saiyan effect

physical combat
3x orange uppercuts
3x orange fist catch
3x pikkon's leg catch
3x tien block
1x vps
1x goku running defense
1x npr

2x winter countryside

1x android 18

non combats
1x goku heart disease
1x awful abrusion
1x long journey
3x orange focusing drills
1x orange aura drill
1x orange destrusion drill
1x orange haulting drill
1x orange lifting drill
1x vegeta quickness drill
1x android 20 absoring drill
2x caught off guard drills
1x orange conversion drill
1x orange energy phasing drill
1x orange hiding drill
1x black water confusion drill
1x tgd
1x victorious drill

Strange. But I guess it will have to do.

Hmm... actually somewhat focused compared to many of the other ones I see. The only problem is the fact that you are extremely weak to Aura Clash... I mean you lose everything. Drills, power... everything.

Anyway... let's see. I don't think you can get much better with Trunks's levels, so let's leave that be. As for your Sensei deck, I would not go with South seeing your ally is Android 18. 18 is an amazing ally, but not in this deck. You have to be at zero or one above to use her block, and that's not going to happen often at the beginning of Combat. Only ally decks will use it a ton. I would go with North Kai or Roshi, and run a whole bunch of good Sensei cards like another Reflex, A Hero's Heart is Strong, another Black Scout Maneuver, among others.

LOL TES is a Combat card sir, not Energy Combat. Anyway, I would cut Orange Focused Attack, and maybe Discharge if room is necessary. Personally I would run Tien's Tribeam and Orange 5 Finger Focus to deal a ton of damage comboed with Energy Empowerment Drill, which is extremely easy to pull off in Orange MBS. The only other things that might go are the PPBs if you never pull them off with Roshi, Piccolo, and SWK around, and maybe a couple of the Trick Shots... but other than that, it is quite stable.

4 more TES eh? LOL. I would add in maybe 1 Brothers In Training (depends, you might not need to) and Power of the Dragon for a little stall. You might want to consider a DB backup victory, seeing DDBs can help. Alt DDB 3 can shut off City In Turmoil.

Physical Defense... I think VPS and NPR can possibly be cut if necessary. I would try to fit in some Orange Searching Maneuvers to get out Drills quick style, and maybe a Straining Rebirth Move to regen some Drills. One breakthrough combat with EED+TTB or 5 Finger Focus = 18 life = pain, so you can make it up.

I think you need three Winter Countryside, and as for your ally... I dunno. I think you should probably pick a different one. Maybe Nail or Krillin 1 CS. I dunno, 18 doesn't seem fit for some funny reason.

You are Trunks, so I don't think you need Absorbing Drill or Hiding Drill. Maybe, but more or less no... unless you don't like them GBS, lol. You could always just run Unlocked Potential to have it be like a Super Saiyan Effect for energy instead. If I had to take out a couple Drills, Aura and Conversion would be gone. You should be able to use EED instead of Aura more effectively.

Your anger attachers are kinda strange, seeing you already have Winter Countryside. You could probably run Severe Bruises and Heart Disease if you think it is necessary. Also, Releasing the Sword might help.

Other than that... nicely built. You definitely need a DB, and Alt DDB 3 looks like it will help quite a bit. With Uppercut and Reflex, you have insane searching ability. The key is you probably need a couple more ways to get your Drills out super fast, and then you'll be set. Trunks is an interesting character, but I don't think he's your best option. But if you want to play as him, by all means do. Good luck! This is very very nicely built; strong Orange Drill by far. Just a little tweaking, major change in the Sensei, and this should be perfect.

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