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Date:  Sun, 11 Jul 2004 14:43:22 -0500


Ok, I did a ton of switching around in my deck, if you don't want to tech it I can completely're a really busy dude and I have no problem with it. If you can't tech it, my main concern is my MP. Here's the




(Black Clash Backer)

Baby Vegeta lvl 1 HT

Baby Vegeta lvl 2 HT

Baby Vegeta lvl 3 HT

Baby vegeta lvl 4

Baby Vegeta, Golden Oozaru lvl 5


>> Interesting change. I honestly have never been a big fan of him. To

>> be honest, I'd rather try out Super Android 17 if you want a big

>> beefy MP with 5 levels. Domination or Clash would be amazing backers

>> to try out on him. <<



Black Energetic Mastery



North Kai Sensei (x1)

   -Black Scout Maneuver (x2)

   -Breakthrough Drill (x1)

   -Huh??? (x1)

   -Black Back Breaker (x3)

   -Black Pivot Kick (x3)

   -Black Eradication (x3)


>> Better. I'd try out 3 Scouts and maybe some Front Punches too. Energy

>> Swirl is an option as well. <<




World Tournament (x2)


>> Cute but Energetic typically runs City In Turmoil because it ruins so

>> many decks. I can see a 2 and 2 tandem as a possibility though.

>> Allies are normally easily dealt with with CP. Remember your opponent

>> will still be able to redirect damage to his allies. <<



Super Saiyan Effect (x1)

Trunks Energy Sphere (x2)

Time Is A Warrior's Tool (x1)

Epic Battle of Saiyans (x1)

Black Crosscheck (x3)


>> There's something wrong here. Events are the most powerful cards in

>> the game, and you're severly lacking. I would expect to see Dazed,

>> Power of the Dragon, Menacing Evil, Android 18's Staredown, Black

>> Command, 3 TES, maybe Cell's Presence, Mark of the Dragon, Big Man on

>> Campus, CTP, A17 Smirks... the list goes on and on. Try them out;

>> they're good and most are staples/near staples. <<



Android 20 Absorbing Drill (x2)

Vegeta's Quickness Drill (x1)

Black Double Attack Drill (x2)


>> You'll be leveling like a madman with Energetic Mastery. The only

>> Drills I'd try are Farewell Drill and Victorious Drill, which I don't

>> see you have nor need to have. VQD is a remote possibility but you

>> can live without it. <<


Energy Combat:

Nappa's Energy Aura (x1)

General Rilldo's Force Field (x1)

Black Flight (x3)

Black Full Force Impact (x3)

Black Uber Blast (x2)


>> Not a bad collection. Try out Black Broly Blast, Black Chaos

>> Detonation and Black Precise Aim. <<



Black Domination (x3)

Black Good-bye (x3)

Trunks' Reconstruction (x1)

Goku's Ready (x1)

Expectant Trunks (x1)

Black Searching Technique (x2)

Cell Smiles (x1)


>> I'd take out the Cell Smiles and definitely the Goku's Ready. Most of

>> these aren't bad, but you're Energetic and can't rely too much on

>> nons or you'll get clogged hands. Consider running them, but don't

>> run too many. <<


Physical Combat:

Black Face Slap (x3) - maybe

Black Body Destruction (x3) - yep

Gohan's Kick (x2) - run 3

Vegeta's Physical Stance (x1) - maybe

Black Defensive Burst (x2) - I'd probably lean toward cutting Nappa's Physical Resistance (x1) - maybe Black Machine Gun (x3) - nope Black Clash (x3) - maybe Black Interruption (x3) - sure Black Leg Drop (x3) - probably 2-3, depending on room.

Black Thwack (x3) - nah

Gohan's Sword Thrust (x2) - nope

Black Right Kick (x3) - decent, could work Black Shift Kick (x3) - nope Black Buffer Block (x3) - sure Black Swivel Attack (x3) - sure


>> Some ideas like Black Flying Kick are out there. If you consider

>> going the Super Android 17 route, there are a plethora of Android

>> cards you can use and abuse. Nothing is coming to mind at the moment,

>> but take a look at the Babidi Saga subset for some ideas, and for

>> Black cards, there are bunch of good ones in the Baby and S17 sets.

>> <<



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