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Hello, I am a Dragonball Z/GT fan. I was wondering if you wanted to talk about the card game by email or MSN, AIM, YIM, etc. If not that is cool, but anyways I want an opinion on my deck.


>> I normally talk on AIM but Iím already bombarded with so many

>> questions when I get on I barely have time to talk to my friends

>> sometimes. Feel free to try and find my AIM on the internet

>> somewhere, but be warnedÖ I do block people if they are offensive to

>> me, and if Iím busy, I will hit no when the popup window shows. I do

>> need time to myself sometimes. <<


It beat one of the top players in Washington. But if you don't want to reply to this email or give my opinion on my deck that is cool. I will list my deck. It is a blue dragonball deck and I think it is pretty good. I am deciding between swiching out Kid Buu for Dr. Myuu levels 1-5 (I probably am because Kid Buu doesn't do a thing for dragonball decks). Sadly I don't own very many personality sets. But my friend has most of the personalities in the game so I am going to try to get some from him. I am trying to get more cards that end combat from Saiyan Saga. But anyways here is my deck:


>> Kid Buu doesnít do anything for DB. Myuu doesnít do much either.

>> Trunks, Yajirobe, and Roshi are better. Letís go with one of them. <<


Grand Kai Sensei


>> Piccolo sir. <<


Majin Buu, Evil Buu_Kid Buu 2-5



Blue Style Mastery from Buu Saga


>> This Mastery hasnít been played much lately. But if you want to use

>> it, then you could try out playing as the Defensive Buu HT like the

>> GKI winner did. <<


Blue Speediness-3


Blue Defensive Posture


Aerial Elusion


Blue Energy Guard


Time is a Warrior's Tool


Vegeta's Quickness Drill


Dragon Radar


Soul Recharge


Crazy Ritual


Energy Lob-3


Blue Prepared Drill


Epic Battle of Saiyans


The Dragon Awaits-3


General Rilldo's Force Field


Loser with Style Drill


Ultimate Defence


Cell's Defence


Super Saiyan Effect


Masterful Defense


Blue Ball Gathering


Majin Buu's Invincibility


Android 20 Absorbing Drill


Blue Clobber-2


Red Kaio-Ken Drill


Blue Holding Drill


Injured Circuits


Blue Stamina Drill-2


Cell's Aerial Maneuvers


Drills are for the Weak




Trunks Reconstruction




Trunks Energy Sphere-2


Goku's Ready


Black Star Dragonballs 1-7


>> Alright I canít tech this. Your deck isnít ordered like I requested at the bottom of my webpage. Itís very very hard to look through unordered cards and tech a deck. Usually it shows lack of organization, which leads to a deck not being good. 2 Trunks Energy Spheres already say thereís a problem because youíre supposed to be running 3. Youíve also got cards that have almost no reason to be ever be played, especially not in DB, like Gokuís Ready, Loser with Style Drill, and Cellís Aerial Maneuvers.

You need to rethink your focus. A DB deck relies on board control and being able to end combat and stop any attacks thrown against it. Thatís something youíre still lacking. You also are missing Combat enders, and you even know that. So why donít you put them in? Donít give me the excuse that you donít have themÖ I wouldnít know. Just type up the best deck you can make, regardless of what you have.



Ok I am finally done but I was wondering if you could tell me what personality would be good for my deck and what cards I should take in or out. Ok and if you have any chat things like I posted earlier please put them in your reply (if you make one). Ok hopefully you will reply so I make talk to you soon.


>> I donít know to be honest. Youíve got a long way to go. You need to

>> work on your focus and support cards, but especially your MP. Once

>> youíve got that decided, then go from there. <<

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