Subject: Saiyan Supreme Ally, First turn ZWG/Infinite Loops



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I am running a saiyan deck with goku as the mp, its using the saiyan blitz mastery. I am running a few allies but since gt came out I want to run a saiyan ally beatdown deck, out of all the options I know lol, but hey I figured it would be something new to play around with. I was just wondering since your all about allies if you could give me a few pointers how like how many to run, who to run, and what to run them with in a saiyan deck.




Saiyan ally is one of the best decks in the current environment.


Try out either:

Gohan the Swift Saiyan Supreme

Cell Stage Two Saiyan Supreme


The theory is simple. You put out Victorious Drill to start the game, and then first turn you use power to search your deck for Energy Lob. If you have Gohan's Kick/Confrontation/any of the clones, you can start with that to get the ball rolling, and then when you see it fit, Lob your VD for Z Warriors Gather, and use it (if you feel like you are Cell's Presence safe). Once you get zero (I'll leave that up to you, you'll need to get creative), have fun with your allies. Cell works really well with Cell Jrs with other basic villian allies, and Gohan just has a plethora of good solid energy beatdown allies in his arsenal. Gohan has more ways of getting to zero than Cell does (hint: Level 4 WGS), but Cell has a nasty "infinite" loop that you can abuse in the early game.


This loop involves 2 Cell Jr 1 Level 1s, and Rilldo Level 3. What you do is you ZWG out the above allies (overlay Rilldo 2 with 3). Then you use Cell Jr 1 Level 1 to get a Cell Jr 1 Level 1, discard a Cell Jr 1 Level 1 to Rilldo's power, use a Cell Jr 1 Level 1's power... and so forth until the end of time. Use Welcome Home Drill, Snake Way, or Super Buu's Choke Hold or the like to deal damage. Keep in mind I did not come up with this combo...


Now Gohan something else going for him, and that's the Krillin the Father/Yajirobe Retired combo. If you pick out them in your 7 ally choice, hit your opponent with Krillin, discard another ZWG, and Yajirobe it up to pull another 7 allies... and if Krillin doesn't hit, you'll have another shot with Oolong.


In these kind of decks, I would run at least 14 allies, if not a bit more. That gives you enough to fuel both Z Warriors Gather (Gohan version) and enough to fuel the Z Warriors Gather & the make the Cell Jrs happy (Cell version). Personally I would run somewhere around 17-20 because you'll want a few as backup, and there will be certain allies that help you against certain decks (Sugoro Level 1 against Red Rush, Piccolo the Trained against Trunks DB/Buu Defensive HT), but not against others. Also that's just me; I just like a ton of allies.


As for ally choices... that's up to you. You can't go too wrong, but make sure you've got your beatsticks (Pan GT, Gohan GT, Baby Goten) and supporting allies (Guldo, Bardock, Elder Kai) mixed with with maybe a bit of defense (Chi-Chi, Kabito Kai, Mai to an extent).


Good luck and have fun. I expect the infinite loop to be killed sometime soon, but this archtype is very powerful, and can easily go off turn one with the right draw. Dealing 50+ life cards first turn isn't shabby if you know what I mean.



"You will not be allowed to do this to anyone else!" - Gohan