Wrom: LHPQQWOYIYZUNNY Subject: Re: Orange Trunks Deck

Hmm... let's see.

Future Trunks is cool; I like him a lot. The only things I'm considering is adding the level 5 (if you can) and switching the Level 3 to the HT (maybe). The HT might prove more useful, as it at least will work no matter what, while the physical has to hit. As soon as you hit level 4, it is pretty much good game to most energy decks.

I think that North Kai would be better in this deck, but that's just my opinion. That and add cards to your Sensei Deck. Max the size out by all means. Even if you run bad cards, run something. You never know when they might become useful.

The seven DDBs and GDBQ is a nice touch. I would of assumed you to play straight Ball with Trunks, but you have some energy in the deck, which is a bit unusual. This should throw a lot of people for a loop, considering the fact you want 85 cards for a ball deck that runs Energy Beatdown as an alternate way to victory.

Your Locations look perfect. With your Nimbus Cloud and Uppercuts to pull it, you are set here. Wait... no uppercuts... uh oh...

Throw in the staple Battle Pausing. You also might want to consider running a few Brothers In Training to get those Drills out.

Non-Combats... hmm... well, you do run a bit much. The Energy Dan Drill and Surprising Strength Drill can go. I would also consider cutting Don't You Just Hate That and Hero's Lucky Break, as you should have cards like Orange Staredown and Stupid Tricks to deal with nons and combat drill searchers to pull your drills. Aura Drill would be the next to go if necessary, same with one of the attaching anger to zero cards (they do nothing except against anger decks). You can debate over Aura Drill and Energy Empowerment; Empowerment is great, but you already have your Mastery, thus the Drill will only benefit Tribeam a lot.

Add Orange Uppercut and the physicals will look good. Oh, and you will see Piccolo, so Straining Jump Kick Move is a necessity.

I don't really like Discharge or Focused Attack anymore. They don't stand out enough for my good. I'd rather run Energy Shot and Energy Setup (for Backlash tech); that's just me. Run some energy defense, or actually a lot, because you'll need it against Piccolo.

Good luck. When Buu comes out, Orange 5 Finger Focus needs to go in here.

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Wrom: CGPKYLEJGDGVCJ Date: Wed, 28 May 2003 01:26:01 EDT

>This is a deck that I hope to take to BenCon, June 7, so would like the
>evaluation done by this weekend if possible so can make the changes . I would like
>any advice you could give to help make it better, since I know right now it's
>pretty average deck. I have no access to URs or Ubers, so don't ask for me to
>include any. I need help making it a 85 card deck, deciding what else to put
>in my sensei deck, and improving the energy combat and non-combat sections the
>most. I also have a few others reviewing so can see opinions that are shared
>and those that are unique. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
>The Hero Returns-Orange Tokui-Waza
>Deck Size(currently)-81
>Main Personality-4(will not change him)
>Trunks lv1 HT
>Trunks the Quick
>Trunks the Mighty
>Trunks the Powerful
>Orange Style Mastery TS
>Sensei + Sensei Deck
>West Kai Sensei
>2 Breakthrough Drill
>Dende Dragonball 1
>Dende Dragonball 2
>Dende Dragonball 3
>Dende Dragonball 4
>Dende Dragonball 5
>Dende Dragonball 6
>Dende Dragonball 7
>2 Winter Countryside
>1 King Kai's New Home
>3 Confrontation
>Time Is A Warrior's Tool
>Goku's Dragonball Quest
>1 Land In Pain
>The Power Of The Dragon
>Super Saiyan Effect
>4 Trunks Energy Sphere
>Drills Are For The Weak
>Non-Combats-22(I need most help here)
>Releasing The Sword
>Don't You Just Hate That
>Hero's Lucky Break
>Long Journey
>Mommy's Coming Dear
>Orange Halting Drill
>Orange Destruction Drill
>1 Orange Aura Drill
>Orange Lifting Drill
>Expectant Trunks
>1 Severe Bruises
>1 Goku's Heart Disease
>1 Orange Energy Dan Drill
>1 Surprising Strength Drill
>2 Energy Empowerment Drill
>2 Orange Focusing Drill
>2 Caught Off Guard Drill
>2 Android 20's Absorbing Drill
>Physical Combat-11
>3 Orange Fist Catch
>3 Orange Searching Maneuver
>3 Tien's Block
>Vegeta's Physical Stance
>Nappa's Physical Resistance
>Energy Combat-20
>Gohan's Nimbus Cloud
>Nappa's Energy Aura
>3 Orange Energy Discharge
>3 Orange Scatter Shot
>3 Orange Staredown
>3 Orange Focused Attack
>3 Krillin's Heat Seeking Blast
>3 Tien's Tri-Beam