Subject: Re: My freestyle blocking deck - Chi-Chi

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From: Ultradigdoug
Date: Fri, 2 Jan 2004 04:42:20 EST

yes although its been changed recently: this is what i have going on in my deck currently, although eather one can be fixed, still looking for good blocking or reducing/ending combat alltogether, this deck can hit hard when it does, perhaps it has to much non's: has problems with any victory execpt for survival, maybe i should just play it tough enough? heh, thanks for ya help!
-on goku's power strike, do you get the last part of the effect of getting a drill even if your not level 2 or higher?-

>> Yes, if the attack hits and you are on any level, you still get the
>> drill. <<

Main personalty:
Chi-Chi (promo)
Level 2 & 3 Chi-Chi

Freestyle Mastery
Grand Kai Senshi (promo)

>> MBS Mastery I assume. I would run South Kai if you want Goten to come
>> out ASAP and abuse your power. And you forgot to type up a Sensei
>> Deck, lol. Don't forget stuff like HUH???, Black Scout, A Hero's
>> Heart is Strong, and so forth. <<

Allys 3:

Bulma, the wife
Android 18, the Mom
Goten (#171 power: physical attack doing +3, you may remove 3 cards in discard pile to do +3 life cards)

>> I would run both Goten allies just in case one gets removed. Goten is a big part of this deck. You could run a few more allies, and I would recommend some physical ones that can abuse Devastation Drill like Tien 1 SS.

Drills 19:
3 Underdog Drill
1 Black Groveling Drill
2 Chiaotzu's Drill - This is one of the most pointless cards ever made.
2 Piccolo Defence Drill - Ditto.
2 Yajirobe's Gifting Drill - Not worth it.
1 Caught of Gaurd Drill (Android 17 smerks) - Run 2
1 Quick Combat Drill - Prob not worth it.
2 Huge Drill - Not enough unstoppable attacks are around for this drill.
2 Devastion Drill - Run 3.
1 Chi-Chi's Cheering Drill - Interesting. Might try more for searching ability with Mastery.
1 Android 20 Absorbing Drill - I like this card a lot.
1 Jeice's Style Drill - Absorbing drill better.

Physical Combat (attacks) 9:
3 Chi-Chi Searches - Interesting that you run 3, but only 3 allies is odd in that sense you get two allies with this card.
3 Underdog drop kick - sure
1 Ultra Uppercut - Nah.
1 Hercule's Drop kick - Nah.
1 Hercule's Power Stance - Nah.

>> That's all your physical attacks? You can do better than that.
>> Gohan's Power Hit, Krillin's Overhead Smack, Goku's Power Strike,
>> Goku's Face Break... there a billion other good physicals. <<

Engery Combat 3:
2 Gohan's Left Engery Release
1 Tien's Solar Flare

>> Very random choices. Nothing fits the theme though. <<

Combats that are attacks 4:
4 Chi-Chi on the Attack!

>> Fun. <<

Phyisical Combat (blocks) 6:
3 Goku's Flight
3 Ulimate Defence

>> Interesting, I guess it could work. <<

Combats (blocks etc) 16:
1 Release - Nah.
1 Dazed
1 Motherly Rage - 3 is some good.
1 Dream Fighting - Interesting.
1 Smokescreen - cut this
1 Prepared Dodge - cut this
3 Nappa's Blinding Stare - what's with the combat enders
3 Mother's Touch - cut this. Run better defense. These can be Sphered.
1 Time is a warrors tool - good
1 Taking cover - nah
2 Frieza Smiles - heck no

>> You need your standard TES/Confrontation, and maybe stuff like Battle
>> Pausing. Don't forget Super Saiyan Effect. Maybe Gathering of Heroes
>> to pull allies. Drill searchers like BIT. <<

Non Combats 12:
2 Peacefull times - Will be hard to pull off.
2 Taking a break - Nah.
2 Watching from afar - This is better.
1 Its just not worth it! - WTLTH better.
1 Mommy's coming dear - interesting.
1 Long Journey - Yup
1 Powerfull Followers - Dunno.
1 Human Technolgy - Dunno.
1 Teaching the unteachable forces Obveration - odd

1 Location: Majin Buu's House (#73, power use physical attack table B) - Just one?

Dragon Balls 7:
Dende 1,4,5
Alternate Dende 2,3,6,7



Heh, this tech was done mostly above. Thing is, Freestyle Blocking... well any blocking deck honestly doesn't work. Decks like anger, DV, DB... they don't care if you block everything. Attacking decks will eventually get around your defenses. If you want to avoid damage, the best way to go is Dragon Ball, but your deck is far from that. TGDs, GDBQ, EDB Captures, etc are needed. Ending Combat is the key, but Chi-Chi is far from the best option for that. She's better for laying the physical beatdown, and thus, you need to decide what your theme for your deck will be.
Once you decide this, the deck will flow a lot better. Blocking never wins you games. Well, it rarely does. Good luck. You could go attacking, you could go Dragon Ball. You could do a lot of things.

"You will not be allowed to do this to anyone else!" - Gohan