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From: Darkdrgn7

What are the main abreviations i should know for reading on your site??? I keep getting these werid words (PTT??) and i have no idea what they mean??? Why dont people spell them out for people like me? (no i am not new) Thanks!

Anyone who is new doesn't know the abbreviations. We use abbreviations for cards that everyone who has played the game for a little while would know. I usually spell the card out once before I use an abbreviation.

PTT = Piccolo the Trained.

We use abbreviations because we assume everyone is smart and knows what they are, and it is easier typing TTUFO than Teaching the Unteachable Forces Observation every single time.

If there is any you want to know just drop them to me in an email. There are so many I could be here all day. Send to me direct though, not Pojo.

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