Wrom: ARHDMNNSKVFVWRKJ Subject: Teching for Specific Environments

Actually... that's not what I do. I tech for the major environment, and that's Piccolo the Trained Namekian Energy. This is what the elites run and what everyone should try to be able to beat if they wish to go to a Regionals and dominate. I can't really work toward specific environments, mainly because people usually don't know those enviroments, and I haven't played in them myself. Personally I know it takes a lot of work to make your deck work in an environment, for I have to do that myself. But I do know one thing... if you try to tech your deck straight against Red Goku Anger, and then play in a Regionals against all Piccolo Namekian Energy, you are doomed to fail against that deck. If you run tech of all decks, but not too strongly in one direction, you will be more well rounded and have an answer to every deck and situation, for the most part.

I'm just taking this from my perspective; your point is perfectly valid. But all I can say is... if everyone plays Pui-Pui, make sure you have some way to not let him use his level 3 power / remove your cards from the game. If one is to ask me to do that, I can though.

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> Just as a suggestion and if you don't already do it,
>find out the environments the people are playing in
>b/c they might not run in the same kind of environment
>you play in on a normal basis and that probably be
>more helpful to them.