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Which Regionals would this be?

Anyway... let's see...

Dabura... um... well, he's really bad on his level 1. If you don't have a way to get to level 2, you are more than doomed to fail. The fact that DBZ relies very heavily on level 1 means a lot. I admire your bravery to use a character like him in a deck like this though.

Your Sensei deck needs additional cards. Also, I would use North Kai Sensei as it will help a lot more than discarding two drills, in my opinion. Add cards like Black Pummeling Strike and Breakthrough Drill. It is better than nothing.

You run too many non-combats for my good. More physical attacks are needed to pump that level 2 up. I think you can ditch the two Tien's Mental Conditionings and not miss them. The Goku's Heart Disease and Hero's Lucky Break are possible candidates. I would always have Foreboding Evidence and a Frieza Is Ready for their sheer power.

If you want to run Earth Balls for just their power, you better run EDB7. EDB7 is the best DB there is; if you get it and use it, you can use it to say game over, even if you are losing. I have used it after I just used Where there's Life There's Hope and should lose to throw a perfect Backlash setup. EDB7 can and will win some games if used correctly. Run it if anything.

You run only one Location, and that's not good enough. Since you need cards to help fuel that level 2, try out both Shelter and Kami's Floating Island. While you are at it, you can note that Majin Quickness can be abused nicely with either of these locations.

Drills... well... I guess you can go with that... doesn't seem right to me quite yet though.

I would run Pikkon's Leg Catches over Black Ducks. Some Black Wrist Blocks seem necessary, and maybe 1 Yamcha's Skillful Defense or Goku's Super Saiyan Blast would work. I would also run Nappa's Energy Aura and Frieza's Force Bubble. Tien's Block needs to go for another Side Kick for anger gain.

I'd go max out on some of those Majin cards; they are really big and can hurt a lot if they connect. Also, Goku's Dashing Punch is nice for anti-anger, while you might want to consider using Black Face Slap for its discard ability. Cards like Hercule's Drop Kick I've never been a fan of. Also, cards with dual attacks like Majin Vegeta's Frantic Attack might work nicely.

Cut the Fore Fist Punchs for Turning Kicks.

Add one more Stupid Tricks and you have to run 3 Android 18's Stare Down. It is like a staple.

That's a little better. I would also run 3x Black Personal Smack. It will help you get to level 2 and just own everyone. Also, try out cards like Unpredictable and Injured Circuits. Unpredictable can help get choice cards, while Circuits can help do massive damage once you hit level 3.

Good luck; major props for trying to use a bad character with no URs/Ubers in this environment.

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Wrom: PHSCRTNHGSWZIDREXC Date: Sat, 24 May 2003 19:35:12 -0500

>could you fix my deck Im trying to tweek it for regionals (next week!)
>if you can i could use the help.
>main personality majin dabura (lv 1-3)
>black style mastery (trunks saga)
>west kai senzi
>-heros drill
>heros lucky break
>expectant trunks
>2x teins mental conditioning
>3x black serching teq.
>3x whos da man
>gokus heart disease
>dragon balls
>earth 3+5(draw power)
>1x protective shelter
>2x android 20's absorbing drill
>black smoothness drill
>2x black duck
>3x majins perfect defence
>2x black side kick
>2x black defencive stance
>teins block
>super saiyan effect
>2x straining focusing move
>vagetas physical stance
>napas physical restance
>cell's defence
>physical attacks
>3x gohans kick
>3x raditz flying kick
>hurcules drop kick
>3x majin knee strike
>2x majin fist block
>2x majin over whelming attack
>3x black body destruction
>2x black reversal strike
>2x black light jab
>3x black defencive burst
>3x black fist lock
>3x krillins heetseeking blast
>black turning kick
>2x black fore fist punch
>3x aura clash
>3x evils true face
>3x tes
>cells thretening position
>battle pausing
>android 17 smirks
>stuped tricks!
>its a basic beat down deck. once i get to lv two i can get a big combat
>win in a couple of turns.