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From: Mpierce13


Whats up matt?  First off I would like to congradulate you onmakeng the top 8

n the worlds tournement.  I really could use your advice on this deck.  These

are the cards in it.


Main Personality

Majin Pui Pui Level 1

Majin Pui Pui Level 2

Majin Pui Pui Level 3



Red Style(Cell Saga)



Red Blazing Aura x2

Red Gambit



Makyo Star - Not really worth it.

Underdog Drill - Decent, but it is a drill.

Heros Lucky Break - Good, if you have something to get.

Heos Heart is Strong - run some in Sensei deck as well.

Intensity Drill - I don't see you doing 5 life too often. Probably better off raising anger.

Gokus Farewell - interesting

Red Sriking Drill

Whos Da Man - not worth it

Frieza Is Ready - good

ReadyAndroid 20's Search Pattern - No real card you have to get rid of.

Determination Drill - weak

Red Blowing Steam Drill - decent


Physical Combat

Megeton Bull Crusher - dunno, there shouldn't be too many commons.

Red Flightx3 - weak

Red Passive Block x3 - I bet there are better options, but this can still work. Dodge/Blocking Hand/Leg Catch

Red Fist CatchX3 - Weak

Red Fist Lungex2 - Weak

Red Whiplash - Run 3

Red Power Strike - Weak

Rebellion - probably not

Red Fient - 2-3 is good

Red Offensive Stance - passive Block better

Red Reverse Strike - weak

Red Anger Rising - weak

Red Shattering Leapx3 - good

Gohans Forearm Block - maybe...

Red Arm Swipex2 - decent

Energy Pouch - Decent

Red Flying Attackx3 - Weak now

Red Air Kickx2 - nah

Red Light Jab - weak

Red Power Rushx3 - decent

Red Power Block - nah

Red Face Upheavelx3 - decent

Red Face slap - run 2-3

Red Lifting Kick - probably not

Red Back Kickx2 - 3

Red Driving Jab - weak

Red Palm Heel Strikex2 - weak

Majin Buus Bycycle Kickx2 - good

Red Dodge - prob 3

Red Blocking Hand - 3

Red Over Breaking Attack - 3

Red Jump Kick - Mouth cannon better

Red Pulverise - probably won't run too many drills

Red Double strike - 3

Red Knife Hand - weak

Red Knee Bash - not good enough

Red Jump - weak


Energy Combat

Red Physical Fortification - That it?



Alt. Dende Dragonball 1

Alt. Dende Dragonball 2



Majin Buus Stomach

Dying Planetx2


I appreciate you taking the time to read this.  I need the help vey badly. 

Good luck with the tournements and hopefully I  can have the chance to see you

in a major tournement. Thanks a lot!



Thank you and sorry for being so late.


Pui-Pui is decent in red, but your goal should be to get to that nasty level 3. I guess you can go CS and just run anger support cards.


Your combats... ick. You are missing all the staples there like 18's Staredown and TES... Gambits are terrible, especially in this deck. Blazing Aura won't help you much.


You should be leveling fast so I'd skimp on the Drills. More comments above.


Where'd your Sensei deck go?


Run stuff like Energy Ricochet, Red Energy Defensive Stance, Majin Buu's Heel Kick, and Red Eye Laser Assault. There are good energy attacks out there. Red Energy Blast is pretty good.


Majin Buu's Stomach is the worst Location/Battleground ever. Run 3 Dying Planet or maybe some City In Turmoils


Good luck. Remember your goal is to level to 3, Staredown opponent's hand, and use your power.



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