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I have already teched your deck I believe...

I generally don't take excuses about not having a card unless it is like Champion Drill. In other words... go get one. West Kai is a simple rare. I have like 3 of him, probably even more.

You are still running a WHOLE lot of really bad and pointless non-combats.

Go all physical with multiple attacks and ways to abuse Black Personal Smack and Orange Rapid Attack. Cards like Cell's Backslap and Goku's Physical Attack do this nicely.

The information I tell you will be almost the same as last time, as I see you didn't take all the advice I gave you.

Here's a rough deck list; it is by far not the greatest one. Yes, I gave in, but mainly because I posted this on Score's board and all I had to do was copy and paste.

Goku Freestyle Anger

Goku the Hero Level 1
Goku the Saiyan Level 2
Goku the Perfect Warrior Level 3
Goku Level 4 CS
Goku the Legendary Level 5 BS

West Kai Sensei
1x Black Pivot Kick (maybe put two and ditch HUH???, or 3 Headshots) 1x HUH??? 2x Saiyan Headshot 3x Orange Rapid Attack

Physical Attacks
3x Red Shattering Leap
3x Black Personal Smack
3x Black Triple Team
3x Majin Vegeta's Frantic Attack
4x Goku's Physical Attack
3x Cell's Backslap
2x Blue Trapped Strike
3x Gohan's Kick
2x Orange Temple Strike

Physical Defense
Vegeta's Physical Stance
Nappa's Physical Resistance

Energy Defense
Frieza's Force Bubble
Nappa's Energy Aura

1x Expectant Trunks

Dragon Balls
1x Namek Dragon Ball 3
1x Namek Dragon Ball 4

1x Red King Cold Observation
3x Confrontation
3x Trunks Energy Sphere
1x Time Is A Warrior's Tool
1x Saiyan Truce Card
1x Battle Pausing
1x Super Saiyan Effect

I'm sure the real version is much better... I have it somewhere. I made this in like 5 minutes so... yeah, keep that in mind before you criticize it.

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Wrom: ISHJEXXIMQZUIVOTQNQEMSFDU Date: Wed, 28 May 2003 14:28:59 EDT

>Here is my upated version of goku anger can you tech this deck I dont
>have west kai
>South Kai Sensi x1WG
> orange rapid attack x3BS
>Saiyan Headssot x1 BS
>Black Pivot Kick x1BS
>Main Personality
>Goku,the Puppet WG
>Goku the Defender TS
>Goku the Perfect Warrior CS
>Goku CS
>Goku the Legendary BS
>Dragon Balls
>Namek Dragon Balls 1-4
>Kamis Floating Islandx1 AS
>Non Comats
>Piccolos Determinationx1 CS
>Saiyan Battle Terms x1 SS
>Burning Rage x1 SS
>Blazing Anger x1 SS
>Gokus Heart Disease AS
>Expectant Trunks x1TS
> Tiens Mental Conditioning x2 AS
>Red Meditantion Drill x2 BS
>Blue Diving Punch Drillx2 CS
>Red Knee Pick Drillx1 SS
>Dont you just hate that TS x1
>Severe Bruises x1 AS
>Red Tactical Drill x1
>Physical combat
>Orange Power Kick x1 WG
>Gokus Trainingsx1 AS
>Gohans Strikex1 CG
>Trunks Sword Position 1x1 TS
>Gokus Battle Ready x2 TS
>Majin Vegetas Frantic Attack x3 BS
>Gokus Physical Attackx1 SS
>In The Groove x3 Bs
>Red Shattering Leap x3 TS
>Red Power Rush x3 TS
>Red Overhand Slashx1 CG
>Gohans Kick x3 CG
>Cells Backslap x1 CG
>Red Face Slap x3 BS
>Red Eye Laser Assault x3 TS
>Blue Trapped Strike x2 BS
>Black Hug Maneuver x3 TS
>Namekian Side Kick x3 CS
>Black Personal Smackx3 BS
>Energy Combat
>Red Energy Outburst x2 BS
>Saiyan Mightx3 BS
>Red Burning Stance x1AS
>Trunks Energy Sphere x3 TS
>Dual Blocks
>Yamchas Skillfull Defense x1FS
>Physical Blocks
>Black Side Kick x1 SS
>Trunks Swiftly Movingx3 TS
>Vegetas Physical Stance x1 SS
>Blue Leveragex2 BS