Subject: Re: Majin Buu Orange MBS

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From: "jason pike"
Date: Mon, 08 Sep 2003 20:20:02 +1200

Hi Matthew. This is my majin buu orange deck. Ive spent a few weeks making
this deck but Im still not sure if its as good as it can be. Please tell me
what you think of it.


Majin Buu Orange

Mp ? 4
Majin Buu lv1 HT (defensive) mbs
Majin Buu lv2 HT (defensive) mbs
Majin Buu, Pink people eater lv3 mbs
Majin Buu, lv4 mbs

Mastery ? 1
Orange style mastery mbs

Sensei ? 1
Master roshi sensei

Sensei deck ? 5
Breakthrough drill x2
HUH??? x1
Black scout maneuver x2

Location / Battle ground ?1
Winter countryside x1

Allies ?2
Bee lv1 mbs
Majin vegeta lv1 mbs

Db?s -7
Earth dragon ball 1
Earth dragon ball 2
Earth dragon ball 3
Earth dragon ball 4
Earth dragon ball 5
Earth dragon ball 6
Earth dragon ball 7

Non-Combat ? 3
The eternal dragon quest x1
Fatherly advice x1
Expectant trunks x1

Drills ? 13
Orange focusing drill x3
Orange haulting drill x1
Orange destruction drill x1
Orange lifting drill x1
Orange spontaneous drill x1
Orange energy Dan drill x1
Orange hiding drill x1
Energy empowerment drill x2
Vegeta's quickness drill x1
Android 20 absorbing drill x1

Combat ? 18
Android 18 staredown x3
Trunks energy sphere x3
Pure defense x2
Time is a warrior?s tool x1
Cells threatening position x1
Android 17 smirks x1
Land in pain x1
Majin buu's invincibility x1
The power of the dragon x1
Super saiyan effect x1
Reserves x1
Cells defense x1
Battle pausing x1

Energy combat

Attack ? 20
Orange 5 finger focus x3
Orange energy discharge x3
Orange scatter shot x3
Krillin's heat seeking blast x3
Vegeta?s jolting slash x2
Krillin?s solar flare x2
Tien's tri beam x1
Vegeta?s energy focus x3

Defense ? 3
Goku's super saiyan blast x1
Frieza's force bubble x1
Nappa's energy aura x1

Physical combat

Attack ? 7
Gohan's kick x3
Orange searching maneuver x2
Orange uppercut x2

Defense ? 5
Goku?s flight x2
Vegeta?s physical stance x1
Nappa?s physical resistance x1
Orange fist catch x1

Total ? 85


My strategy is to get my drills out asap. I can prevent 5 life cards from
all attacks by using my power / sensei / orange hiding drill. Also all
physical attacks only do 3 power stages against me because of orange
haulting drill. If my opponent is playing a physical deck and gets me to 0 I
will only take 3 stages from his / her physical attacks. Because I am at 0 I
convert the 3 stages into 3 life cards and my power / sensei prevent all
damage. That means physicals cant do a lot of damage to me.

I have land in pain in the deck to get rid of city in turmoil and dying
planet. I can use black scout maneuver to remove cards like blue betrayal,
orange staredown etc. With my mastery I discard my orange focusing drill to
search my deck for an orange focusing drill and another drill that I need. I
then use my power straight afterwards to shuffle orange focusing drill back
into my deck for the next time I use my mastery. I have 3 orange focusing
drills in my deck incase one of them is removed, that way my strategy will
still work.

If I am facing a regen deck or if the game is just taking to long I use the
eternal dragons quest and after my 7 turns I will win. I have a lot of
defense so I doubt my dragon balls will be captured, I also can use black
scout maneuver to name earth dragon ball capture, that will give me a better
chance of not having my db?s captured.

Buu Orange Drill eh? I guess it can work.

I'm thinking you should run the other level 3 and of course a level 5, but that's up to you.

Unfilled Sensei deck... *faints* Orange Reflex x3 needs to go in. For the last card, probably A Hero's Heart is Strong... something at least.

I would run more than one Winter Countryside. Probably 3. The reason is because of City In Turmoil... and you should probably run Nimbus as well.

As for your allies, I would probably run MV1 WGS over the MBS one. The physical won't be helpful if you raise anger and stuff. If you are running the UR, it would be ok, but not the greatest. PuiPui might be more helpful.

Run alt Earth DB 3. Laugh at your opponent as they try to steal a DB now...

I would also run Expectant Trunks, Long Journey, Releasing the Sword, Frieza is Ready, Where There's Life There's Hope, and maybe another EDQ. That will help you out a lot.

As for your Drills, I think you might be able to take out the Energy Dan Drill... if you need room.

Your Combat cards are solid. Reserves can be cut if room is needed.

I would add 2 more Tribeams if you can. I'd run 3 Jolting Slash and cut the Solar Flares if necessary.

I wouldn't run Frieza's Force Bubble in an energy based deck. In your case, I would just run more energy defense; there are a few that aren't too shabby. Omni-defense shines here as well. You do need more defense than what you currently have though.

I would add one more Uppercut, and probably 2 more Fist Catches over the Stance and Resistance. You won't always have Haulting Drill out. If City does hit the table, you will have a few problems. Usually Alt Dende 3 takes care of that but you are running Earth DBs.

Don't take your Drills for granted; I would still run some ample defense just in case. Jolting Slash will help, but you won't always have it.

Good luck. This is very solid; you've got almost everything going right in this deck. A little more defense and a couple random cards coming out and this can definitely go far.

"You will not be allowed to do this to anyone else!" - Gohan