Hello Matt!

My name is Mike and I have a couple of questions I
hope you could help me out on!

1st off the other day you were talking about Namekian
Piccolo or Namekian Cell being the best deck
archetypes but you need $500-$1000 to make it work
correctly. Well I was wondering and hoping maybee you
have a deck like one of these to that you could post
for me. you said a few of the key cards in the deck on
pojo but, I was hoping you could post the whole deck
for me (not on pojo but just e-mail me). see I have
been working on my namekian cell deck for awhile and I
would like to see a real good one. (WITH ALL THE CARDS INCLUDING BLOCKS
ANGER HATE, D-BALL HATE ETC..) So I would really be happy if you could
post me that deck or at least what you might think is the best ideas
for cards in that deck. Secondly other than Android 19's
energy burst and kknh what else can screw up this deck
archetype so I know what else to watch out for? I know
that this might seem like alot but you would really,
REALLY make my day if you could help me with this.

I really appreciate it Matt,

Wrom: GAUTFJMVRESKPNKM Subject: Namekain Piccolo the Trained Energy Chaining

Heh Heh... couple problems... first off why would we want to deny the rest of the world from what I reply to emails? After all... I think many people would like to hear what I tell you...

And the second one is... I don't play Piccolo or Cell Namekian. I am very strange in how I play and I don't follow the current archtype. I know the archtype from being on Fanaticsnetwork.com and from my friend who uses it to beat me up on a weekly basis (he's reals on pojo and Fanatics, he's done a few COTDs back in the day).

And third is... I don't own Champion Drill. Yeah... so pity me. Oh sure, go tell me that everyone has one. No, actually not everyone does... actually very few people do. I haven't found someone who will take a trade I will offer for one, so thus I don't have one. And I'm not interested in paying $200 for a card either.

And fourth... I don't own Namekian's Strike either. I traded mine to my friend reals, and... that's just one, not including two more that I'd need. Of course, I know I could easily get two with the URs I have, but personally I don't really have an urge to go do that. I'd much rather go against the grain and play people with my "Low Roshi Ally Backlash" or my "Red Chi-Chi Physical Smackdown." It is just my player preference.

Enough of that... here's a few cards that screw over Namekian.

King Kai's New Home can get rid of the draw from the Mastery (TS) when attacking, and force one less draw when defending. This will hamper many Namekian decks with the sheer fact that they lose card advantage.

Dying Planet means there is no discard pile... like ever. If dropped first turn, Namekian will not be able to combo with Namekian Energy Focus nor be able to annoy people with Goku's Blinding Strikes coming one after the other from the Mastery. And that means no Mastery...

Namekian also suffers from decks that have major energy defense. Cards like Frieza's Force Bubble, Nappa's Energy Aura, and Straining Focusing Move stop all energies, which can effectively stall Namekian for a long time.

And of course, there is the infamous card Stunned. Piccolo cannot block when this card hits the table, nor attack. In this sense, you can wail on Piccolo and tear apart his deck. The problem is Namekian is not stupid and runs South Kai with Android 14 to backup if this ever happens. You'd need to deal with him before Piccolo can feel the Solar Flare (inside joke from the show, go check Stunned's picture).

But the other thing is Namekian is so diverse that it can get out of almost any bad situation. It has insane searching ability and even if something gets Black Scout Maneuvered, it can still win with the support of other energy attacks. There are very few decks that can beat Namekian on a regular basis, and the problem with those is they usually lose to other decks like Saiyan Majin Vegeta and Roshi Dragon Ball.

Now to make a whole deck... well, that could take a while considering the fact I don't have one. That and it won't be 100% because I'm not the best player in the world of course. I'm just your normal gamer pretty much. I also haven't playtested it, where many people out there have played Namekian for years. I may play against one all the time, but that doesn't give me the in depth knowledge from actually playing one. But I do tech decks all the time and many are Namekian.

This is one old tech that I made back one month ago. I will not guarantee that it will win Worlds, but I guarantee that it has most of the cards a good Namekian deck has.

Piccolo the Trained Namekian Energy Chaining

Main Personality - 5
Piccolo the Trained Level 1 AS
Piccolo the Mentor Level 2 WGS
Piccolo the Former Guardian Level 3 WGS
Piccolo the Namek Level 4 CS
Piccolo the Defender Level 5 CGS

Mastery - 1
Namekian Style Mastery TS x1

Sensei - 1
South Kai Sensei x1 - Remember to South Kai for A14 first turn to protect against Stunned
Sensei Deck:
Namekian Knee Strike x1
Goku's Blinding Strike x3
HUH??? x1

Allies - 2
Android 14 level 1
Frieza the Master Level 1 FS

Combat - 23
Android 18's Staredown x3
Trunks Energy Sphere x3
Namekian's Strike x3
Aura Clash x2
Namekian Friendship x1
Namekian Energy Focus x1
Time Is A Warrior's Tool x1
Battle Pausing x1
Cell's Threatening Position x1
Super Saiyan Effect x1
Cell's Defense x1
The Power Of The Dragon x1
Android 17 Smirks x1
Cell's Presence x1
Stupid Tricks! x2

Non-combats - 11
Krillin's Concentration x2
Piccolo And Heroes Gather x2
Foreboding Evidence x1
Vegeta's Quickness Drill x1
Expectant Trunks x1
Where There's Life There's Hope x1
Victorious Drill x1
Champion Drill x1
Frieza Is Ready x1

Energy Combat - Defense - 11
Namekian Energy Deflection x3
Goku's Super Saiyan Blast x2 OR Goku's Truce (These can be searched with Namekian's Strike and cannot be sphered, but GT can be searched with Piccolo and Heroes Gather and aren't RFGAU)
Yamcha's Skillful Defense x2 OR Goku's Truce
Nappa's Energy Aura x1
Namekian Energy Catch x2
Goku's Energy Absorption x1

Physical Combat - Defense - 8
Namekian Fist Dodge x2 OR Vegeta's Physical Stance & Nappa's Physical Resistance OR... maybe none at all Namekian Ducking Technique x3
Pikkon's Leg Catch x3

Battleground/Locations - 3 (play around with this and test)
2x City In Turmoil
1x Winter Countryside

Physical Combat - Attack - 6
Namekian Dash x3
Gohan's Kick x3

Energy Combat - Attacks - 17 + 1
Namekian Quick Blast x3
Namekian Eye Beam x3
Namekian Focused Blast x3
Vegeta's Jolting Slash x3
Vegeta's Energy Focus x2
Android 19's Energy Burst x2
Good Advice x1
Gohan's Nimbus Cloud x1

Dragon Balls - 1
Earth Dragon Ball 7

There are a lot of variations, like no Nimbus Cloud, cutting the two maybe blocks, and other stuff like that. You can always work with weird ideas and mess with Namekian to tech it better. Another Vegeta's Energy Focus could work, and I've even seen Jeice Flash Attacks and Supreme Kai's Power Hold in some variations. World Tournament is also not a bad Battleground to run.

Good luck... play around with this deck. It is by all means NOT the best Namekian deck you'll find though. It is good, but not the best.