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Heh, your letter isn't that long. You should see how long mine are O_O.

By all means you should go Piccolo. Cell is good though and is an amazing alternative. Cell has his Instant Transmission and an amazing level 2 to go to, but he's weaker against Roshi DB without the ability to shut off his power. Cell needs to Clash ASAP to ruin DB. He also cannot be Stunned. Piccolo is amazing as well, with is ability to shut off an opponent's power. This power is so good that it is overpowering the environment. If you even use Piccolo, you better be using the Trained because others are just plain bad compared to it. Disrupting the game plan of nearly all decks allows Piccolo to take the advantage and rattle off energy after energy while your opponent tries to find a way to survive without his power. Most decks need their power to work, and Piccolo stops that.

You need the HT over the regular Level 1 for Cell because you can... that's all. The HT is just plain better.

And Namekian should be using the TS mastery. Why? The ability to go to full and draw what you need with Namekian's insane discard pile manipulation makes it a winner by far. You'll have a 5 card hand anyway, and with a NS for a GBs you have a net gain of 1.

And of course you need to go villian. There are too many cards like 18's Stare Down, Foreboding Evidence, Frieza Is Ready, and Vegeta's Jolting Slash that you need as a villian. Unfortunately that is the truth...

Good luck with your Namekian deck. I posted a model a while back on Pojo, go look it up to get some ideas.

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> My name's Brian, and I've been playing the DBZ CCG since the
>days of
>the Trunks Saga, and since then have racked up quite a large winning margin
>(almost undefeated.) But onto my question. Currently I'm using two primary
>decks, Mighty Mask Red Physical Beatdown, and Piccolo WGS Namekian
>Rejuvi/Beatdown. I'm currently using Piccolo as a villain so I'm running a
>copy of Cell's Threatening Position and Andorid 18's Stare Down. Lately
>though I've been thinking about switching Piccolo out for Cell. Largely
>because that way I could take full advantage of his level 2 power and perhaps
>pull the Trunks Saga Piccolo as an ally.
> My deck is largely balanced in both attack and defense and
>energy and physical, with quite a few focused attacks to annoy the Cell Saga
>Blue Style Mastery, and that my friends still have a high liking towards dual
>blocks. I've been using the WGS Saga Namekian Style Mastery with Protective
>Shelter to have a huge hand compared to most people in my area that rarely
>have more than 4 cards, and by the time their hand runs out I toss out about
>3-4 energy attacks straight and make them lose between 20-30 life cards
>afterwards. Only to use Piccolo, Majunior's effect to bring back cards in my
>discard pile back into my deck. I've noticed that doing this annoy's some of
>my opponents that see Namekian Quick blast 7-8 times a game. But Cell's
>level 2 power would be just as helpful, but right now I don't have too much
>full blown anger cards to get him past level 1. Aura Clash would help that
> I can get Cell's levels 1 through 5, but I'm also a little
>unsure about using him unless I could get the High Tech level one because his
>normal level one IMO just ins't all that spectacular. And I've been thinking
>off and on all the time about getting a copy of Piccolo the Trained, seeing
>as how stopping a personality from using their power could prove to be
>extremely useful, especially against decks that run heavily on it. I just
>wanted to know if you think I should use Cell and make my deck a lil more
>beat down, or keep Piccolo WGS or the Piccolo Trained Android Saga level one?
>Thanks Brian Fuqua
>P.S. My apologies about this letter being long.