Subject: Re: A Freestyle Tien Deck; looking to get more competitive.

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From: magicweasel
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2003 22:26:03 +0000

Hey. Thanks for your words on the Freestyle Goku DB I sent in a bit back; I decided to wait on it til I can slam down the cash for Guardian Drills. Here's my newest project: Tien Freestyle ( I really like Freestyle )

1 Tien (Saiyan Saga)
2 Tien, the Quick
3 Tien, the Leader

>> I'd go with the following:
SS Level 1
Either Level 2
CS Level 3
AS Level 4

CS Level 1
Either Level 2
FS Level 3
AS Level 4

Freestyle Mastery
>> MBS right? <<

Grand Kai Sensei
Black Scout Maneuver

>> Uh no. Run North Kai and then run some good cards like A Hero's Heart is Strong, HUH???, Breakthrough Drill, Hero's Drill, and so forth.

Energy Attacks 23
3 Krillin's Heat-Seeking Blast
4 Tien's Surprise Attack
4 Tien's Jolting Aura
4 Tien's Power Burst
4 Tien's Solar Flare
4 Tien's Tri-Beam

>> I never knew there was a card called Tien's Surprise Attack. Technique yes. Those are good cards there; I can't help but thinking that there's something else that needs to go here though. Hmm... Focused Beams. Try those out.

Physical Attacks 8
4 Tien's Physical Attack
4 Tien's Flight

>> That makes things interesting. Maybe not Focused Beams.<<

Allies 1
1 Chioatzu (Saiyan Saga)

>> ROFL yeah I know. <<

Drills 8
2 Caught Off Guard Drill
2 Android 20's Absorbing Drill
2 Energy Empowerment Drill
2 Devastation Drill

>> Hmm... Well, I'd run a few more of them Drills. Vegeta's Quickness
>> Drill, some staple drills, another Devastation Drill... what else...
>> <<

Battlegrounds 3
3 Arqua's Arena

>> Fun. <<

Combats 4
3 Confrontation
1 Dazed

>> That it? TES... Time... Battle Pausing... Power of the Dragon... what
>> else... maybe Drills are for the Weak. Lots of cards. <<

Energy Blocks 4
4 Tien's Energy Defense

>> Run some other blocks like Nappa's Energy Aura, Goku's Running Defense, Goku's Energy Absorption, and so forth.

Physical Blocks 15
1 Nappa's Physical Resistance
1 Vegeta's Physical Stance
4 Tien's Block
3 Trunks Swiftly Moving
3 Trunks Draws Steel
3 Vegito's Leg Catch

>> Too many. Cut the Vegito's Leg Catches, Swiftly Movings, and Draws Steels. Maybe even Stance/Resistance.

Omni-Blocks 12
3 Vegeta's Surprise Defense
3 Goku's Flight
3 Underdog Drop Kick
2 Narrow Escape
1 Time is a Warrior's Tool

>> Cut Vegeta's Surprise Defense. If you want to use Narrow Escape to its full potential, maybe some Aura Clashes.

I only have the one Tien, which is why I use it...but its power's actually useful, especially so (perhaps ONLY so) with Devastation Drills. Tien's Tri- Beam and Krillin's Energy Attack enter insanity mode with those Energy Empowerment Drills. The power is great for wearing down and opponent, then wearing them down further with a Tri-Beam, and then, much later in the game, when you managed to exhaust their hand, nail him with a Flight for 20 something.
Obviously the Majority of my blocks are for physicals, because they hurt me, and are the most present in my environment. I tossed in Chioatzu to take beatings, and because its a cool themey thing. Arqua's Arena gains me a power stage on my energy attacks, and 3 on my blocks, making it easy to send a bunch of Tri-beams at them. Underdog Drop Kick and Trunks Draws Steel are versatile as an omni/phys block that cand deal good damage with a Devastation Drill when useless. Finally, I have a few questions:

Should I make room for krillin's Energy Attack? If so, cut what?

>> If you want. You have a ton of blocks that aren't necessary. <<

Any staples I missed for this sort of deck?

>> Oh yeah you missed a lot. <<

Does Tien and Yamcha Strike count as a Named Card for Tien?(obv for TE only)

>> Yes it does. <<

Thanks in advance, and keep up the good work!

Freestyle Tien... yays!

Tien can do a whole lot of different things, and with his Saiyan Saga Level 1, have fun with stuff like Master Roshi's Scouting Drill, Krillin's Overhead Smack, and the Underdog cards.

Only thing is... is your deck physical or energy? You gotta make up your mind...

Comments above.

It looks like your deck is energy after all. You might want to go with the CS Level 1 then, and run some other big energy stuff. Don't be afraid of going a little infinite with Krillin Unleashed. I'm having this feeling you are missing a Tien named card or something. Also, if you have problems against physical decks, maybe you might want a couple more allies so you can redirect damage, and run stuff like Pikkon's Leg Catch to go to full.

Fun stuff... makes me want to go build mine again...

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