Subject: Expanded Goku Saiyan Blitz



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From: "Mario"

Date:  Sun, 8 Aug 2004 20:33:01 -0500


I need ur adviced on my Goku blitz


Main Personality


Lvl 1 Goku young again


Lvl 2 goku super saiyan( for but I plan to get the gt hiteck from baby same with level 3


Lvl 3 Goku earths hero


>> You should be running a level 4 and probably a level 5. 1-3 anger

>> decks will walk all over you without trying. Golden Oozaru would work

>> nicely. <<




Saiyan blitz


>> I don’t see many of these decks around. <<




North kai or master roshi


>> Probably North. But where’s your Sensei deck? <<


Dragon ball


Earth dragon balls 4,6,7


>> A DB deck running only 3 DBs…well I’ll be. <<


Non combat


3x Kamis floating island


>> This is a location… <<


3x Gone fishin


Vegeta quickness drill


2x Caugth off Guard drill


Expectant trunks


Teachin the unteacheable forces observation




>> Not bad. I’d throw in FA, VD, WTLTH just because. <<




3x stop


3x trunks energy sphere


3x dream fighting


Epic battle of saiyans


Pure defense


3x nappas blinding stare


Saiyan truce


Time is a warriors tool


Saiyan excitement



>> A few cards like The Power of the Dragon would be good for tech. This

>> looks like you’ve got some sort of basic idea. Remember your opponent

>> does get one crack at you first so you might be having a lot of

>> combat enders wasted. <<


Energy attacks


3x Saiyan strength blast


3x Saiyan energy palm


3x Saiyan Ki ball


3xSaiyan power beam


Physical attacks


3x Saiyan vegeta combination jab


2x Saiyan power punch


3x saiyan handstand kick


3x Saiyan jump kick


3x Saiyan flying kick


2x Saiyan stomp


3x Saiyan ground slide


>> Definitely 3 Power Punches. Some of those cards are iffy like Jump Kick and Flying Kick, but Stop has to go. I can see you’re trying to chain attacks, and nothing at the moment comes to mind as better options right now anyway. Haven’t quite memorized all the good Saiyan Heritage only cards seeing no one plays Blitz. Saiyan Destiny I’d run.

I’d still run Gohan’s Kick though. Consider trying to run some cards that takes advantage of every time your opponent skips, they take damage or something. <<




2x Saiyan stop


Nappa's physical resistance


Masterfull defense


3x Pikon leg cathes


Vegeta physical stance


Saiyan power block


General rildos force field


2x Saiyan planet explosion


2x Saiyan brace


Friezas force bubble


Nappas energy aura


>> I’d go with 3 Planet Explosion over Force Bubble. Choices aren’t bad

>> here. <<




Well that's it basically the idea of this deck is to keep ur oppent on lock down with ending combat not letting them attack in their attack phase or make them skip, while ur at pound the leaving heck out of the with all of ur attacks. My blitz deck is a mix of everything not like some people that focused their decks which limit's the masterys true potentioal plus it can turn into a dragon ball deck so please rate my deck, tell me if its world tournement material cause I plan attending next years. Thanks


>> World tourney material… well that’s hard to say. Your deck is pretty

>> well built for what it is meant to do, but I don’t think you have

>> nearly enough strong attacks. Maybe 6 or so more. It’s mainly because

>> your Mastery isn’t that playable yet. I can see what you’re trying to

>> do, and with the cards you have the option of right now you’re going

>> to have to wait for some other stuff to come your way. That and when

>> your opponent enters, you’re bound to have major problems. But

>> otherwise… not bad for a substandard Mastery. You did what you can.

>> <<

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