Subject: Re: help my deck - Goku Freestyle

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From: Christianpimp718
Date: Sat, 11 Oct 2003 20:22:32 EDT

freestyle mastery buu saga

south kai sensei - Looks good, assuming you don't have any GBS.
sensei deck
2x black scout manuver's
hero heat is strong
power of cookies

goku 1 cs - I'd go with Puppet, that's just me.
goku 2 cs
goku 3 wgs - CS HT please.
goku 4 wgs
goku 5 buu saga

wedding x2 - That might be overdoing it a bit.
narrow escape x2
power of the dragon
brother's in training - I guess.
super saiyan effect
tes x3
confrontation x3
krillin searches
goku dragonball quest
>> I'm thinking Battle Pausing, and for some odd reason I think you are
>> missing something but can't put my finger on it. That's it, Goku's
>> Instant Teleportation. <<

physical combat
npr - Maybe not.
vps - Maybe not.
goku running defense
goku dashing punch
goku physical attack x2
goku relentless spirit x4
piccolo destruction attack x3 - What...
goku training x4
gohan kick x3
goku flight x4
goku guick dodge x4

>> Yep here's your problem. Not enough attacks. I think you should add in Goku's Face Breaks and Goku's Face Smash. Maybe something else...

energy combat
frieza force bubble
goku super saiyan blast x4
straining spirit bomb move

>> Those options are good. For some odd reason I think you are missing
>> something though. Goku's Energy Absorption... <<

non combat
caught off guard drill x2
long journey
goku defense drill x4 - Cut these.
android 20 absorbing drill
intensity drill - This is more or less useless because you cannot discard it.
devastation drill x3
goku heat disease
herioc drill
determination drill - One of the most useless Drills in the game.

dragon ball - Random. Normally I don't see these DBs to be searched out with GDBQ.
alt dende 2-3

allies - Could work.
chi chi
gohan the furious

battle ground - Sure.
tree of might x3

Seeing my internet shut me off and lost the better half of your tech, and you've emailed me many times I figured I'd do yours quickly so I can get to the rest of the decks. Most of the comments are above noting on specific cards that could be changed.

Looking at your deck, your biggest weakness is the lack of attacks vs. dead cards. You can't run that many dead cards and make Goku Freestyle beatdown do as well as it should. Also, your DBs seem kinda odd but I guess they could work.

Your deck does not have any GBS, which changes the deck a bit. Still it should be able to work for the most part, but make sure you don't clog your deck with useless cards you could draw when defending in Combat.

"You will not be allowed to do this to anyone else!" - Gohan