From: Chutelmyer
Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2003 13:38:21 EDT

hey,, im 'dinonut'. I'm realy into the dbz show and recently bought a dbz
'super sayin box' for $10.00 and it came with 10 packs (8 sayin saga+2 trunks)
and a sayin saga starter deck. I also purchedsed since then about 10 babdi
packs, 3 world games packs and 4 senzu blast packs and finally i have all the red
cards from the buu starter deck. I traded with a few of my freinds and i tried
to construct a majin vegeta red deck. I have no masteries for red :(

This is my deck. I know there may be some illigal stuff in there and i want
to know if there is illigal cards in there. (like i have saibiamen as my main
personality and majin vegeta as an ally. i was told u cant do that but i cant
find anything about thart in the buu rule book)
Ok. here is my deck

Main personality:
SAibiman 1-3

majin vegeta l-2 *i would have him as my main personality but i dont have
level 3.i have level for though. they all are from BS. i know a freind who may
trade his level 3
majin bapidi level 1

Sensi & deck
East kai sensi: only one i have
Red city destruction x3
Red thrusting beam x2

Physical attacks:
REd lightning slash x3
Teiens physical atack x1
Red power rush x2
Red reverse punch x1
Red palm heel strike x1
REd black kick x2
REd knife hand x1
Majin buu's stomach trow x1

Physical defence:
Red creative block x1
Red resistance x2
Red power block x1
Red fist catch x2
Red passive block x2
Chiatotzu's drill x1

Energy attacks:
REd vigor orb x2
Red energy blast x2
REd ball throw x2
Red energy rings x1

Energy defense:
Red side kick x2
Red energy sheild x3
Ribs broken x1
Ankle smashing move x1

Combat cards:
Ally's sacrafice x1
Red blazing aura x2

Not combat:
The truck x1
Burters power stance x1
Power up! x1
Power up to the most x1

Dragon balls:

Trunks planin drill x1
Red penetratin defence drill x2
Red rolling drill x1
Krillin's Drill x1

AS you can see my deck isnt that great. I would want to know if u could fix
it up a little. Right now im relying the saibimen's sayin energy defelection
and using non-combat cards to use energy attacks.

I also want to know if you can use majin cards with saibimen and use majin
style cards in a red deck ( for when I get majin vegeta 3)

Thanks for everything and i realy hope you can answer me even if you don't
post it on the site.

P.S. I would prefer for you to e-mail me @ instead of
this one. Thanks :)


Well... I'm going to approach this differently. Usually if I get a deck tech I drop it in my folder filled with piles of decks to tech that I never get around to. This would of been one of those... but I'm not going to tech your deck. Why? Because I can't.

Your deck is for one... illegal. Page 48, paragraph one says that you can't have Majin allies in a Majin deck. Second, you have a level 2 ally in a level 3 Main Personality deck. You may only have allies that are 2 levels lower than your MP.

You are also missing a Mastery, which you need by all means if you wish to declare a style. Trust me on this one.

Saibaimen... are just bad. BAD. Don't use him as an MP. I would recommend going and buying just one starter deck. Then you'll at least get a good Main Personality to start (or we hope, just pray you don't get Majin Babidi from Buu).

My first recommendation to any Red Deck builder is buy a pack or two of Trunks Reforged. Trunks Saga was the golden age of Red, especially anger. There are so many cards in Trunks Reforged for so little price that are just amazing for Red. Try that out.

Chaiotzu's Drill is actually a Non-Combat that is a Drill. Hence, rip it to shreds please. Acutally just take it out. It is that bad.

Well, all I can really say is you've gotten a nice start, but have a long way to go. You have a very limited supply of cards, but don't let that stop you. I would first try to see what character you'd like to play as, and what style fits that character best. Majin Vegeta isn't bad at all, and with his Level 1 World Games Saga or Babidi Saga, and 2-5 Babidi Saga, you can be well on your way to a nice anger deck to start out. Face Off is an amazing card. But the level 5 is an Ultra Rare. So... that's like... bah. We tried. But I think you can get a level 3. I have too many. I'd give you one but I can't really do that since I don't know you.

Good luck. If I teched your deck, you'd keep about 5 cards in it. Something like that. I don't even know where your deck is headed. In that case, I would go and find what you like to play. Then, with focus in mind, you can work to make a great deck. Oh, and more cards always helps.

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