Hi. My name is Jeremy. I wanted to know if you could look at my Majin Vegeta Saiyan beatdown deck. I was wondering if you could give me an idea of what i need and what i dont need. The only other cards I am looking for are 1 more Majin Planet Destruction, 2 more Majin Thrust's, 3 Majin Buu's Energy Spray I think it is. It is from Fusion. This is my deck, so please take a look:
Buu Saga Saiyan Mastery - This is the big iffy card. You ascend levels quite quickly with this card, but not necessarily due to cards like Victorious Drill. Neither your level 4 nor 5 attribute to the energy beatdown part of the deck. You've got an interesting thing going with the Majin Energy, but you won't be able to take advantage of your Mastery much.
UR LvL 1 Majin Vegeta - Interesting. First deck I've ever seen using this level 1 and it actually can work. Majin Vegeta LvL 2 from Buu Saga starter - I'd go with the Babidi level 2 with the nice searching ability. Majin Vegeta LvL 3 from Buu Saga starter Majin Vegeta LvL 4 from Babidi Saga (Rare) UR LvL5 Majin Vegeta Sensei Deck:
North Kai Sensei - Fill it up with stuff. HUH???, A Hero's Heart is Strong, Breakthrough Drills, ANYTHING. Saiyan Pressure Technique, Saiyan Flight, Black Scout Maneuver... I know you can find cards, and helpful ones too, if you tried.
2 saiyan overcharged blasts
3 saiyan headshots - This card is restricted.
1 saiyan explosion
2 saiyan destinies - add one.
3 saiyan sweeping defenses - nah
2 majin planet destructions - Interesting.
3 trunks energy spheres - of course.
3 majin head blow's - Raise empower? ...
3 saiyan direct strike's - decent, only if room permits.
1 middle of nowhere - only one Battleground?
3 majin overwhelming attack's - sure
3 saiyan blocking technique's - not bad, there are others you can try too. It boosts physicals while you focus on energy. 2 saiyan cross punche's - add one 3 aura clashe's - maybe one or two as tech, but your levels 4 and 5 are not good enough to want to get there. I would try to stay on levels 1-3, but you do need to mess up characters like Roshi and Trunks. 1 transformation(havent tried it yet) - Interesting... with Mastery you can set up your anger and jump to any level. 3 saiyan wrist blocks - decent. You might want Pikkon's Leg Catch and Goku's Quick Dodges as your physical blocks so you can have stages to throw those energies. 2 saiyan lightning dodge's - decent. 3 majin fist block's - Hmm... ok. 2 majin knee strike's - I'd probably add one, if room permits. 3 saiyan hurricane kicks - I'd cut this, mainly because Destiny is better and you should be chucking energies. A couple physicals is enough. 4 majin vegeta's frantic attack's - I guess so. 3 saiyan face stomp's - I'd probably cut this too, but it all depends. 3 trunks swiftly moving - nah; I'd rather go to full. 1 gohans kick - Three of these please. 1 super saiyan effect - yep 1 vegetas physical stance - ok I guess 1 time is a warriors tool - yep 3 saiyan fist attacks - nah 1 caught off guard drill(havent used it yet) - lol Hero... uh... well, I run 2 in every hero deck that isn't anger... and yours is... no wonder you don't know about it; it is a Drill that you won't be able to use much. 1 saiyan truce card - yep 1 saiyan heads up - there are a few ones in the Broly subset and Buu set that get rid of these cards as secondary effects. Try them out. They are energies too. Ki Ball, Strength Blast, and don't forget Power Beam. The Broly subset has physicals like Charge, Cliff Slam, and Surprise. 1 majin thrust - I guess. 1 saiyan might - Well, I don't see why not. The anger might help. 1 saiyan gut kick - nah 1 battle pausing(havent used it yet) - I use this card in almost all my decks. 1 apocolyptic battle(havent used it yet) - That's because it doesn't work in a deck like yours. alt. dende 1,2,5,7 - The only alt I see being really good is 7 in this deck, and maybe 2. Energy based... let's see... you could go either way with DDB1, same with DDB2, probably Alt 3, Alt 4, DDB5, DDB6, and Alt 7. You could argue many different ways though.

Hero Majin Vegeta Saiyan Beatdown. Well I'll be darned.

Next time you send a deck tech please write it as I instructed in my letter underneath my articles on my page (marked Matthew Low). It makes it a WHOLE lot easier to tech, and with that in mind this will be short and sweet.

As you might have noticed, what I did is marked next to each card my thoughts. Teching this would take forever due to the fact that a) there are a ton of bad cards in here and b) it is not organized, so I know I'll go "You are missing Time is A Warrior's Tool" and find it later on in the deck.

Interesting. It took me a while, but I finally realized... Majin Vegeta Majin Energy beatdown eh? Interesting twist. I guess you could run that UR level 1 after all. This deck can work, but let me recommend to you that while I've never tried it, I'm not 100% sure this deck will work in the current environment.

Good luck. I know you are missing a TON of good cards, like the staples. I would also try this as a villian since villian is just sadly better than hero. This can work nicely, but it can fall flat on its face, depending on what you do with it.

"You will not be allowed to do this to anyone else!" - Gohan