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From: JY

Dear Matthew Low,

Thanks, a lot for the previous e-mail. I`ve got some more questions for you.


After looking at androids saga etc. etc. I fifigured that my deck should look a little like this:

deck total : 73 I think

Cell level 1 redemtion
2-5 cell cs

saiyan mbs

north kai or master roshi sensei

physical combat attacks 12
x3 saiyan destiny
x3 saiyan cross punch
x2 saiyan face stomp
x2 saiyan hurricane kick
x1 hercule`s drop kick
x1 saiyan headshot

physical combat blocks 18
x3 saiyan wrist block
x3 saiyan power block
x1 vegeta`s physical stance
x1 nappa`s physical resistance
x3 saiyan hand swipe
x2 saiyan push
x2 trunks` swiftly moving
x3 saiyan lighting dodge

energy combat attacks 14
x2 saiyan might
x3 saiyan triple blast
x3 saiyan power beam
x2 goku escape`s
x2 saiyan ki ball
x2 saiyan strength blast

energy bombat blocks 5
x3 siayn energy deflection
x2 goku`s swiftly moving
x1 frieza`s force bubble
x1 nappa`s energy arua

combat 11
x1 power of the dragon
x2 black scout manuveour ( I will always sensei them both in so /)
x3 android 18`s staredown
x3 trunks` energy sphere ( I will get these somehow! )
x1 time is a warrior`s tool
x1 saiyan truce card

non-combat 4
x2 saiyan inspection
x1 frieza is ready
x1 expectant trunk`s

I`m sorry if I messed up the sorting, I kind of did some of it out of memory.

That`s what I am hoping to make or at the very least something like that. Could you suggest what to take out?

Where do you get saiyan cross punch? It looks like a perfect card to use in any saiyan deck. I know that it`s a promo though.

What do you think that the best deck-size for any deck is? In some of the other tcg`s that I`ve played It is usualy very small. Yet in those games it is much harder to lose without a deck. I figure that If it`s to big I will get bad draws and I won`t draw out my key cards and that if it`s too small I will have an easy lose to energy decks if I don`t draw-out enough blocks. Yet I also have to remember that 7 cards are already out and not necesarily in the deck. ( like cel etc. )

I know that you didn`t really like goku`s escape. but I like it cause with the mastery I can gain 2 anger lower my opponent`s by 1 and gain 3 power stages and those are all secondary effects. And if I`m lucky I can hit them for five life cards.

About saiyan triple blast : \

I really like this card a LOT. I bet that I will also like saiyan destiny to. I liek triple balst because I can fish out extra cards and I can level up easier.

And since I plan to switch sensie`s I think that another saiyan strength blast would have been nice for heavy drill decks.

And of course saiyan ki ball for ally decks like yours.

If I run north kai do you think that 3 saiyan power beams are nesecary? I mean, it would be cool to shut off a mastery 5 times a game but is it too much? If I can somehow get roshi do you think 3 would be better there? I mean north kai + saiyan power beam would be effective against free-style cause after I use them I can just saiyan strength blast their drills away.

One reason that I am reluctant to get rid of west kai is because I got it in this trade:

My foil level 5 gohan the winner: for : his foil west kai, bms saiyan style mastery,
time is a warrior`s tool, and a saiyan inraged. lol I didn`t understand why he would do something like that. I got the gohan in the a. 18 starter tahat i had boughten a while ago. he just said that he really like gohan a lot. I bet that he felt really dumb after the new fusion came out with that gohan. lol lol

Are 2 saiyan inspection`s enough? Do I have a good amount of non-combats?

After looking at the trunks refoprged spoiler wich you did send me ( thanks a lot! ) I didn`t understand about the foil piccilo etc. does trunks reforged give out some foil decks or what ? thanks again. \

What do you think of krillin`s heat seeking blast? It looks like an interesting card and I could get it in trunk`s reforged.

Thank you very much for you`re time. All you`re replies have been excellent.

Thanks, !
Saiyan Headshot goes in your Sensei deck.

Answer questions first:
I would go to the max of 85 cards seeing this is a beatdown deck. There's no reason not to in this kind of deck.

Saiyan Cross Punch comes in the Capsule Corp Power Pack.

Running 85 cards is key in beatdown due to the fact that you die if you run out. Smart gamers already play a ton of searchers to get what they want, like Expectant Trunks and Fatherly Advice. You'd run less in speed decks, but this is by far not a speed deck.

Goku's Escape... I don't think you gain stages since it isn't Saiyan. Also, the card's effects aren't anything to jump for joy about. A whole whopping 5 life cards... woo hoo! Uh... no... not impressive in the least bit.

Well... Saiyan Triple Blast is nice in some decks, but not in others. I don't think it fits, but if you insist, go for it.

North Kai is the Sensei of choice. Power Beam won't shut off Masteries that are When Entering Combat, remember that.

That trade... well, you can go either way. West Kai is used only in anger and DB, while the MBS Mastery is just bad. Time is very easy to get, and Saiyan Enraged... bleh. Gohan 5 is still not bad; both are useful in the right decks.

I would add Foreboding Evidence to those non-combats if you can. It is a pretty nice card.

The characters and a bunch of the cards that came with it were foil.

And Krillin's Heat Seeking Blast is a nice card in decks that can boost it to do at least 5 life cards to steal a DB. It is also nice in decks with huge modifiers like Krillin the Great level 3.

To the deck:
Still needs some improvement. Hercule's Drop Kick is still a no for me; Gut Kick is a new card you might consider to combo with Earth DBs (alt 3, 5, 7, etc). Fusion has some nice Saiyan cards like Perfect Defense. Check them out. Broly subset has cards like Charge that can work, and even Cliff Slam might work. Depends on if you see your self really strong at times.

Some of your blocks like Push, Hand Swipe and Energy Deflection are iffy, but if they work for you then ok. Trunks Swiftly Moving is... I dunno, not so sure. Pikkon's Leg Catch and Goku's Quick Dodge do the work for me.

Getting better. Maybe throw Android 14 or a Cell Jr or two to help out a bit. Wait... no Location/Battleground?? Try out City In Turmoil; it should help a ton.