Subject: Re: red majin buu mbs

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From: jonathan compton
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2003 17:48:43 -0700 (PDT)

Hey matthew. I've just made this red majin buu deck, and i think its ok, but i'd like your consent. Here it is:

Main Personality: majin buu
lvl 1 majin buu evil buu
lvl 2 majin buu super buu
lvl 3 majin buu, piccolo absorbed
lvl 4 majin buu gotenks absorbed
lvl 5 majin buu gohan absorbed

dragonballs: namek
all 7

allies: 3 (for now)
zarbon, lvl 1
majin vegeta, lvl 1 mbs
majin buu's kamakazie ghost x1 (trying to get six)

pysical combat (attack):14
majin buu's bicycle kick x2
majin buu's choke hold x3
majin buu's heel kick x3
red flying attack x1
red whiplash x2
red pulverize x2
red sheilded strke x1

physical combat (defense):10
vegetas physical stance x1
nappas physical resisstance x1
red fist catch x2
red passive block x1
red shifty manuver x1
red power block x1
red slide x1
red physical fortificationx1
red rapid deflectionx1

energy combat (attack):21
majin static orbx1
majin buu's magical ray x4
majin buu's energy spray x1
majinn thrust x1
majin planet destruction blast x1
red mouth cannon x1
red static shot x3
red cross slash x1
red leverage blast x1
red energy outburst x2 (for the anger)
red rapid energy x3
krillins heat seeking blast x3

energy combat (blocks): 1
nappas energy aura

combat: 10
trunks energy shpere x3
time is a wariors tool x1
unexpected allies x1
super sayain effect x1
red gambit x1
cookie! x3

non-combat: 9
burning rage x2
enraged! x1
vegetas quickness drill x1
red striking drill x1
red forward stace drill x1
red energy drill x1
the power of porunga x2

sensei: south kai
sensei deck: 5
black scout manuver x1
red spiked blast
a heros heart is strong x1
red over head crush x1
red drop x1

mastery: mbs

thanks for looking at my deck i appriciate it. i am currently running a goku freestyle deck, although mine isn't all that great. i like red decks, and majin buu is like my favorite villain. so i put the two together. thanks agian.

jonathan compton

This isn't gonna be much of a tech, but just a couple suggestions.

First off Zarbon is not Majin so you can't run him.

Second off you are running the MBS Mastery... ick... Red Energy has never been something I've been a fan of. I dunno... this doesn't seem to work well with what you have.

You run way too many physical blocks. Never mind, you run too unfocused blocks. LOL some are energy...

South Kai should be changed to North Kai. Run HUH??? and 2x Black Scout Maneuver.

Red Energy runs off of Red Rapid Energy. Use this to your advantage.

You aren't running nearly enough Red Energy cards to even make this do anything. Try out Red Repeating Flares and Red Energy Surprise. There are lots of Red energies that can give anger, and don't forget Energy Blast and Vigor Orb, seeing they have amazing tech.

There are a ton of cards with Energy in the title that are very good like Energy Ricochet and Captain Ginyu's Energy Attack.

You can easily make it Energy/Anger hybrid with the Majin Buu's Energy Spray/Unlocked Potential on level 3 combo. Try it out. You might be winning anger more often than beatdown.

You are also missing staples like Android 18's Staredown.

Good luck... you might consider converting this to Red anger with the TS Mastery. Have fun. Interesting, but to make it in tip top shape it does need work.

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