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From: TheHulkster321
Date: Sun, 29 Aug 2004 00:02:59 EDT

I have been winning constantly at my local tournaments and have only been defeated once or twice but now that the new set has come out I dont know if my deck will do good.

Here it is updated with the new Shadow Dragon Set (please make it as best as it can be)

>> From a first glance your deck doesnít look that bad. From the outside it looks nice, but youíve got a handful of weaknesses Iíd like to address.

First off, youíll need a Mastery. Iím going to assume youíre playing Orange Aura Mastery due to your Subject. What made me skeptical of that was your lack of playing level 2 allies, which is more or less the big strength of playing Aura Mastery.

Iím not up to date on everything Shadow Dragon wise, but Iíll do my best.

Main Personality
Baby (Level 1)
Baby (Level 2)
Baby HT (Level 3)
Baby (Level 4)
Baby’s Breakout

>> This can work.

Kabito Kia Sensei
Sensei Deck (12)
1 True Face Of Evil
1 Majin Destruction
1 Mainical Blinding Slash
3 Nightmares
3 Hercule’s Crescent Punch
3 Memory Lane

>> Not quite. I can see youíre trying to make a good Sensei, but youíre throwing in tech cards that work against most to all decks. Those should be main decked.
I would also consider running Vegeta Sensei. Why? Baby gets control of games once he hits level 4. With only 4 ways of getting there (Cracked Ball 4, Circle of Power, Surprise Gift, and regular leveling), you might as well lower the cost and up the speed.

With that in mind, I would main deck Memory Lane. That card is stupid good in FocusedÖ well itís plain awesome in Expanded too (and I would know, you have no idea how much I abuse this card in both formats). Your sensei might as well hold 2-3 Black Smoke Dragons and 3 True Face of Evil. Ki Depletions would also make a lot of sense, as well as Gallic Guns. These would work well with your Nightmares. Of course, youíll probably want to maindeck one or two, and keep extras for decks like other Baby or Black Energetic decks.
Majin Destruction and Maniacal Blinding Slash can be maindecked or put in the Sensei. More of a player preference. Whatever your call is.

Events (26)
1 It’s The Inside That Counts
1 Epic Battle Of The Saiyans
1 Moment Of Distress
1 Mark Of The Dragon
1 Brutal Knock Back
3 Orange Juke
3 Orange Breakout
3 Aerial Elusion
3 Nefarious Pact
3 Menacing Evil
3 Circle Of Power

>> I can understand all of your choices. Itís the Inside that Counts
>> doesnít seem totally necessary with the 3 Breakouts, but if you think
>> you need it, go for it. Consider Remembering the Good Times and
>> Gravityís Reminder. <<

Physical Combats (4)
1 Masterful Defense
3 Orange Shift

>> Hopefully this is enough. I personally just run allies with my omni
>> blocks. If you think you need Shift, go for it. Fist Catch is another
>> option. Saiyan Blitz has gotten amazing amounts of good cards in SDS,
>> so be ready to be smashed to a pulp early. <<

Energy Combat (11)
1 Super Android 17’s Absorption
1 General Rilldo’s Force Field
3 Universal Spirit Bomb
3 Orange Drift
3 Orange Attack Steal
3 Orange Android 17’s Personal Touch
>> Ok I think thatís a little too many. USBs that is. Youíre only going to need 1-2 max, seeing you basically win when you pull it off. That and youíd have to gear up to win that way for a long portion of the game, which in itself isnít easy to do. Iíd understand running 3 if you want to run In Your Face with it.

One thing is you donít run a lot of attacks. Itís going to be hard to rely on your allies if you donít run support attacks to help you get there. I personally like to run Menacing Attack and Fierce Discharge to help clear the board. Two Palm Woo is also a nice card to throw around. <<

Drills (1)
1 Vegeta’s Quickness Drill
1 Orange Defense Drill
1 Orange Gameshow Drill

>> Interesting choices. I like to run a Safety Drill just in case of
>> General Rilldoís Metal Lightnings and the like, but overall you
>> should be fine. Youíre supposed to level in Baby anyway. <<

Dragon Balls (1)
Cracked Dragon Ball 4

>> Hereís a big weakness. In Focused, with so many games going to time, you should be running a whole DB set. Youíd be surprised how useful a Ball set is in Focused. It stops your opponent from pulling them on you as well.
The Cracked Ball set is an interesting one. Ball 4 will mess your PUR though, so watch it. But I would definitely consider Ball 6, because throwing all your allies to full will help immensely against Blitz and fuel USB. <<

Setups (10)
1 Trunks Reconstruction
3 Orange Family
3 Orange Infernal Efflux
3 Orange Removal System

>> Internal Efflux over Safety Drill eh? Interesting choice. Big weakness here is the lack of Orange Power Transfer. Also, with all these level 1 allies, not running Orange Instant Transmission is just silly. But weíre going to fix that.
And whereís Surprise GiftÖ

Ally’s (24)
Mai (Level 1)
Android 17 (Level 1)
Eis Shenron (Level 1)
Saibmen (Level 1)
Dr. Myuu (Level 1)
Shu (Level 1)
Zarbon (Level 1)
Broly (Level 2)
Majin Yakon, Lizard Man (Level 2)
Mutant Robot (Level 1)
Oceanus Shenron (Level 1)
Cell, Resident Of HFIL (Level 2)
Emperor Pilaf (Level 1)
General Rilldo (Level 1)
Sigma Force (Level 1)
Baby Gohan (Level 1)
Baby Goten (Level 1)
Frieza (Level 1)
Rage Shenron (Level 1)
Captain Ginyu (Level 1)
Nouva Shenron (Level 1)
Naturon Shenron (Level 1)
Baby Vegeta (Level 1)

>> Yep weíre going to change something.
Rage Shenron is the S17 preview I assume. Anyway, changes:
Frieza Level 1 becomes Level 2.
Nouva Shenron Level 1 becomes Level 2.
Android 17 Level 1 becomes Level 2.
Cut Ginyu (not really needed)
Oceanus Shenron Level 1 becomes Level 2.
Eis Shenron Level 1 becomes Level 2.

My big problem here is you have way too many allies. Even I donít run this many, and people call me insane. Iíd slim the count down to 18ish if I could (I run this many in Expanded, 16 in Focused).
Ones Iíd consider are: Yakon, Mutant Robot, Shu, Ginyu. I wish we could get rid of Baby Gohan seeing heís only there for the level 1 power. Possibly Mai, but she could be useful. Mess around with your options and see which seem the weaker links. You donít want to be stuck with drawing allies during combat with no quick way of getting them out (thereís no Z Warriors Gather in Focused, unfortunately).
You could also throw Rilldo in your Sensei Deck because of all the Rilldo decks out there. Lots of options.

But on the outside: One nasty lineup. If you have even half your big allies out, Pilaf, Nautron on Pilaf, and BrolyÖ you can rack up big attacks and hurting in a hurry once you get to zero. With that in mind, the Efflux could work a lot to your advantage. Maybe just running some energies and abusing Gameshow Drill will be enough.

can you attach any level ally with Naturon Shenron lv. 3's power (even if it doesnt fit the level requirments)?

>> Well seeing you can only put level 1 allies in your deck as of now,
>> it would be kind of hard to even put a level 2 or 3 ally on him now
>> wouldnít it? ;) <<

thanks in advance,

>> Good luck. <<
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