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Hi-ya, I know you must be busy and all, but I sent you a tech way back at the end of November. I mean was my deck that bad that I didn't even earn reply just to say it sucked. While I'll try again. I've made several other deck since this one but I still want you to look at it, so I hope you can find the time.



Subject: My First Deck.


Main Personality

level 1 Majin Buu, Evil Buu

level 2 Majin Buu, Super Buu

level 3 Majin Buu, Piccolo Absorbed

level 4 Majin Buu, Gotenks Absorbed

level 5 Majin Buu, Gohan Absorbed


>> I've never been a real big fan of Evil Buu/Super Buu. The attack

>> isn't that great. Decent yes, but I'd actually go with either of the

>> GFHTs. Even the new GT Majin Buu could be an idea with the extra

>> stages to boot. I'd usually use the Fat Buu 4/5 as well, but that's

>> up to you. <<




level 1 Majin Bibidi, the Mastermind

3x level 1 Majin Buu's Kamikaze Ghost


>> I've never been a fan of any of these allies. Buu normally doesn't

>> need allies outside of Bee in Drill variations. You probably don't

>> need any of these. Majin Bibidi is especially pointless because of

>> your major lack of personalities that have attacks as card powers.

>> He'd possibly work in a mass ally deck, but we all now how good Majin

>> ally decks are... and in case you didn't catch the sarcasm, they're

>> terrible. <<




Freestyle Mastery from the Buu Saga




Anger Management - Kinda pointless without AYTE/Aura Clash Evil's True Face - Sure Frieza Smiles - Nah Majin Death Focus - nah Maijn Buu's Invincibility - of course 3x Majin Display of Power - nah Majin Power Deflection - nah Rats, Foiled Again! - maybe Time Is A Warrior's Tool - of course Transformation - Interesting...

Trunks Energy Sphere - Three please

>> Missing your staples for sure. 3 TES, Android 18's SD, Dazed, 17's

>> Smirk, CTP, and so forth. You've got some random cards, and a lot of

>> extraneous Majin stuff you could definitely go without. If you are

>> playing Freestyle, you need to focus on the beatdown with Devastation

>> Drills because that's how it works. Regen too of course. 19's Energy

>> Burst maybe. <<


Energy Combat

Good Advice

3x Majin Buu's Charged Attack

Majin Buu's Energy Spray

Majin Head Blow

Majin Lightning Hit

2x Majin Planet Destruction Blast

Power Boost

Supreme Kai's Power Hold


>> Charged Attack eh? That card works best with a ton of Villians Only cards, which you are lacking a big quantity of. If you want to go in that direction, you should run 4 of course, and ways to make sure they hit (Menacing Evil, 18's SD, some discarding). Energy Spray is a fun card to level, but remember for the most part you should probably going physical.



Physical Combat

2x Goku's Flight

2x Majin Buu's Bicycle Kick

3x Majin Buu's Stomach Throw

Majin Fist Block

2x Majin Head Blow

Majin Buu's Heel Kick

2x Majin Knee Strike

3x Overwhelming Attack

Majin Strength Maneuver


>> 3 Goku's Flight, 4 Heel Kick... cut the Stomach Throws... run stuff

>> like Majin Buu's Childish Taunt... maybe Gohan's Power Hit... yeah.

>> Goku's Power Strike too. Majin's Perfect Defense anyone? <<




An Amusing Trick

Alien Anger!

Burter's Power Stance

Energy Drain

2x Energy Gathering

Frieza is Ready

Frieza's Powering Rage

Goku's Ready

Kami Fades


>> Way too much here. I'd cut all of them except maybe the FIR. None of them seem to help much for your kind of deck. I'd settle for the good nons like Fatherly Advice, WTLTH, Expectant Trunks, DYJHT, Foreboding Evidence and so forth, to cut the non-combat count down.



Concentration Drill

Determination Drill

Devastation Drill

Energy Storage Drill

Goku Helping Drill

Guldo's Time Freeze Drill

Intensity Drill

Majin Defense Drill

Physical Defense Drill

Total Defense Drill

Villain's Teamwork Drill


>> Physical Defense Drill will do you a whole lot of nothing once you cut all your pointless non-combats. Devastation Drill, Quickness Drill, A20 Absorbing Drill, uh... what else... outside of VD and CD... well anyway, choose your drills carefully and wisely. Intensity Drill can't even be used because you can't discard it. For some reason nothing else is coming to mind but I bet I'll remember it later. Some of your drills are pointless with Mastery while others are terrible (Determination Drill).





Majin Buu's Stomach

Protective Shelter

2x The Middle of Nowhere

The Other World

>> Middle of Nowhere... interesting. Seems a lot of the deck was based off this card. While that's interesting, you don't present a major tactic with this involved. I would instead go with Goku's House if you want MB's Invincibility regen, or run Tree of Might to pull those Devastation Drills out nice and fast for a quick beatdown before they can North Kai. Don't forget the power of City In Turmoil; even a Dimension Scream might be welcome. Stomach is one of the worst cards in the history of the game, and Shelter... while very good, I wouldn't want to give your opponent the advantage. The Other World isn't necessary; if you want to kill off allies, Human Extinction Attack is a good option.




Earth Dragonball 1

Earth Dragonball 2

Earth Dragonball 3

Earth Dragonball 4

Earth Dragonball 5

Earth Dragonball 6

Earth Dragonball 7


>> Interesting. If that's what you want sure. DB would be unexpected...

>> but in a sense I would just run them for their card powers. You could

>> just go with 3, 5, and 7, but if you want them all go for it. <<



Sensei Deck Leader

North Kai Sensei


Still don't know what to put in my sensi deck any hint's.

>> North Kai Sensei [13]

1 HUH???

1 Heros Drill

2 Vegeta's Elbow Slam

2 Evil Presence Drill

2 Black Scout Maneuver

3 A Hero's Heart is Strong

2 Breakthrough Drill

I really can't think right now -_-. I know there are some other awesome options that won't get too expensive but I can't think... <<



That's probably because you are the author one of the 50+ decks in my Pojo mailbox that I didn't get the chance to tech. I will randomly tech one sometimes, but lately my life has been work, work, and work, all due to college and things like DundraCon, GT's release, and Portland Regionals (this weekend).


I was going to send a mass email about how I didn't get the chance to tech your deck to everyone... and I guess I'll be doing that a little later. I'm sorry that I didn't get to yours; frankly I'm only human and sometimes I just need to get into the groove and am able to crank out 5 or so at a time.


I have Spring Break coming up in a little over two weeks and hopefully I can get a couple done then.


And thus... yes, your deck needs a lot of work. I'm going to do a quickish deck tech, for a couple reasons.

1. GT is released, and I don't see any GT cards. There is a big gameplay difference between Z and GT, and you'll need to take that into account when you make a deck.

2. Your deck runs a lot of single cards. Usually, if that's the case in attacks and defenses and combats and certain non-combats, there's something wrong with the deck. That's because in DBZ, you run 3 copies of your good attacks because that gives you a bigger chance of drawing one as well as more chances of using the card.


This will be one of the last Z decks I tech because there's simply no reason to tech a Z deck since GT came out.


And with that have fun. I put comments above. Don't forget to update for GT.



"You will not be allowed to do this to anyone else!" - Gohan