From: DarthNaps
Date: Wed, 2 Jul 2003 23:10:56 EDT


I wanted to create an all purpose deck that could deal with just about any
situation (and wasn't as expensive to create as PTT/NS/GBS). In the end, I'm
not even sure if Cell is the right personality for this deck, or if I have
enough defense, or if I have enough anti-cards, but then if I did, I wouldn't be
knocking at your door and this whole thing would be pointless. I'm for anything
that takes away from PTT energy chain as well as Roshi DB, so what, do I have
a deck here or what kind of overhaul am I looking at?

Cell, Stage 1 (HT)
Cell, Stage 2
Cell, the Perfect Warrior (HT)
Cell, the Destroyer
Cell, the Master

Sensei: Grand Kai (Sensei deck card = Huh?)

Mastery: Blue Style (CS)

Allies: (5 total)
Cell Jr. 1 (lvl. 2) x 2
Cell Jr. 2 (lvl. 1) x 2
Android 14 (lvl. 1)

Location: (3 total)
City in Turmoil x 3
New Vegeta

Combat: (20 total)
The Power of the Dragon
Dragon’s Victory x 2
Rats, Foiled Again
Super Saiyan Effect
Frieza Smiles x 3
Cell’s Defense
Cell’s Threatening Position
TES x 3
Blue Awakening x 3
Garlic Jr.’s Black Water Mist x 3

Non-Combat: (2 total)
Foreboding Evidence
Earth Dragon Ball 7

Physical Attacks: (17 total)
Straining Jump Kick Move x 2
Gohan’s Physical Attack x 3
Blue Betrayal x 3
Blue Flying Kick x 3
Blue Back Kick x 3
Blue Fire Kick x 3

Physical Blocks: (5 total)
Vegeta’s Physical Stance
Nappa’s Physical Resistance
Blue Evasion x 3

Energy Attacks: (21 total)
Trunks Makes Himself Clear
Captain Ginyu’s Energy Attack x 3
Blue Terror
Blue Energy Arrow x 2
Blue Energy Blast x 2
Blue Energy Transformation x 3
Blue Energy Flight x 3
Blue Stance x 3
Blue Energy Outburst x 3

Energy Blocks: (5 total)
Nappa’s Energy Aura
Freiza’s Force Bubble
Energy Ricochet x 3

I don't recall replying to this email...

It got buried....

Anyway, just some quick tips. This kind of deck... well, you don't see very many like these. Cell doesn't seem to mesh enough... it is hard, seeing I don't see Blue Energy decks too often. Blue Buu is around. Blue Energy Cell... well, it can work if you decide to go Cell Jr and run Draining Blast and Defensive Flight. I don't see this destroying Piccolo the Trained at all. If you want to, try running Orange Drill.

You've got an interesting deck though. Blue Energy Anger... well, I had one before using Krillin but it just didn't work. I've seen some wacky Blue Anger decks that actually worked before. So you never know.

But for one thing, change your Sensei. Grand Kai is pretty bad.

There's a couple cards I don't see being good for the deck like Blue Flying Kick and Garlic Jr's Black Water Mist. If you tech out the really bad cards, you might be able to create an interesting Blue energy anger deck using either CS or MBS. It could work. Playtest and see. I don't think it will nova the environment, but I can see it being a decent deck idea.

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