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Subject: Best Card for Ally Deck-Jordan Stone

Best Card for Ally Deck- Jordan Stone

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This is my article in which I want u to decide the best card for an ally deck. The choices are:

Team Work Kamehameha: Energy Attack Doing 10 Life Cards of Damage and costing 4 power stages to be performed by an Ally instead of your Main personality.

Z Warriors Gather: Search your Life Deck for up to 7 allies and put them in play at 3 power stages above 0. Remove from the game after use.

Namekian Teamwork: Raise all of your allies to their highest power stage. You may use all of their personality powers this combat even if your Main Personality is at 2 power stages or higher above 0. Discard 1 card from the top of your Life Deck for each ally you have.


Team Work Kamehameha only works in decks that run Gathering of Heroes and searchers like that and decks that have allies that don't have energy attacks for powers. It is not easy to have 4 stages, and besides, energy for 10... theoretically you could do better. I don't run it anymore.

Z Warriors Gather + a way to get to zero + insurance that there is no mass ally removal = good game. I know because I play ally in like every event. Just get rid of the mass defense and bombs away.

Namekian Teamwork is great in theory, but you are better off draining yourself to zero instead of self inflicted damage. I don't run this either. More or less a bad card. It can work, but I'd much rather run a drainer or Gathering of Heroes to get to full.

Hope that helps.

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