Subject: Orange Technique Piccolo Multiform Anger

jason yule wrote:

> Well here is my Orange Piccolo Multiform Anger deck... Please help me > with it and help me maximize first turn winning. The bad part about this > deck, though, is it's a money deck.. :( > > MP:
> Piccolo Lv1 SS HT
> Piccolo Lv2 MBS HT
> Piccolo, the Destroyer Lv3 CS
> Piccolo, the Namek Lv4 CS
> Piccolo, the Defender Lv5 CGS

>> If youíre going Piccolo Multiform Straight Anger, donít play the beats. Use the SS 3 and 4 so you can get something stupid like 8 anger with just Multiform on a Rapid Attack. Youíll be able use Multiform twice on each level, so that would beÖ

Multiform once (2 anger, level 3), Multiform twice (4 anger, level 3), Multiform 3rd (level to 4), Multiform 4th (2 anger level 4). Now just use your level 4 power and instantly win.

Basically bottom line once you get Multiform with a Rapid Attack off and you get off level 2, you basically auto win unless your opponent hits you with like Super Saiyan Effect.

> Mastery:
> Orange Technique

>> Kind of odd seeing youíll level like immediately. But if VD bugs you that much then fine. <<

> Sensei: Piccolo
> -HUH???
> -You're Invited x2
> -Orange Rapid Attack x3

>> Yeah you could maindeck the YIs and then run Black Scout Maneuvers to remove opposing Scouts (because Scouting Multiform/Rapid Attack is not good for you).
On the other hand, you could run South for A14 so you can dish out beats if nothing else.

> Event:
> Time Is A Warriors Tool
> Epic Battle of Saiyans
> Mark of the Dragon
> Android 17 Smirks
> Android 18's Stare Down x2
> Trunks Energy Sphere x3
> Champions Aura x3

>> Interesting. Iíve seen variations that just drew and drew cards with
stuff like Injured Circuits. Options donít look that bad. Was thinking
Menacing Evil. <<

> Setup:
> Fatherly Advice
> Where There's Life There's Hope

>> Expectant Trunks could be faster; kind of think it should go in
place of WTLTH. <<

> Drill:
> Orange Destruction Drill (obviously for technique mastery)
> Victorious Drill
> Farewell Drill
> Champion Drill

>> ;) Thatís expensive right there. <<

> Battleground/Location:
> City in Turmoil x2
> Dragon Ball:
> Earth Dragon Ball 5

>> How about Earth 3? <<

> Personality:
> Android 14
> Energy Combat:
> Orange Stare Down x2
> Goku's Power Strike x2 (to fetch out Champ. Drill)

>> Prob would run 3 Staredowns. <<

> Physical Combat:
> Majin Buu's Fury x2
> Orange Massacre x2 (to kill COGD and other nasty freestyle drills that
> are hurting me)
> Gohan's Kick x3
> Goku's Training x3
> Orange Face Crunch x3
> Piccolo's Multiform x4

>> Sort of thinking Fury over Kick. Massacre is good but not entirely
necessary if youíre going for quick anger.
Cutting a card from thisÖ ewwwÖ. I donít know if I could do it. Only
thing I could possibly cut is Massacre because you do have Staredowns,
CIT, and 17 Smirks. <<

> I am thinking about main decking YI, so i can sensei them out w/ Piccy
> Sensei, than playing them from there... The only problem is i don't know
> what to take out for them. please help me... thanks matt, and i look
> forward to meeting u at GenCon :)

>> Be sure to seek me out. Iíll be there.
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