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Date:  Mon, 13 Oct 2003 22:13:49 -0400


Dear Matthew, these are just some Dragon Ball Z CCG questions I've had for awhile. Hope you can help out:




Focused Attacks


  1.. Can a card that stops a Focused attack also block a regular attack of the same kind, such as 'Saiyan Focused Block'? I mean, if it only says "stop focused energy attack" can it stop a normal energy attack as well?


>> No it cannot. <<


  2.. If a card says something like "Stop energy attack. Stops all energy attacks from your opponent for the remainder of combat", will it stop focused attacks? I guess what I should ask is, if it states that it stops energy attack and has secondary effects, will it still stop the focused attack? I'm pretty sure it can, just wanted to know for sure.


>> If the original block could stop a focused attack, then the floating effect can as well. For example, Nappa's Energy Aura can stop focused, but Cell's Defense and Time is A Warriors Tool can't.



  3.. If an attack has a "Or stop energy/physical attack", can that stop a focused attack as well? Such as 'Trunks Draws Steal'. It states the card can be used for an attack or to stop a physical attack, so will it stop focused attacks?


>> If the block does not say "Stop a physical or energy attack" then it can stop focused. Hence, Goku's Super Saiyan Blast cannot stop foucsed, but Black Knife Hand Strike can.






  1.. Just making sure because I saw something weird on the PDF file before. I take the top cards and switch with Sensei deck cards, without looking at the top cards I took out, right? I'm pretty sure that's right, just want clarification.


>> You may look at what you Sensei out, but your opponent may not look at it (unless you really want to show them).




Attachment Cards


  1.. Can Non-Combats and such like "Goku's Heart Disease" that have been attached be removed with such things as "Don't you just Hate That" and "The Truck", or can they only be removed according to what it says on the attachment card?


>> Yes, you may use Don't You Just Hate That to target Goku's Heart Disease.




Some Deck Questions


  1.. In a Dragon Ball Deck, what is better? Teaching the Unteachable Forces Observation or Powerful Followers or neither or both?


>> Teaching the Unteachable Forces Observation. Main reason is TTUFO is not used in combat, and rather during step 3 Power Up. Powerful Followers has to be used in combat, and can be shut off with Gohan's Kick, and in order to force your opponent to skip combat, it has to be used during an Attacker Attacks phase. You shouldn't be having too many of those seeing you should be ending combat most of the time.



  2.. In a Blue Dragon Ball Deck, should Blue Leaving be run to end combat? If so, how many do you think should be used with it? (In addition to Dream Fighting, Nappa's Blinding Stare, EDB 7, etc).


>> Yes, probably 2-3. <<


  3.. What personalities is best used with Black Style in your opinion?

Thanks for your help.


>> Depends on what you are trying to achieve. What's the theme? Beatdown, anger, manipulation? I see King Cold, Roshi, and SWK in manipulation all the time. Goku in anger/beatdown. A ton of others in beatdown, like SWK, and Buu, seeing Beatdown with the TS Mastery can be done with so many different characters.









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