Subject: Re: explain why TES is so good

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From: Logand468
Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2003 19:07:05 EST

I'm not stupid but I'm starting to believe sphere is a worthless card.
Say you have a sphere they play daze you sphere they sphere you back. You just
used a card that could have been an attack/block since you were basically
denied.Lets say you have no sphere this time they play dazed you have no sphere
but you ould have a block so they don't get a free attack. If your opponent has
no combat cards( i doubt it) you have a dead card in your deck, that is taking
the space of a card that could be useful. I'm not saying it sucks or anything
but i am thinking it was a waste of money or cards traded to get for a deck.
Please enlighten me
ps i'm 14 do you think i should still
play the card game?

Let's make this nice and easy...

If there was only one block for physical attacks wouldn't everyone play it? There's only one block for Combat cards, and hence there's a reason why Combat cards are really really good.

Take worlds for example. Dragon Ball decks and Namekian Energy decks both run a ton of Combat cards, and hence they some of the best decks. Now there are many other good decks like Freestyle Goku/Buu, some Goku DB, and so forth, and all of them run Combat cards for good reason.

They Dazed you TES they TES... yay, now neither has TES, Combat cards go through, he has one less attack to bash your head in...

TES counters the almighty Confrontation/Android 18's Stare Down. It makes or breaks games because there are just so many uber good Combat cards out there. Aura Clash clears drills and changes MP powers. Namekian Friendship clears your opponent's nons. Cell's Presence clears all allies. Time Is A Warrior's Tool stops all attacks. And so forth.

I dunno, I'd just rather take a 5 stage physical attack and be able to TES that Cell's Presence.

If your opponent has no Combat cards your opponent must be a really bad player (or he's messing around) and you should be able to beat him no sweat.

There's no card more useful than Trunks Energy Sphere.

If your opponent has a non-combat filled hand, go beat him up with your other attacks. Who cares if you are holding Sphere... you'll need it, trust me.

And I'm 18 and I still play. So who cares how old you are.

(Pojo Note ... And I have a kid in High School now, and I still play DBZ, Pokemon, YuGiOh ... etc ... as long as you are having fun, keep going!)  ;-)

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