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Date: Sat, 7 Aug 2004 02:27:24 EDT

Hello there,
I am a long time reader of your fixes and I have ALOT of respect for what you do.

>> Thanks. Always fun to hear from a fan. <<

I know it is hard being a college student, but the way you keep up with and all those DBZ/GT events is quite the accoplishment.

>> Sometimes I donít know how I do either. But to be honestÖ I donít do
>> all the decks I get. I humanly cannot. I just do what I can nowÖ I
>> donít have a ton of free time in college. To be honest, I think I
>> spend more time helping others than I do working on my own decks. <<

I wanted to know if you could rate and fix my Expanded Super Buu Red deck. It would mean alot if you could. NOTE: I am rather new to this game, so don't expect a great deck like a well bulit Black Energeic Super 17 Beatdown or something like that

>> Well Black Energetic 17 is good, but not amazingly broken. I donít
>> expect you to do anything except have a basic focus, have a legal
>> deck, and have an MP, Mastery, and Sensei that flows together. And a
>> full Sensei deck. <<

-Majin Buu, Evil Buu lvl 1
-Majin Buu, Super Buu lvl 2
-Majin Buu, Piccolo Absorbed lvl 3
-Majin Buu, Gotenks Absorved lvl 4
-Majin Buu, Gohan Absorbed lvl 5

>> Alright. Couple things Iíd like to point out:
I donít see Super Buu played much. One thing you might want to consider is the fact that you can mess around with Buuís levels. His GT level 2 is pretty nice, and his Kid Buu level 2 could work as well. You also might consider his Kid Buu level 3 and 5 as well, along with his GT 3. I personally like the MBS level 4, but the other two could work. <<

Mastery- Red Style Mastery,Cell Saga

>> Yeah this thing is a little outdated. Physical beats is all about the
>> Red Rush now. I donít see Buu Red Rush played, but Iíll still try to
>> tech this with just the basic deck in mind. <<

Sensei- Master Roshi Sensei, Captivity = 9(Is this a good Sensei?) -Huh???
-3x Red Sniping Shot
-2x Red Drop
-Breakthrough Drill

>> Yes and no. Roshi is good, but now +1 isnít really all that much with attacks doing so much damage. Roshi is, IMO, better than no Sensei. He allows Krillinís Heat Seeking Blast to auto steal a DB. He can help boost key attacks and prevent DBs from being stolen. The 1 life does add up after a while, and in a sense he could be more advantageous than other Senseis. But that all depends, so youíll have to look at others before you pass judgment.

I like to run 2 Black Scout Maneuvers in my Sensei Deck. With that in mind, maybe run stuff like Red Plasma Catapult to really screw over Orange. <<

Energy Combat-16
-3x Red Energy Blast
-3x Red Left Bolt
-Supreme Kai's Ki Push
-Kid Buu's Prepped Crash
-3x Red Perfection
-3x Red Energy Shield
-General Rilldo's Force Field
-Red Physical Fortification

>> In Red CS this looks like a bit much. In Rush not as much. I can understand your choices. SKKP isnít entirely necessary. Red Energy Shield is good, but you donít really need stages all that much in this deck. Perfection is decent.
Throw in Nappaís Energy Aura and Super Android 17ís Absorption. IMO, a handful of omnis and youíll be fine, but that all depends. Red Stout Restraint might help. <<

Physical Combat-26
-3x Red Axe Heel Kick
-3x Red Power Rush
-3x Red Puppy Slap
-3x Majin Buu's Heel Kick
-3xMajin Perfect Defense
-3x Red Headbutt
-3x Red Power Block
-2x Red Whiplash
-Vegeta's Physical Stance
-Red Rapid Deflection

>> HmmÖ you can run 4 Heel Kicks. Power Rush is a bit old and weak now a days. Puppy Slap isnít really needed either. Perfect Defense is great. Headbutt is interesting. Power Block I donít really like. Whiplash is restricted to 1. VPS is decent, but with Gohanís Kick is loses a lot. Yeah thatís what youíre missingÖ your Gohanís Kicks and Majin Buuís Furys.
Red Back Kick is a great card to shutdown energy decks and allow yourself to administer the beating. Red Lightning Slash can help clear the board. Donít forget weak cards that have powerful effects. <<

-Android 17 Smriks
-Drills are for the Weak
-Masterful Moves
-Android 18's Staredown
-Meanacing Evil
-Apocalyptic Battle
-Vile Energy
-Majin Buu's Invicibillty

>> Alright, for blocks, Iíd try out Red Bolstered Defense. I usually use Gokuís Flight. In Red anger, I like trying out stuff like Red Blocking Hand and Red Energy Defensive Stance. Energy Ricochet is fun too. Red Illusion also looks good.

Masterful Moves will be extremely hard to pull off. Run 3 of the Staredown/Menacing Evil because theyíre that good. Youíre missing the best card in the game in Trunks Energy Sphere, so run three of those. Vile Energy doesnít really do much for you, so thatís expendable.
Iíd try out a Red King Cold Observation. That card alone can mess up a lot of things. Red Cellís Evil Plans might help pull a key DB in a fun situation.

Also, run the staples Mark of the Dragon, Cellís Threatening Position, Power of the Dragon, and of course, Time and Epic because theyíre that good.

-Andriod 20's Search Pattern
-Fond Memories
-Majin Defense Drill
-Android 20's Absorbing Drill

>> None of these seem necessary. Thus, Iíd go with City In Turmoil as your battleground.

Victorious Drill is a key drill, but I assume you donít have one or youíd put it in. Some nons I run in decks anyway are Expectant Trunks and Fatherly Advice because theyíre that good. <<

Dragonballs- Earth Set, all 7 from Saiyin Saga

>> Sure. Alt 3 is an idea, so maybe that one. <<

I'd realy appreciate it if you could fix this. And if it's not too much to ask for, can you kinda tell me where I am in this deck building stuff? Thanks in advance

>> Not bad for a beginner. Missing some staples, but youíve got the basic idea of running multiple copies of cards. Now you just need to pick the right ones. May I suggest taking a visit to and using the search engine to help you pick cards? Your problem with this deck is that it is outdated with CS Mastery not played anymore, and most of your physicals will do pitiful damage. The combo of Buu with Red CS Mastery disappeared quite a few sets ago. Buu is still good, so maybe consider him in Black Energetic. You could try Red Rush, but it seems that Piccolo and SWK control that.

Still got a bit to learn, but once you see more connections with MP and style, then youíll see more and more of what Iím talking about. Good luck. <<

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